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ERP software for the technical wholesale based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Success in wholesale depends increasingly on the flexibility of the supplier. Strongly diversified assortments with a growing number of items and variants makes warehouse management more complex. Nevertheless, international competition requires faster service, lower prices and compliance with technical specifications such as RFID technology. Even business relationships across national borders must be controlled safely today. Therefore, dealing with multiple currencies, languages, market expectations and legal requirements must not pose any problems for the merchant.

The ERP software from KUMAVISION for the technical wholesale is with its internationally proven platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly NAV) to these challenges the right answer. With KUMAVISION's ERP software, companies receive much more than a traditional ERP system: all the operational processes that arise can be integrated with each other. Customer, order and financial data are managed in a database. Even more complex article structures and processes can be depicted in it. These include picking / packaging processes, labeling, shipping and order tracking.

As an integrated ERP solution, KUMAVISION can also automate recurring processes. This saves time, prevents mistakes and gives your employees the necessary freedom to concentrate on the essentials: the customer.

Advantages for wholesale with KUMAVISION ERP

  • Integration of all wholesale business processes in ERP software
  • No duplication of data
  • Extensive and always current and comprehensible evaluations
  • Multi-client capability, multilingualism, multi-currency capability
  • Automated communication channels
  • Office Integration
  • Master order management and blanket orders
  • Clear customer, order and offer history
  • Central settlement
  • Extensive access rights system
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a future-proof basis

Traded transparently

Electronic distributor Börsig presents itself with KUMAVISION ERP for the future

The Börsig GmbH based in Neckarsulm has specialized as an authorized distributor on the worldwide sale of electromechanical components from premium manufacturers. With the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION for wholesaling, Börsig accelerates its own processes and ensures order transparency.

Your company, your individual strategy

Every company is different. Therefore, we do not believe in inflexible offers, but work with you to develop the optimal strategy for you. If On-Premises, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid solution: Your specific requirements, your IT infrastructure and your corporate goals decide on the suitable operator model.

Good to know: Who today for a KUMAVISION industry software and Dynamics 365 decides, retains all options for the future. Because a change from a local installation (on-premises) into the Cloud remains possible at any time. A gradual approach is also possible - we are happy to advise you.


What our customers say:

  • We wanted as few individual adjustments as possible and if it cannot be avoided, then the release capability should be given. KUMAVISION has repeatedly shown us how we can solve standard processes.

    We wanted as few individual adjustments as possible and if it cannot be avoided, then the release capability should be given. KUMAVISION has repeatedly shown us how we can solve standard processes.

    Markus Helm, member of the management, Bachofen AG
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Customized functions for your industry

With the ERP industry solution from KUMAVISION, you can easily master the balancing act between service, costs, logistics and on-time delivery. Because the integrated industry software is perfectly matched to the requirements of the wholesale trade and offers all functionalities in one system.

  • Inquiries and serial inquiries
  • order processing
  • Purchase of assets with direct integration into asset accounting
  • Several delivery and order addresses
  • Management of supplier article numbers
  • order proposals
  • blanket orders
  • Complete pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts, etc.)
  • Reach planning for minimum stocks
  • Minimum order value and freight release monitoring
  • Audit
  • Returns Management
  • Management and monitoring of supplier order confirmations
  • Mandatory field check for master data and purchase orders
  • Delivery reminders (optional)

Everything you want to know. Everything you need.

KUMAVISION's ERP solutions are tailor-made for your role in the company: Whether it's management, project management, purchasing, financial management and controlling, marketing and sales or customer service: find out in our factsheet which advantages KUMAVISION offers you.


Digitalization meets ERP

The digitalization of the economy makes sustainable productivity increases possible. Companies
do not have to rely on the one big throw, but can already achieve positive effects with small projects.

Integration of RFID

The use of RFID creates transparency and saves time. For this purpose, packages are provided with an RFID label in an uncomplicated and inexpensive way. The position is continuously determined in real time via radio receivers and transmitted to the ERP system. Time-consuming, manual scanning processes are no longer necessary.

Data glasses

Picking orders are displayed to the employee step by step via data goggles. With an integrated scanner, data goggles also establish the correct assignment between article and order. Processes are accelerated by dispensing with paper, at the same time the training of new employees is simplified.

In our paper, we will show you how easy it can be to enter the world of digitisation in the retail trade by means of selected examples.

ERP industry functions and business processes for the technical wholesale

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly coordinated ERP software for the technical wholesale based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Numerous tried-and-tested industry-specific functions ensure well thought-out business processes and thus greater competitiveness.

Inventory optimization

With KUMAVISION ERP you can view, analyze and optimize stock levels, stock trends and article availability in real time. Many other analyzes provide valuable information for storage optimization.

Bonus and commission management

Multilevel bonus scales, flat-rate discounts or commission agreements: Customer-specific agreements can be conveniently stored in the system and automatically applied.


The ERP software provides wholesalers with flexible instruments for carrying out cross-selling in an uncomplicated and efficient manner. Recognize trends and make your customers perfectly coordinated offers.

Quality management

Goods receipts can be inspected according to freely definable rules and test scopes up to blocked warehouses. Inspection rules and inspection orders can be stored in the ERP system and are generated automatically.

Flexible price maintenance

Maintain all prices clearly in one place. Even complex price structures can be easily displayed with KUMAVISION ERP. Maintain prices according to price, discount and customer groups - without manual corrections.

Office staff cockpit

All information about interested parties, customers and suppliers clearly and at a glance. Get ready for price negotiations, meetings and phone calls at the push of a button.

Financial Accounting

KUMAVISION is based on wholesale Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and brings with it a complete financial accounting. Business key figures, liquidity planning and retrieval of the current cash flow are available at the click of a mouse.

Campaign Management

Plan, control and analyze campaigns directly from the industry software for wholesale. Select addresses directly in the ERP system and assign individual campaigns prices or discounts.

Catalog connection

Even extensive article catalog data can be read into the ERP system in a time-saving manner via the BMECat interface. This makes it easy to sell items that are not stocked.


The ERP software for wholesale enables the seamless connection of web shops. Information such as current stock levels, individual customer prices or the status of order processing are automatically exchanged.

Claims management

Process complaints completely in KUMAVISION's ERP industry software for wholesale. Access the customer, order, quotation and complaint history.

Variant management

With the variant management a price maintenance of one-dimensional as well as two-dimensional variants is easily possible. An optimized input mask enables the fast entry of variants.


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