Microsoft Teams: collaboration made easy

Microsoft Teams combines numerous communication and collaboration tools and thus simplifies collaboration. Whether chat, call or video conference: Exchange information with your employees anywhere and at any time and work in project-related groups. Teams also offers integrated appointment coordination and allows direct, joint processing of documents. Also tools from other providers such as Jira or Adobe Creative Cloud can be used directly in teams thanks to the connectors provided.

Work anywhere

With teams you decide where and how you work - whether in the office, home office or on the go.

High availability

With an availability of 99,9% and active load balancing in Office 365 always work well with teams.

Efficient collaboration

Easily create files together and use resources - even with external team members.

Work reliably

Conduct video and audio conversations of consistently high quality and benefit from easy setup and management of all calls.

Always up-to-date

All team members have access and work together on the latest version.

Easy to use

The intuitive user interface in a modern Windows design is convincing in its use: You have everything important in view and are informed about updates and important information.

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Brief insight into Microsoft teams


All functions at a glance

  • Virtual meetings / video conferences with a split screen
  • Comprehensive chat functions
  • Video calls
  • Create work groups and invite people to do so
  • Upload, share and edit files together
  • Common work areas for knowledge management

Five questions - five answers

Ralf Riethmüller, Head of Service and responsible for Cloud and office 365 shows how companies with Microsoft Teams improve teamwork and thus stem the flood of emails.

Start now

You can improve collaboration with Microsoft Teams because the platform bundles communication and collaboration tools such as chat, video conferencing and document management. The start is easy:


Create team

Register, enter a name and description for your team, and consider who should be in the group.

Invite team members

Invite others to your team and greet newcomers with a @ mention and a giphy image in the general channel.

Select project

Select a team project, share files, and quickly find feedback in team conversations.

Stay connected on the go

Download the app to your smartphone and have a personal conversation via video call - even over long distances.