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  • As a family business, we didn't want to and couldn't set up our own IT department. Instead, we draw on the broad knowledge of ERP and Cloud-Professionals at KUMAVISION back.
  • Sibille Harel
  • Project Developer, Genesis Import GmbH

Automatic updates and data backup, worldwide availability, no own IT: Genesis combines the Cloud-ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with apps from the Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft 365.

Company's Profile

  • Importer for off-road and pickup accessories
  • Family company founded in 2010
  • Import of off-road and pick-up accessories such as hard tops, lifting roofs and camping bodies as well as winches, sand plates and LED auxiliary lights
  • Location: Schwarzach am Main


  • Future-proof solution that grows with you and also leaves all options open for the future
  • Rapid deployment of the ERP software from the Cloud
  • extension of Dynamics 365 Business Central with solutions out of the box (Microsoft AppSource)
  • Relief of IT through SaaS solution
  • Parallel introduction of Microsoft 365
  • Introduction in time and budget


  • A wide range of consulting services from the ERP partner, from logistics and financial accounting to technical issues
  • Direct access to ERP and wholesale specialists with comprehensive know-how
  • Automatic updates and data backup in the background, problem-free scalability and global availability
  • Expansion of the ERP system with apps from the Microsoft AppSource

Used software

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for retail based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (SAAS)
  • Apps from the Microsoft AppSource
  • Business intelligence solution Microsoft Power BI
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