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  • If you go through such a project including data transfer in three months, then it clearly shows that the work was done competently.
  • Diederik Cuylits
  • Managing Director, Diedrichs GmbH (today part of Culimeta GmbH)

The supplier decided on KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry, since the ERP solution already comes with industry-typical automotive functionalities (EDI, delivery plan management and loan box management) as standard. In addition, integrated workflows improve planning reliability in production and procurement.

Company's Profile

  • Specialized supplier to the automotive industry
    (formerly Diedrichs Isolating and Shielding Technology GmbH) 
  • Development and production of heat shields and sound absorbers
  • More than 50 years of experience


  • Illustration of all industry-typical functionalities for an automotive supplier in an ERP software
  • Integration of the accounting and controlling solution used throughout the group Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Integrated workflows, e.g. B. for production planning with connected material planning


  • Proven industry know-how of KUMAVISION in the automotive sector
  • Industry-typical automotive functionalities such as EDI, scheduling agreement management or loan administration are already included in the KUMAVISION ERP software standard

Used software

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for the manufacturing industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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