KUMAVISION in action

Over 2.500 customer projects and 25 years of experience with ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics speak for themselves. Every industry, every company and every project has specific requirements. Get an idea of ​​our competence in industry, trade, services and healthcare.

Find out in our selected references how medium-sized companies and international companies benefit from KUMAVISION.

ACE logo


  • The tool is only as good as it is used and configured. If the partner does a good job - and here I can give KUMAVISION a good reference - then it is easier to implement this.
  • Sven Rautenberg
  • Team leader IT & ERP, ACE Advanced Composite Engineering GmbH

ACE has specialized in the realization of lightweight structures made of all fiber composite materials for the automotive and aviation industries. The ERP software from KUMAVISION largely covers the requirement profile as standard and offers industry-specific features such as EDI, complete traceability, time recording, ...

Alight logo


  • From lead generation to performance, from quotation calculation to billing, from planning to implementation - with project365 we do all tasks in one system.
  • Dr. Ralf Kuhn
  • CEO, Alight Consulting GmbH

More transparency, less costs: Alight calculates, plans and controls projects with KUMAVISION project365.

Logo Allweier


  • Together with KUMAVISION we managed the project with low personnel costs. That was really good work.
  • Markus Knoedler
  • Technical Sales, Allweier Precision Parts GmbH

Allweier is based on the standard of the KUMAVISION ERP software for the manufacturing industry. In addition to a consistent mapping of the business processes, blanket orders with delivery call-offs and the flexible production control required for this form the heart of the ERP software.



  • The best practice processes in the software are so good that we have decided to take them as far as possible.
  • Rainer Schmitz
  • Commercial Manager, APOSAN GmbH

More performance, better user-friendliness, less training: The homecare specialist Aposan relies on the best-practice processes of the industry software from KUMAVISION.

Logo arko confectionery


  • On the one hand, we had the impression that KUMAVISION understands our business and thus our requirements best. On the other hand, we looked for and found a partner with whom we can plan long-term.
  • Patrick G. Weber
  • Managing Director, arko GmbH

235 branches, one software: arko optimizes the branch and wholesale trade with the complete retail software LS Central. arko benefits from KUMAVISION's many years of experience in branch and retail as well as in wholesale. 

Asskea logo


  • The fact that the Microsoft technology platform brings comprehensive IoT functions with it saves us one or the other step that we would have to take with another solution.
  • Andreas Lissner
  • Managing Director, ASSKEA GmbH

For production in a regulated environment, ASSKEA relies on the industry software from KUMAVISION.

Logo auric


  • KUMAVISION's knowledge of the health insurance contracts while providing feedback on the product is outstanding!
  • Marcus Schreiber
  • Head of Production and IT, auric Hörsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Large amounts of data, many peripheral systems: auric benefits from automated processes

Bachofen logo

Bach stove

  • Many points that we had individually programmed in the old solution were already included in the ERP industry solution from KUMAVISION for wholesale - that's exactly what we were looking for.
  • Mark Helm
  • Member of the executive board, Bachofen AG

The distributor for industrial automation relies on KUMAVISION's best-practice processes for wholesale and benefits from the web shop connection and seamless interaction with Office 365.

Logo BeeWaTec


  • We see our new ERP solution as the lever to strengthen our competitiveness. We have become faster, we work more closely together across locations, we make better decisions and can score points with shorter delivery times.
  • Friedemann Brandt
  • COO, BeeWaTec Group

With a modular system of pipe connector systems, the BeeWaTec Group provides the ideal basis for lean solutions in industry. The goal: more flexibility, more output and more efficiency through lean production. The new ERP solution based on also offers lean processes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Bellissa Haas logo

Bellissa Haas

  • The consultants from KUMAVISION immediately understood what we do, what our processes look like and why they are like this - it was as if they were long-standing employees of ours.
  • Oliver Hinz
  • ERP project manager, bellissa HAAS GmbH

The wholesaler bellissa Haas GmbH uses KUMAVISION ERP to automate numerous processes from incoming orders and invoicing to framework agreements, manages containers and uses Microsoft business intelligence Power BI for corporate governance.

