Digitize processes, relieve employees

DMS and ECM solutions

With digitization, the amount of information to be processed is constantly increasing: Invoices are sent to customers and partners every day, and communication takes place primarily by e-mail. There are also paper-based and digital documents such as contracts. All of these documents need to be filed, sorted and archived to make the information they contain accessible. A time-consuming and complex task.

A document management system (DMS) supports companies and institutions in digitizing processes such as storing, managing and tracking documents. By centrally storing all relevant information in one place, employees are relieved of administrative tasks and gain time for the really important tasks. A DMS also ensures that all information is always easy to find - for example in the event of a tax inspection or audit.

Further information on DMS and ECM solutions can be found on the website of our subsidiary KUMAVISION DMS

Structured filing

Benefit from greater clarity thanks to a central storage for all documents and save money for the administration of paper archives.

Find instead of search

All relevant documents for a specific process are clearly laid out, so that you can provide information at any time - to customers, service providers and authorities.

Efficient workflows

Digital documents form the basis for automated processes between all departments that improve collaboration. This shortens processing times and cuts costs.

Mobile access

All information is also available on the go, so that your employees can work anywhere.

Transparent processes

Changes to a document are recorded without gaps and recorded in an audit-proof manner. This means that all machining processes can be traced at any time.

Legally compliant archiving

All data is archived according to legal requirements and sensitive data can also be protected. How to keep retention periods and improve your compliance.

What actually is enterprise content management (ECM)?

ECM is more than the pure digital archiving of documents: ECM is working with living documents within an intelligent system. This offers the possibility of searching for documents, data and information of all kinds, linking them with workflows, discussing them using collaboration tools or evaluating them using analysis tools.

An ECM system is one of the heart of the IT landscape in a company. It communicates with all systems, maps digitized workflows in different departments and offers a wide range of technical extensions for different issues.

ELO Business Solutions

The ELO Business Solutions are standardized solution apps for different business scenarios. They can be used immediately, but can also be adapted to individual requirements at any time.

The ELO Business Solutions are constantly being supplemented with further best-practice solutions.

  • Standardized solution apps
  • Individual adjustments possible
  • Ready for immediate use

Contract Management

ELO Contract manages incoming and outgoing contracts over the entire life cycle. For every contract phase - from the requirement and the first draft to the conclusion and later archiving - the solution provides standardized procedures as a best practice approach.

applicant management

With ELO HR Recruiting, you digitize all processes of the application cycle: From the notification of personnel requirements to the processing of applications to data transfer to HR systems or the digital personnel file from ELO.

Visitor management

ELO Visitor is the perfect solution for digital visitor management: With this, companies prepare their visitors for a professional reception and keep an overview of incoming and outgoing customers, partners and guests at all times.

Invoice management

ELO Invoice accelerates and automates the entire invoice process: Incoming invoices and receipts are automatically recorded, recognized and forwarded to the right employees for checking, approval and processing via ELO workflow.

Human Resource Management

With the digital personnel file from ELO you can manage personal data in compliance with the legal requirements for data protection.

knowledge management

ELO Knowledge is a company-wide information platform that makes all business-relevant information accessible and usable for those employees who need this information for their daily work.
Logo ELO Business Partner: KUMAVISION is a certified ELO partner for DMS and ECM solutions

KUMAVISION is a certified ELO Business Partner and is therefore part of a global network that offers medium-sized companies in numerous countries the perfect advice on the use of business solutions from ELO Digital Office GmbH.

Our experts will show you how you too can benefit from the advantages of an ECM and DMS system and work with you to develop a roadmap for implementation in your company.

Baugrund Süd digitizes document management with ELO

Baugrund Süd is one of the leading providers of surface geothermal drilling in Germany. The projects require structured storage of a wide variety of data - including the connection of third-party systems.

In this success story you will learn:

  • Why Baugrund Süd decided to introduce an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution
  • How Baugrund Süd is digitizing document storage (documents, plans, permits) with ELO
  • What possibilities the standardization and automation of processes opens up
  • How the company gets fast, cross-project access to all information and benefits from a fast full-text search.
building south team

Easy integration - continuous networking

Third-party systems can be seamlessly connected with ELO and enable a cross-system flow of information. The following integrations are possible:

  • CAD: Systems from all common manufacturers
  • CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesstrength
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, SAP
  • Email and Office: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365,
  • Microsoft Windows (ECM functions in sidebar)
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Overview of the ELO ECM suite

Electronic workflows

Automate recurring routine tasks - without any complex programming. With the help of defined workflows, you can transparently control and efficiently process processes, for example for vacation requests, requirement requests or invoice verification. The intuitive and easy-to-use form editor with keyword lists and predefined node types simplifies the creation of your own forms, which serve as the basis for the workflow. Adding an automatic e-mail notification is also possible with just a few clicks. Wizards and ready-made sets of rules help you to define individual processing steps through to entire process flows and to save them for automatic processing.

