The limits
overcome by Excel

This white paper especially for the manufacturing industry shows how you can save time, nerves and costs in your daily controlling challenges and how modern BI solutions can support you.

Whether mechanical and plant engineering, series manufacturer or automotive supplier: Microsoft Excel has become an indispensable tool for controlling and reporting in the manufacturing industry. From evaluations, analyzes and planning to the end of the month, contribution margins or target / actual comparisons to liquidity planning: day after day, commercial management and controlling rely on Excel to process data from the ERP software and other data sources.

As diverse as the possible uses of spreadsheets are, the limits Excel sets for controlling in the manufacturing industry are also diverse. Find out more in the white paper "The Limits of Excel".

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You can find out which limits Excel sets for you and what this means for your work in controlling in our white paper.

White Paper The Limits Of Excel - And How To Overcome It With A Modern BI Solution

In this white paper you will learn ...

  • Where Excel reaches its limits in the manufacturing industry and what risks arise for you in controlling
  • How you can work with current data in controlling at any time - and also map new business models and IoT-based services
  • How to simplify the cooperation between controlling and specialist departments
  • How to open up new possibilities for controlling in mechanical and plant engineering - including the use of AI
  • How you can finally focus on your core competencies of commercial management and controlling with a modern business intelligence solution
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