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  • At KUMAVISION we are always helped quickly. The employees are always perfectly equipped, both professionally and technically.
  • Oliver Löken
  • Authorized signatory, GIS Consult GmbH

GIS Consult develops geo-information systems. The company processes its own processes from quotation and project management through project evaluation and evaluation to service contracts, travel expense accounting and financial accounting with KUMAVISION ERP.

Company's Profile

  • Independent software company - development of solutions for geo-information systems for industry, the public sector and network operators
  • Over 50 employees
  • Headquarters: Haltern am See, Branch: Erfurt


  • An integrated ERP software for all business processes
  • Replacement of Excel solutions for quotation and project management
  • Illustration of an extensive project evaluation and evaluation in the ERP software


  • Competence of KUMAVISION employees
  • Project approach by KUMAVISION
  • Company size and future security of KUMAVISION
  • Integrated ERP software covers all requirements of the software house

Implemented solution

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for software houses and IT service providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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