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Hardly any other industry feels as high competitive and cost pressure as wholesale. It is therefore a good feeling when you don't have to master these challenges alone, but can rely on your software and your ERP partner.

With the powerful ERP industry software for technical wholesaling, you can easily master the balancing act between service, costs, logistics and adherence to deadlines. From the selection to the implementation to the live operation of your solution, our team is at your side with extensive consulting expertise. And with the technology platform from Microsoft you are ideally positioned for the future, can grow flexibly and are ready for future challenges.

The KUMAVISION branch software for wholesale is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and brings with it a variety of best practice processes for wholesale. Behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 there is a technology platform in which all business applications from ERP and CRM to Office and Business Analytics work on a uniform database - this is unique worldwide! The seamless interaction allows consistent business processes and enables wholesalers to further optimize their processes and thus sustainably increase productivity.

  • Best practice included: A large number of industry-specific functions such as the management of sophisticated price models, cross-selling and automated processes for storage and logistics are already integrated in the ERP software
  • 360 ° view: With a clear customer, order and offer history, you have all the relevant information at your fingertips
  • Efficient processes: Automated workflows, mobile data acquisition in warehouses and logistics as well as electronic data exchange with customers and suppliers ensure greater productivity across the company
  • Integrated solution: Purchasing, sales, logistics, service and financial accounting all in one software
  • Modern Microsoft technology platform: All business applications on one database for seamless business processes

For all business areas, for all wholesale requirements

Every business area has different requirements for the ERP software. The ERP industry solution from KUMAVISION brings individual functions, views and evaluations for every role in the company. The result: More agility and flexibility for all employees in wholesale.

Well positioned for the future: With the ERP software from KUMAVISION you benefit from maximum future security: Because the industry solution has a modular structure and can be flexibly expanded. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics as a technological basis offers you the best basic conditions for the strategic and technological further development of your company.

  • Continuous further development of the ERP industry software in close dialogue with users and decision-makers
  • Numerous best-practice processes that you can use right from the start and thus avoid expensive individual developments
  • Powerful platform for ERP, CRM and business intelligence as well as other business applications from Microsoft with a uniform database
  • Easy implementation of new business models such as pay-per-use
  • Convenient reporting, better strategic and operational decisions through up-to-date key figures
  • Direct access to modern Microsoft technology, modern workplace
The ERP industry software for wholesale from KUMAVISION brings all the industry-specific functions relevant to sales that make your everyday work much easier.
  • Different order types for trade orders, sample orders and much more
  • document history
  • Credit limit check
  • Drop Ship
  • Sophisticated pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts, and much more)
  • Quick information for customer prices and discounts
  • Alternative and optional positions in offers
  • Save price agreements directly from quotations and orders
  • Order entry via customer history
  • Convenient document texts with running text editor
  • Set processing
  • consignment stock
  • Cross-selling
  • Slow-moving management and processing
  • Product and product group listings
  • pro forma invoices
  • Take back and exchange administration
  • delivery tracking
  • Different payees
  • rebate settlement
  • commission settlement
  • Parcel tracking (optional)
  • Mandatory field check for master data and order entry
  • Flexible workflows (optional)
As an integrated system, the industry solution maps the entire purchasing process and offers a high degree of automation. This saves time and money and increases efficiency.
  • Inquiries and serial inquiries
  • order processing
  • BMEcat interface for supplier catalogs
  • Purchase of assets with direct integration into asset accounting
  • Several delivery and order addresses
  • Management of supplier article numbers
  • order proposals
  • blanket orders
  • Sophisticated pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts and much more)
  • Reach planning for minimum stocks
  • Minimum order value and freight allowance monitoring
  • to Pay
  • Container management
  • Returns Management
  • Management and monitoring of supplier order confirmations
  • Mandatory field check for master data and purchase orders
  • Delivery reminders
Warehousing and Logistics
More throughput, less capital commitment - KUMAVISION optimizes warehouse and logistics sustainably and ensures efficient processing of warehouse and consignment goods.
  • Barcode-supported warehouse management and connection of mobile scanners (optional)
  • Annual inventory
  • Mapping of different storage zones and locations with different storage strategies such as free choice of storage location or chaotic warehouse management
  • Creation of individual article labels and printing of labels
  • Connection of shipping service providers such as DHL, TOF, UPS, TNT, DPD and GLS (optional)
  • Parcel Tracking/Tracking
  • Quality assurance in goods receipt including test equipment management (optional)
  • Kanban administration
Finance and Controlling
With the ERP software for technical wholesaling, costs and income can be broken down transparently and comprehensibly down to the individual process, and key figures and evaluations can be easily accessed and visualized at any time.
  • Central evaluation of all business processes
  • Inventory evaluation with automatisms for devaluation
  • Sales evaluation at the time of delivery
  • Variable illustration of tax requirements
  • Reading of account statements and advices
  • consolidation
  • XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Reminder and interest system
  • Domestic and foreign payments
  • IFRS postings
  • Work-in-progress assessments
  • Asset Accounting
  • cost accounting
With the ERP solution from KUMAVISION you increase the satisfaction of your customers by answering customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. Stay informed at all times thanks to integrated processes.
  • Complaint / complaint management with integrated action control (optional)
  • Rental equipment
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Rental business with graphic planning

Electronic distributor Börsig presents itself with KUMAVISION ERP for the future

As an authorized distributor, Börsig has specialized in the worldwide sale of electromechanical components from premium manufacturers.

In this reference video, learn how Börsig uses the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION for wholesale

  • industry-specific processes such as pricing and calculation are automated and accelerated
  • ensures market-driven stocking via various suppliers
  • optimized the processes in the warehouse and logistics with mobile scanners
  • efficiently controls customer-specific production orders
Insights into industry-specific features of wholesale ERP software

A look at the industry software

Easy to use and understand: Experience for yourself how intuitive and convenient the software's user interface is. In short clips, we present some practical functions for wholesalers that ensure efficient processes with just a few clicks.

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