Logo Bellmer


  • Our projects range in size from 500.000 to 20 million euros. We have to be able to steer very precisely.
  • Martin Kolmar
  • Managing Partner, Bellmer GmbH

Bellmer uses the ERP software for the manufacturing industry to control cross-departmental processes. The integrated ERP solution replaced an old system with several island solutions and interfaces.

Logo Bellmer

Bellmer Gapcon

  • The common software basis plays a decisive role in the fast and smooth exchange of data and information.
  • Dieter tin
  • ERP project manager, Bellmer GmbH

At Bellmer Gapcon, every machine is a custom-made product that is manufactured individually according to customer requirements. A bidirectional CAD connection to the ERP system is therefore just as indispensable for the machine builder as transparent project planning, efficient purchasing processes and detailed post-calculation.

Logo Bentley


Production, inventory management & financial accounting combined for consistent quality management

Börsig logo

Stock market

  • We deliberately opted for a large partner with many years of industry experience and wanted to learn from other customer projects.
  • Markus leather
  • ERP project manager for the commercial area, Börsig GmbH

The electronics distributor Börsig creates maximum order transparency with KUMAVISION ERP and accelerates processes such as pricing and calculation. The company uses the supplied industry-specific functions and also maps production with the ERP software for wholesalers.

CADstar logo


  • The project went very well and we were able to map 95 percent of our sometimes very specific processes in the standard. That's very impressive.
  • Morgane Eisl
  • Project Manager ERP, CADstar GmbH

Batch size 1 under the conditions of series production including complete tracing of multi-level parts lists: CADstar covers 95% of manufacturing processes with the KUMAVISION ERP standard.

Circlon logo


  • KUMAVISION already covered our requirements with the standard functionalities of the ERP industry software so that only a few adjustments had to be made here.
  • Lothar Ernst
  • Authorized officer and commercial manager, PDS GmbH

The standard ERP industry software for wholesalers already largely covers the requirements of PDS and accompanies company growth as a flexible solution.

Culimeta logo


  • If you go through such a project including data transfer in three months, then it clearly shows that the work was done competently.
  • Diederik Cuylits
  • Managing Director, Diedrichs GmbH (today part of Culimeta GmbH)

The supplier decided on KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry, since the ERP solution already comes with industry-typical automotive functionalities (EDI, delivery plan management and loan box management) as standard. In addition, integrated workflows improve planning reliability in production and procurement.

Logo Dermatologicum Hamburg

Dermatologist Hamburg

  • Microsoft Dynamics not only covers our requirements today, but also offers a lot of potential for the future.
  • Nikolas Diedrich
  • CFO, Dermatologist Hamburg

The Dermatologikum Hamburg introduced ERP with workflow control and document management.

Dreve logo


  • We needed a partner who was familiar with the medical industry and whose consultants treated us professionally as equals. And KUMAVISION not only offered that, but also had the advantage of physical proximity.
  • Karl-Heinz Rutter
  • IT Manager, Dreve ProDiMed GmbH

Dreve benefits from automatic UDI upload when manufacturing earmolds.

Elatec logo


  • It was immediately clear to us: With KUMAVISION we can change our system easily and without spending a lot of time.
  • Thomas Graff
  • Head of IT Services & Processes, Elatec GmbH

With locations in the USA and China, the RFID manufacturer Elatec is present worldwide, an internationally standardized ERP environment (baseline) with country-specific characteristics brings the branches together. Elatec introduced this in cooperation with KUMAVISION.

ELV logo


  • We know from our own experience that project management makes a significant contribution to success. So it had to fit above all between people. And with KUMAVISION we were immediately on the same wavelength.
  • Christina Bick
  • Head of Finance, Controlling & Legal, ELV Elektronik AG

The electronics mail order company ELV and the eQ-3 group of companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics and the know-how of KUMAVISION to optimize their own software infrastructure.

