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ERP software for orthopedics and orthopedic shoe technology (OT / OST)

Orthopedic and orthopedic shoe technology (OT and OST) are a key business area for many full-service providers, and their importance is reflected in their balance sheets.

But the orthopedic technology is facing a fundamental change. The professionalization demanded by the market calls for new forms of work: Companies are increasingly relying on division-of-labor production in a central workshop. Teams of several employees led by a master replace the individual orthopedic technician, who has been completely self-directed.

Workshop in change

This new form of "semi-serialization" poses new challenges for orthopedic companies: topics such as capacity planning, machine utilization, process optimization and cost control are all on the agenda.

The integrated industry software from KUMAVISION for orthopedic and orthopedic shoe technology (OT and OST) is already prepared for these new forms of work. Special functions for special purpose manufacturing ensure that orthopedic and orthopedic shoe technology remain a profitable business area for full-service providers, even as competition increases.

Advantages for orthopedics and orthopedic shoe technology with KUMAVISION ERP

  • Point of Sale
  • Dimension sheets
  • Workshop jobs
  • Construction contracts
  • capacity planning
  • work schedules
  • Utilization planning and overview
  • Scanner-based recording of material consumption
  • Pre and post costing
  • fitting management
  • Consideration of required qualifications
  • Quotation Management

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What our customers say

  • Not only we as a company, but above all our customers benefit from the digitization of the order processing and the shorter throughput times.

    Moritz Herd, commercial director of the Orthopedics Forum Erlangen
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