KUMAVISION in action

Over 2.500 customer projects and 25 years of experience with ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics speak for themselves. Every industry, every company and every project has specific requirements. Get an idea of ​​our competence in industry, trade, services and healthcare.

Find out in our selected references how medium-sized companies and international companies benefit from KUMAVISION.

Logo arko confectionery


  • On the one hand, we had the impression that KUMAVISION understands our business and thus our requirements best. On the other hand, we looked for and found a partner with whom we can plan long-term.
  • Patrick G. Weber
  • Managing Director, arko GmbH

235 branches, one software: arko optimizes the branch and wholesale trade with the complete retail software LS Central. arko benefits from KUMAVISION's many years of experience in branch and retail as well as in wholesale. 

Bachofen logo

Bach stove

  • Many points that we had individually programmed in the old solution were already included in the ERP industry solution from KUMAVISION for wholesale - that's exactly what we were looking for.
  • Mark Helm
  • Member of the executive board, Bachofen AG

The distributor for industrial automation relies on KUMAVISION's best-practice processes for wholesale and benefits from the web shop connection and seamless interaction with Office 365.

Bellissa Haas logo

Bellissa Haas

  • The consultants from KUMAVISION immediately understood what we do, what our processes look like and why they are like this - it was as if they were long-standing employees of ours.
  • Oliver Hinz
  • ERP project manager, bellissa HAAS GmbH

The wholesaler bellissa Haas GmbH uses KUMAVISION ERP to automate numerous processes from incoming orders and invoicing to framework agreements, manages containers and uses Microsoft business intelligence Power BI for corporate governance.

Börsig logo

Stock market

  • We deliberately opted for a large partner with many years of industry experience and wanted to learn from other customer projects.
  • Markus leather
  • ERP project manager for the commercial area, Börsig GmbH

The electronics distributor Börsig creates maximum order transparency with KUMAVISION ERP and accelerates processes such as pricing and calculation. The company uses the supplied industry-specific functions and also maps production with the ERP software for wholesalers.

Circlon logo


  • KUMAVISION already covered our requirements with the standard functionalities of the ERP industry software so that only a few adjustments had to be made here.
  • Lothar Ernst
  • Authorized officer and commercial manager, PDS GmbH

The standard ERP industry software for wholesalers already largely covers the requirements of PDS and accompanies company growth as a flexible solution.

ELV logo


  • We know from our own experience that project management makes a significant contribution to success. So it had to fit above all between people. And with KUMAVISION we were immediately on the same wavelength.
  • Christina Bick
  • Head of Finance, Controlling & Legal, ELV Elektronik AG

The electronics mail order company ELV and the eQ-3 group of companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics and the know-how of KUMAVISION to optimize their own software infrastructure.

Logo FPS machine tools

FPS machine tools

  • In the introductory phase, KUMAVISION showed a deep understanding of our often complex processes. We particularly benefited from the know-how of KUMAVISION in the area of ​​process consulting and optimization.
  • Armin Szeike
  • Managing Director, FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Trade in spare parts, repair and general overhaul of milling and drilling machines, on-site service, replacement parts as well as development and production of its own machines: FPS controls all processes with the KUMAVISION ERP software for wholesale and benefits from the ERP as a central knowledge database.

Logo Genesis Import


  • As a family business, we didn't want to and couldn't set up our own IT department. Instead, we draw on the broad knowledge of ERP and Cloud-Professionals at KUMAVISION back.
  • Sibille Harel
  • Project Developer, Genesis Import GmbH

Automatic updates and data backup, worldwide availability, no own IT: Genesis combines the Cloud-ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with apps from the Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft 365.

Helmut Goll

  • "We don't know what it means to stand still. The fact that our partner KUMAVISION covers the entire Microsoft platform is a huge plus for us because it makes us much more agile and adaptable."
  • Thomas Salvato
  • Marketing manager and ERP contact, Helmut Goll GmbH

Goll migrates customized ERP solution with KUMAVISION to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Logo Hess florist needs

Hess florists need

  • KUMAVISION is a very good partner who perfectly understands and implements our processes. The programmers don't work stubbornly according to specifications either, but think along with you and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Christian Zimmerman
  • Managing Director, Wilhelm Hess GmbH & Co. KG

Typical for Hess Floristenbedarf is a seasonal range that places particularly high demands on the logistics processes as well as purchasing and sales. Mobile scanners and route optimization accelerate processes in the warehouse.