Eurofunk logo


  • Given the complexity of our projects, the high degree of integration is an important factor. We have a high level of transparency and always have an overview of our costs.
  • Peter Rohrmoser
  • IT manager for business applications, eurofunk KAPPACHER GmbH

Eurofunk plans, manufactures and assembles control centers for rescue services. The individual customer projects are highly complex and require an integrated solution for all tasks - including the connection of the service technician. Projects with long durations can be transparently controlled through precise recording and allocation of working times.

Logo Pale


  • In a one-week, agile power week, we clarified the setup and processes at the start of the project. We always implemented the requirements directly in the system, so that after this first week around 70 percent of the setup was complete.
  • Tobias Holzemann
  • Assistant to the management, Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

The medical technology manufacturer FAHL relies on individual patient care - and on the industry software from KUMAVISION.

Logo Fichtner


  • The ERP software is a central component of our digital workplace, as we use it to map the entire project life cycle. Together with KUMAVISION, we are currently implementing the migration to a SaaS model, enabling 2.000 engineers to work even better on complex infrastructure projects at home and abroad.
  • Michael Wilfer
  • Managing Director IT/CDO, Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG

As part of the digital transformation, the Fichtner Group is also relocating the ERP industry software to the Cloud. The SaaS solution is part of the integrated, digital workplace that engineers and consultants worldwide use to implement infrastructure projects across borders.

Logo FPS machine tools

FPS machine tools

  • In the introductory phase, KUMAVISION showed a deep understanding of our often complex processes. We particularly benefited from the know-how of KUMAVISION in the area of ​​process consulting and optimization.
  • Armin Szeike
  • Managing Director, FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Trade in spare parts, repair and general overhaul of milling and drilling machines, on-site service, replacement parts as well as development and production of its own machines: FPS controls all processes with the KUMAVISION ERP software for wholesale and benefits from the ERP as a central knowledge database.

Logo goose horn

goose horn

Medical technology manufacturer benefits from FDA compliance & industry know-how.

Logo Genesis Import


  • As a family business, we didn't want to and couldn't set up our own IT department. Instead, we draw on the broad knowledge of ERP and Cloud-Professionals at KUMAVISION back.
  • Sibille Harel
  • Project Developer, Genesis Import GmbH

Automatic updates and data backup, worldwide availability, no own IT: Genesis combines the Cloud-ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with apps from the Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft 365.

Logo GIS Consult

GIS Consult

  • At KUMAVISION we are always helped quickly. The employees are always perfectly equipped, both professionally and technically.
  • Oliver Löken
  • Authorized signatory, GIS Consult GmbH

GIS Consult develops geo-information systems. The company processes its own processes from quotation and project management through project evaluation and evaluation to service contracts, travel expense accounting and financial accounting with KUMAVISION ERP.

Logo Fiberglass Northwest

Fiber Northwest

  • In order to be able to work as efficiently as possible, it was clear to us that we needed a powerful ERP system. Software-as-a-Service gives us planning security and the certainty that someone who is familiar with it will take care of it.
  • Florian Peters
  • ERP project manager,Glass fiber Northwest GmbH & Co. KG

Fiber Northwest benefits from rapid project implementation thanks to numerous best-practice processes, an agile approach and the direct provision of the industry software as a scalable SaaS solution.

Logo HanseCom


  • Whether office, home office, in the hotel or on site at the customer, whether PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet: Thanks to KUMA365 Cloud The employees of HanseCom access the ERP software from anywhere and with every device. This is a really smart solution for us.
  • Martin Timmann
  • Managing Director, HanseCom Public Transport Ticketing Solutions GmbH

The provider of IT and software solutions for local public transport (ÖPNV) implemented the ERP industry solution for the project business in just three months Cloud from KUMAVISION.

Logo Hess florist needs

Hess florists need

  • KUMAVISION is a very good partner who perfectly understands and implements our processes. The programmers don't work stubbornly according to specifications either, but think along with you and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Christian Zimmerman
  • Managing Director, Wilhelm Hess GmbH & Co. KG

Typical for Hess Floristenbedarf is a seasonal range that places particularly high demands on the logistics processes as well as purchasing and sales. Mobile scanners and route optimization accelerate processes in the warehouse.

