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Microsoft Azure

Get started with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible Cloud Platform that includes numerous services such as business solutions Dynamics 365 (ERP, CRM, Power BI etc.), SQL databases, cognitive services or machine learning. Companies benefit from the advantages of a flexible Cloud- Infrastructure that can be quickly adapted to individual requirements and makes the operation of your own IT infrastructure superfluous.

A good choice

95% of the 500 top-selling companies worldwide rely on Microsoft Azure

Safe thing

Microsoft invests more than $ 1 billion annually in the further development of security measures


Microsoft Azure offers more than 90 compliance offerings

Protected data

Microsoft employs over 3.500 data protection and privacy security experts

Always avaliable

Azure offers guaranteed availability of up to 99,9%.

Worldwide network

Azure has 60 data center regions worldwide and is available in 140 countries

More than 250 services for your company

With well over 250 services, Azure offers countless possibilities for your company that go far beyond operating your ERP and CRM software as a SaaS solution. We advise you which services you can use to base your applications on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Customer Engagement can expand and support you in all phases - from implementation to live operation.

In the starting phase

In the start phase

We configure for your business solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 the right Azure environment - adapted to your requirements and with a usage-oriented cost model. We also advise you on the choice of the right data center region. So that you can use the full power of your business software right from the start.

Expansion and growth

Expansion and growth

Whether predictive maintenance or machine learning - Azure offers numerous opportunities to optimize existing processes or establish new business models. Our experts will show you which functions Azure provides and advise you on the selection and implementation of the right services for your company.

In live operation

In live operation

Your employees can expect a high-performance and always available system. To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive monitoring service based on Azure Monitor. All relevant environmental parameters are observed and irregularities are reported immediately.



You want to move from your on-premises solution to that Cloud switch? We support you and work with you to develop the best one for you Cloud-Strategy. Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud or hybrid solution: Your specific requirements, your IT infrastructure and your company goals decide on the right operator model. Of course, you determine the pace and scope of the walk into the Cloud.

Your advantages with Microsoft Azure

The strength of Azure is that services such as virtualized IT infrastructure can be seamlessly combined with applications for ERP and CRM as well as IoT, image and text recognition. In this way, all IT requirements in the corporate environment are covered and intelligently networked. On the other hand, these offers can be scaled as required. This means that with Azure, medium-sized companies have almost limitless computing power at their disposal without investing in their own hardware, which opens up new dimensions for solution concepts. In short: Azure is the perfect partner for the digital transformation of your company.

Just get started
With Azure, you can turn your ideas into solutions faster and implement new business models before the competition. Because the Cloud-Computing platform supports all operating systems and languages. At the same time, you have access to 250+ services with great end-to-end tools.
Scalable CloudInfrastructure
Simply adapt Azure to your individual requirements and benefit from numerous services such as virtual machines or SQL databases, which make the operation of your own IT infrastructure unnecessary.
Always up-to-date
With Azure, you always have access to the latest generation of hardware, use fast and efficient resources for your business applications and benefit from shorter innovation cycles.
High availability
Azure is based on a global network of over 60 data centers managed by Microsoft. Two of them are in Germany. Microsoft also guarantees for Cloudservices an availability of up to 99,9 percent
Maximum security
The ISO 27001-certified high-performance data centers offer an excellent level of security and use the latest technologies such as multi-factor authentication, biometric scans and data encryption according to SSL / TLS protocols to protect your data.
Pay as you go
With Microsoft Azure, you only pay for what you actually use - without upfront costs. With the help of so-called runbooks, Azure also offers the option of adapting the usage times for a server to office hours, for example, by automatically starting up and shutting down the server in the evening.
Hybrid solutions
Microsoft Azure enables the use of hybrids Cloud-Environments for companies of all sizes, where only part of the services, applications and data in the Cloud be relocated and the rest run on local servers.
Extensive extensions
You can use the Azure Marketplace to select the right apps and solutions for your company from a large selection of third-party apps and solutions, thereby easily expanding the functionality of Azure.

Global enviroment Cloud Germany: data protection made in Germany

The Microsoft Azure Cloud and their services run in data centers that are distributed worldwide. Customers have the choice in which data center they want to operate their services and applications. This is particularly advantageous if the strict German or European data protection regulations and compliance guidelines make it necessary to use data centers in Northern or Western Europe. These comply with the European data guidelines and also enable shorter access and response times because they are geographically closer.
  • Two data center regions in Frankfurt and Berlin with several data centers
  • Exclusive storage of customer data in Germany
  • Connection to worldwide publicCloudNetwork from Microsoft
  • Maximum data protection thanks to extensive investments in security concepts
  • Deployment of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and Dynamics 365 in full functionality
The data centers in Germany offer the same service levels and security standards as the global Microsoft CloudOffers, including multi-factor authentication with biometric scans and smart cards, as well as physical security controls.

Cloud is not the same Cloud!

Every company has specific requirements, which are also reflected in the selection of the operator model. Do you find it difficult to decide which application to use? Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud or hybrid solution - we will help you to make the right choice.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Access Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that are standardized from the Cloud available for many industries. Your advantage: Fast deployment, attractive costs, easy scalability and maximum flexibility.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Use one Cloud-Environment set up and operated exclusively for your business. Your advantage: tailor-made Cloud-Services that exactly reflect your individual requirements and are provided at a location of your choice.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions

Combine one or more Public Clouds with a private Cloud or a local installation (on-premises). Your advantage: You determine the time and scope of your Cloud-Migrate and meet the strictest compliance requirements for sensitive data.

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