Kemapack logo


  • We live in a time of great technological upheaval and have to take digitization seriously, otherwise we will perish. With KUMAVISION we have a partner who accompanies and advises us during the digital transformation and provides the necessary technology.
  • Reinhard Scheuerman
  • Managing Partner, Kemapack GmbH

Selling, renting, pay-per-use: The packaging specialist Kemapack is heading in the direction of IoT and digitization with the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 and industry software and consulting for wholesalers from KUMAVISION

Logo KLC trade

KLC trade

  • The Cloud is flexible, economical and scalable. And with KUMAVISION we have a strong partner who always takes good care of us.
  • Kivanc Kilic
  • Managing Director, KLC Trade GmbH

Thanks to ERP industry software from the Cloud KLC trade does not require its own IT infrastructure. The ERP industry software for wholesalers laid the basis for a fast and lean ERP project with numerous included functions, workflows and evaluations.

Logo Kraemer construction machines

Kraemer construction machinery

  • KUMAVISION is the right sparring partner for us: If we had an idea, the consultants from KUMAVISION knew how and with which technology it can best be implemented.
  • Marcus Kaesting
  • Project Manager eBusiness, Kraemer Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

With the IoT-enabled Cloudplatform Microsoft Azure, construction machinery specialist Kraemer is developing new business models such as predictive maintenance and pay-per-use and mapping them in the ERP industry software for wholesalers.

Logo Kramer

Kramer GmbH

  • KUMAVISION was a real sparring partner for us. The consultants didn't just nod off our customization requests, but discussed them in detail with us and recommended the best practice processes from LS Central where it made sense.
  • Markus Viegener
  • CFO at the Kraemer Jewelery Group

Juwelier Kraemer has been the epitome of high-quality jewelery and watches made from the finest materials for over 80 years. 

Nielsen discount logo


  • Our aim is to offer our customers the best prices. An efficient process landscape is just as indispensable as modern service offerings.
  • Jan Niko Kohlhoff
  • Managing Director Nielsen's Discount Holding GmbH

Consistent processes from PoS to back office and logistics to the company headquarters, new service offers such as Click & Collect and future-proof technology: Nielsen relies on the complete retail solution LS Central and KUMAVISION.

North cap logo

North cap

The integrated ERP solution for wholesale unifies and controls all processes in the Nordcap group of companies. The electronic device file and serial number tracking in the ERP system simplifies the service processes of the refrigeration specialist.

OE Germany logo

OE Germany

  • "In recent years, Microsoft has created a unique offer for companies that promotes user-friendly and efficient work. We are glad that we have a partner in KUMAVISION who fully supports and accompanies us here."
  • Thomas Schechinger, CFO at OE Germany

Be it trucks, vans, cars, industrial plants, agricultural and construction machines, ships, mining machines and locomotives: the spare parts and complete solutions from OE Germany Handels GmbH help ensure that diesel and gas engines can be operated economically and sustainably in advanced usage cycles.

Logo Reifen Müller

Mueller tires

  • Another key point in the decision-making process for us was that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform for incadea.fastfit. The new system offers us a high level of investment security and also integrates well into our existing IT landscape.
  • Klaus Mueller
  • Managing Director, Reifen Müller KG

Reifen Müller is active in the wholesale and retail trade of tires and accessories as well as in the retreading of commercial vehicle tires. The company employs 750 people at 45 assembly and service stations.

Wentronic logo


  • The cooperation worked very well. KUMAVISION not only brought a lot of process understanding and industry understanding in wholesale, it also worked well on a human level.
  • Wojciech woodpecker
  • Head of IT, Wentronic GmbH

The internationally rolled out ERP industry software accelerates and optimizes the processes of the electronics distributor Wentronic in several countries. The decisive factor for choosing the ERP partner was the extensive experience both in wholesale and with international projects in and outside of Europe.