Orbisana logo


  • The introduction of the industry software really brought us forward. On the one hand, thanks to our orientation towards the standard, we remain able to update at any time, and on the other hand, we have significantly improved the quality of the processes.
  • Andreas Baehren
  • IT Manager, Orbisana Group

The ventilators from Hoffrichter Medizintechnik are characterized by maximum flexibility and uncompromising quality. Flexibility and quality were also the criteria that Hoffrichter set for the new ERP software.

Logo Indunorm


  • We have met a number of experts for the various departments at KUMAVISION and working with them is very professional.
  • Ulrike Dornbusch
  • Commercial Director, Indunorm Motion Technology GmbH

Indunorm has specialized in the manufacture and sale of linear technology and automation. Strong growth, a new organizational structure and an expanded product range were the decisive factors for the introduction of KUMAVISION's ERP industry software for the manufacturing industry.

Logo IPT


  • We have always experienced KUMAVISION as a very cooperative partner and when problems arise, a good solution has always been found.
  • Christopher Walter
  • Head of Administration, IPT Institute for Testing Technology Devices GmbH

IPT is the leading provider of testing systems for the plastics industry. The ERP software integrates all areas of the company and also includes CAD and DMS. IPT is thus laying the foundation for paperless, digitized processes that have significantly improved efficiency and process reliability.

Logo IC Regensburg

IC Regensburg

  • It was a great advantage for us that KUMAVISION not only has industry and process knowledge but also great know-how in the areas of finance and controlling.
  • Veronica Perras
  • Head of Finance/Organization, Immobilienzentrum Regensburg GmbH

The Immobilien Zentrum Unternehmensgruppe (IZ) in Regensburg, with around 60 employees, accompanies all phases of a property's life cycle. In order to keep track of the very complex and long project phases, the IZ relies on the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION for project service providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Logo cardion


  • We didn't have to worry about anything when setting up the solution. After a short vote, the experts at KUMAVISION took over everything else. This relieved our employees enormously, especially since we were quickly supported at any time when we had questions.
  • Lorenz purchase
  • Manager Finance and Accounting, Kardion GmbH

From 0 to 100 in a few weeks: medical technology start-up starts with ERP from the Cloud .

logo chalice


  • We feel very well looked after and appreciate the competence in our industry.
  • Frank wild board
  • Managing Director, KELCH GmbH

Integrated quality management with test equipment management over the entire process chain, web shop connection and variant configurator: Kelch maps the individual and series production of setting devices with the best practice processes of the ERP software from KUMAVISION.

Kemapack logo


  • We live in a time of great technological upheaval and have to take digitization seriously, otherwise we will perish. With KUMAVISION we have a partner who accompanies and advises us during the digital transformation and provides the necessary technology.
  • Reinhard Scheuerman
  • Managing Partner, Kemapack GmbH

Selling, renting, pay-per-use: The packaging specialist Kemapack is heading in the direction of IoT and digitization with the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 and industry software and consulting for wholesalers from KUMAVISION

Kettenbach logo


  • In a project of this size there are always challenges. KUMAVISION accepted it and solved it well.
  • dr Maximilian Morsdorf
  • Commercial Manager, Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG

Medical technology manufacturer for the dental and medical sector introduces agile industry software.

Logo KLC trade

KLC trade

  • The Cloud is flexible, economical and scalable. And with KUMAVISION we have a strong partner who always takes good care of us.
  • Kivanc Kilic
  • Managing Director, KLC Trade GmbH

Thanks to ERP industry software from the Cloud KLC trade does not require its own IT infrastructure. The ERP industry software for wholesalers laid the basis for a fast and lean ERP project with numerous included functions, workflows and evaluations.