By processing the defined rules in the same way, documents, for example, are always automatically stored in the same folder structure and always with the same nomenclature, which enormously increases your data quality and efficiency. Java scripts can also be used for even more complex tasks.

ELO offers a clear monitoring tool so that you can keep an eye on the current processing status of your workflows at all times. You can see at any time which document is where in the workflow, whether times have been exceeded and who has to do which tasks. Another advantage: Thanks to the monitoring tool, you are always able to provide information on customer inquiries.

Email management including archiving
A lot of information is stored in e-mails, which usually supplement already existing, business-relevant data. With ELO you can integrate e-mails directly into your company's business processes and thus link all information together. ELO offers all the necessary functions for comprehensive e-mail management that goes far beyond pure archiving.

Automated re-indexing of archived emails
Intuitive operation directly in the e-mail client: Secure and fast access to all e-mails for a process or contact
Linked storage of e-mails and the file attachments they contain: relieves the pressure on the e-mail server and at the same time reduces the storage requirements in the archive through active duplicate checking
Legally compliant and fully automatic complete e-mail archiving: Creation of an independent overall archive (in addition to linked storage) for all incoming e-mails.
Automated document entry
Capture invoices and receipts quickly and easily: Thanks to intelligent document capture with optical character recognition (OCR), the entire incoming mail is captured and tagged fully automatically during scanning. Defined filing structures and the intelligent full-text search also ensure that all incoming documents are easy to find and available to all relevant employees at all times - even while processing is still ongoing. Predefined processes are available for efficient processing, with which approval workflows and the transfer to connected solutions such as the ERP system can also be mapped. The use of predefined document templates, with the help of which the recorded data is assigned to the respective documents in the ERP system, ensures even shorter processing times. New templates can also be created with just a few clicks: mark the desired fields in the scanned image and link them to the corresponding fields in the ERP system. Finished!
Archiving of printouts
Archive printouts with information from your ERP system in a legally secure manner and use the automatic keywording and targeted storage provided by ELO. In this way, dynamic lists, reports and evaluations can be saved permanently in parallel with the printout. In addition, the receipts are always available even without access to the ERP system.
Clear customer file
Similar to the customer file in paper form, the digital customer file from ELO contains all current processes, documents, agreements, contracts, etc. for the respective customer or project. The only requirement: The DMS system must be integrated into the ERP and/or financial accounting solution. For automatic keywording and targeted storage, KUMAVISION offers ready-made scripts with which ERP documents are linked together with the other documents of a process with the digital customer file.
Mobile working
Use the extensive functions of your DMS solution very easily in your home office or on the go: Thanks to ELO's mobile solutions for smartphones and tablets, you have access to all archive content at all times, and can search through the ELO iSearch intelligent search technology as well as photos or Upload documents directly from the image management to the archive.
Smart scan
With the intelligent search ELO iSearch, you can find the right information quickly and easily. The search functions are based on the well-known search engines such as Google or Bing:
  • Auto-completion: Suggestions matching terms when searching
  • Typo correction: Did you mean ...?
  • Boolean search function: linking search terms
  • Synonym thesaurus: Search for similar terms
  • Linguistic search: Variants such as singular / plural or different forms of declination are automatically included in the search
  • SimFinder: finds documents with similar content
  • Semantic search: Search for documents with related content
  • Knowledge maps: Browse according to given filter criteria
OCR text recognition

The automatic text recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition) searches scanned documents for legible text and uses the determined data for keywording. By using OCR templates, you can also shorten the processing times for indexing recurring documents.

  • Simple indexing with one click
  • Save OCR templates for recurring documents
  • For PDFs and TIF documents

Improve the collaboration of your teams and increase the productivity of your company with the ELO collaboration tools, which are perfectly integrated into the ECM system and thus ensure more transparency and an effective exchange. With the ELO teamrooms even outside the ELO system - there are elementary added values ​​for your company.

  • My ELO provides an overview of all relevant information, documents and tasks.
  • With the ELO Feed you can easily chat with your employees or pass on information.
  • The ELO user interface supports the design of an individual user interface with which frequently used functions and required information can be optimally arranged.
  • With ELO Teamroom, you can promote cross-locational collaboration between your teams through virtual project rooms and easily connect external project participants.
Microsoft Office integration
Integrate the extensive functions of your DMS system directly into Microsoft Office: Whether Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint - benefit from seamless processes and even easier processing:

With drag-and-drop, you can immediately store and tag emails or documents in the same client
Use the familiar tree structure view of your documents as well as valuable processing and forwarding functions such as checking documents in and out as well as the automatic use of the version history
Carry out extensive searches with ELO iSearch and access the clear hit lists directly

Further information on DMS and ECM solutions can be found on the website of our subsidiary KUMAVISION DMS