Konhauser logo


  • KUMAVISION accompanied us perfectly and was a competent and reliable contact person in all phases.
  • Oliver Schön
  • Operations Manager, Konhäuser GmbH

Konhäuser covers the requirements of shop and trade fair construction as well as the furnishing of objects with KUMAVISION's ERP software - both nationally and internationally.

Logo Kraemer construction machines

Kraemer construction machinery

  • KUMAVISION is the right sparring partner for us: If we had an idea, the consultants from KUMAVISION knew how and with which technology it can best be implemented.
  • Marcus Kaesting
  • Project Manager eBusiness, Kraemer Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

With the IoT-enabled Cloudplatform Microsoft Azure, construction machinery specialist Kraemer is developing new business models such as predictive maintenance and pay-per-use and mapping them in the ERP industry software for wholesalers.

Logo Kramer

Kramer GmbH

  • KUMAVISION was a real sparring partner for us. The consultants didn't just nod off our customization requests, but discussed them in detail with us and recommended the best practice processes from LS Central where it made sense.
  • Markus Viegener
  • CFO at the Kraemer Jewelery Group

Juwelier Kraemer has been the epitome of high-quality jewelery and watches made from the finest materials for over 80 years. 

Logo Kramer + Grebe

Kramer and Grebe

  • KUMAVISION has provided us with the best solution concept. In the background, the data exchange between the different systems runs completely autonomously - another important step towards Industry 4.0.
  • Benjamin Lendeckel
  • Project manager ERP projects, KRÄMER + GREBE GmbH

The tool and mold maker Krämer + Grebe networks ERP and product data management (PDM) and thus strengthens the company's transformation to Industry 4.0. 

Logo Krekeler & Losh

Krekeler & Losch

  • We were convinced that KUMAVISION was able to present us with a solution that not only covers our processes in series production, but also those in machine manufacture.
  • Dr. Nadine Losch-Hawellek
  • Head of International Sales, Krekeler & Losch GmbH

The manufacturer of precision turned and contact parts used the introduction of the ERP software as an opportunity to digitize the company's internal process knowledge and map it in the ERP software. A special highlight is the combination of series production and mechanical engineering in a single ERP software.

LGA logo

LGA Bavaria

  • We were only able to achieve such a short time-to-value because KUMAVISION had competent employees on the one hand and reliable methods and tools for project implementation on the other.
  • Elmar Bauernfeind, Head of the Digitalization and Systems Department at the LGA

The LGA Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern only had 3 months to introduce new ERP software - including industry-specific features. KUMAVISION accepted the challenge.

Logo LST


  • We decided on KUMAVISION because we were looking for a strong partner who, on the one hand, is regionally close and, on the other hand, has a certain company size.
  • Patrick Gugel
  • Managing Director, LST Laser & Schalttechnik GmbH

Whether individual parts, large series, bent or welded construction, circuit board or complete assembly: The contract manufacturer LST controls the customer-specific sheet metal processing completely with the ERP software from KUMAVISION and connects bidirectional laser cutting machines.

Logo Mabeg


  • For us, the future means growing organically and being financially stable. This cannot be done without modern ERP software.
  • Michael Gruebel
  • Managing Director, MABEG Systems GmbH

High degree of integration: Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Office, DMS solution, CAD system and customs clearance, the machine builder benefits from consistent processes from design and purchasing to production and sales, thus consistently avoiding data silos and double data maintenance. 



Manufacturer of auditory ossicle implants establishes branches worldwide.

Nielsen discount logo


  • Our aim is to offer our customers the best prices. An efficient process landscape is just as indispensable as modern service offerings.
  • Jan Niko Kohlhoff
  • Managing Director Nielsen's Discount Holding GmbH

Consistent processes from PoS to back office and logistics to the company headquarters, new service offers such as Click & Collect and future-proof technology: Nielsen relies on the complete retail solution LS Central and KUMAVISION.

North cap logo

North cap

The integrated ERP solution for wholesale unifies and controls all processes in the Nordcap group of companies. The electronic device file and serial number tracking in the ERP system simplifies the service processes of the refrigeration specialist.

Novatec logo


  • The will to satisfy its customers is easily felt at KUMAVISION.
  • Michael Schuchart
  • Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH

The technologically best solutions for their customers - that is the claim of the IT consulting company Novatec Consulting GmbH. The service provider supports customers from a wide variety of industries with IT consulting and software engineering. In order to be solidly positioned on the IT side in their own company, Novatec introduced the ERP industry solution KUMAVISION for project service providers - an important step towards future viability.

OE Germany logo

OE Germany

  • "In recent years, Microsoft has created a unique offer for companies that promotes user-friendly and efficient work. We are glad that we have a partner in KUMAVISION who fully supports and accompanies us here."
  • Thomas Schechinger, CFO at OE Germany

Be it trucks, vans, cars, industrial plants, agricultural and construction machines, ships, mining machines and locomotives: the spare parts and complete solutions from OE Germany Handels GmbH help ensure that diesel and gas engines can be operated economically and sustainably in advanced usage cycles.

Logo Ortheg


  • In KUMAVISION we have seen a reliable and, above all, future-proof software that is continuously being developed and thus precisely reflects the requirements of the healthcare market.
  • Oliver Pröbstle
  • System Administrator, ORTHEG eG

The purchasing cooperative handles trade in industry solutions for the medical product trade.

Logo rehab assist

Rehabilitation Assist

  • Thanks to the agile approach, we were able to fully achieve our goals. We work with lean and modern processes while retaining the flexibility that we need in our market environment.
  • Hauke ​​Neumann
  • Managing Partner, Reha Assist GmbH

The rehabilitation service provider relied on agile project methods when updating its ERP software. The result: Smooth live start, extremely high business relevance, quick reaction to market changes.

Logo rehab assist

reha assist

  • In addition to the short response times, we particularly value the expertise in customer service. We notice that our partner really cares about helping us - even if it has to happen quickly.
  • Hauke ​​Neumann, Managing Director, reha assist GmbH

Fixed contact persons, short response times, proactive suggestions: reha assist relies on KUMAVISION's customer service for the support and optimization of industry software.

Logo Reifen Müller

Mueller tires

  • Another key point in the decision-making process for us was that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform for incadea.fastfit. The new system offers us a high level of investment security and also integrates well into our existing IT landscape.
  • Klaus Mueller
  • Managing Director, Reifen Müller KG

Reifen Müller is active in the wholesale and retail trade of tires and accessories as well as in the retreading of commercial vehicle tires. The company employs 750 people at 45 assembly and service stations.

Logo ResMed


  • The requirements in prescription processing are increasing. At the same time, the cost bearers are driving down prices. If you want to survive here, you have to become more efficient. And we achieve that with KUMAVISION.
  • Eric Paffrath, CFO, ResMed GmbH & Co. KG

Fast ROI thanks to efficient order processing & direct billing with health insurance companies.

Röchling logo


  • We decided on KUMAVISION because we needed a partner with experience in the medical field. In our sensitive market environment, the software provider must understand what we are dealing with and be able to show possible solutions.
  • Swen Schüßler
  • Head of Supply Chain & IT, Röchling SE & Co. KG

Complete traceability thanks to batch-specific production under clean room conditions.

Logo silo facilities Achberg

Silo facilities in Achberg

  • We are satisfied with the progress of the project as well as with the result. Here, real professionals were used that we could rely on.
  • Gerd Maass
  • Managing Director, Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & Co. KG

With the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION, Siloanlagen Achberg covers the business areas of contract manufacturing, plant construction and series production in a single software solution. The industry software already covers almost all requirements as standard.

Logo sky frame

Sky frame

  • We won't get very far with a partner who only thinks in terms of the ERP system. KUMAVISION, on the other hand, masters the entire arsenal and uses it to put together a solution that simply fits.
  • Joel Roo
  • Head of Digital Transformation, Sky-Frame AG

Sky-Frame is a leading international manufacturer of frameless sliding window systems that are made to order. In addition to production, the ERP software for the manufacturing industry controls complex logistics processes including the management of load carriers. In addition, the business intelligence solution Power BI and the DMS ELO introduced.

Logo Stefani mechanical engineering

Stefani mechanical engineering

  • With digitization, exciting developments await us and our customers in the coming years. It was therefore crucial that the new software solution be flexible.
  • Wolfgang Vogel
  • Managing Director, Stefani Maschinenbau GmbH

With KUMAVISION, Stefani Maschinenbau covers various requirements such as special machine construction, production of prototypes and large parts as well as series production in an ERP solution. All receipts are consistently digitized with the enterprise content management solution ELO and are directly integrated in the ERP.

Taconova logo


  • KUMAVISION has provided us with all of its experience in international projects. We were able to fall back on specialized experts for every project phase and every topic. That gave us a lot of security.
  • Fabian Moser
  • Controller and ERP project manager, Taconova Group AG

Production and wholesale, local sales companies, automated intercompany processes, international logistics and electronic document exchange with major customers: Taconova has high requirements, which are mapped by the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION in one system.

Logo targens


  • We are accompanied by KUMAVISION in terms of quality - and that is the most important thing for me.
  • Pierre Richard
  • Senior Consultant and ERP Project Manager, targens GmbH

The expert house for banking, compliance and digital finance uses KUMAVISION ERP for project control and project controlling. The integrated ERP software covers all processes in one solution and meets the highest demands on data protection and data security.

VitalAire logo


  • We were glad that KUMAVISION offers comprehensive support with industry-specific functions and workflows, because this way we were able to largely stick to the standard of the ERP software and often avoid individual developments.
  • Dr. Maren Seibt
  • Validation Officer, VitalAire GmbH

In order to advance the digital transformation, VitalAire relies on KUMAVISION.

Wentronic logo


  • The cooperation worked very well. KUMAVISION not only brought a lot of process understanding and industry understanding in wholesale, it also worked well on a human level.
  • Wojciech woodpecker
  • Head of IT, Wentronic GmbH

The internationally rolled out ERP industry software accelerates and optimizes the processes of the electronics distributor Wentronic in several countries. The decisive factor for choosing the ERP partner was the extensive experience both in wholesale and with international projects in and outside of Europe.

Werner Sobek logo

Werner Sobeck

  • We also fully trust the know-how and experience of KUMAVISION when it comes to digital transformation. As a source of inspiration from outside and to question internal thought patterns, we cannot imagine a better partner.
  • Oliver Goebel
  • CIO, Werner Sobek AG

The international group of companies Werner Sobek is driving digitization with KUMAVISION. The engineering and design service provider replaces isolated solutions with KUMAVISION, centralizes financial accounting, networks subsidiaries and uses industry-specific functions such as HOAI cost calculation.

Logo WiSMa


  • We were looking for an industry solution that keeps all doors open - and found with KUMAVISION.
  • Lorenz Breiner
  • Managing Director, WiSMa GmbH

Service and logistics provider WiSMa optimizes internal processes.

Logo Zimmer + Rohde

Zimmer + Rohde

  • Due to the corona pandemic and the lockdown regulations at the time, the live start took place exclusively remotely. Realizing a real launch worldwide under these conditions was a real challenge and went more than well.
  • Roland Renkewitz
  • Head of IT, Zimmer + Rohde GmbH

The company supplies interior designers and decorators worldwide with fabrics for cushions, upholstered furniture, curtains and much more. To ensure that everything runs like clockwork when it comes to purchasing, quality assurance, cutting and shipping, Zimmer + Rohde relied on the industry software for the textile industry from KUMAVISION.

Customs CMS

Customs CMS

  • The flexibility of the industry software really surprised us in a positive way. This puts us in a position to scale our business model internationally.
  • Sabine Hüppelshäuser, Customs CMS
  • Manager Executive Assistance

The company's products focus on the guidelines' "life saving systems" approach (the action that links a victim of sudden cardiac arrest to survival), from initial response to resuscitation and post-resuscitation care.