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Silo facilities in Achberg

  • We are satisfied with the progress of the project as well as with the result. Here, real professionals were used that we could rely on.
  • Gerd Maass
  • Managing Director, Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & Co. KG

With the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION, Siloanlagen Achberg covers the business areas of contract manufacturing, plant construction and series production in a single software solution. The industry software already covers almost all requirements as standard.

Company's Profile

  • Production of storage containers and piping systems for the storage and transport of plastic granulates
  • 55 employees /> 25 users
  • Location: Achberg


  • Illustration of contract manufacturing, plant engineering and series production in an ERP software
  • Representation of articles requiring explanation with a lot of text
  • Optimization of workflows through the new ERP software


  • KUMAVISION ERP industry solution for the manufacturing industry covers almost all requirements in the standard
  • Industry knowledge of KUMAVISION
  • Integration of BI (Business Intelligence) and integration of a DMS (Document Management System) into the ERP software

Used software

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for the manufacturing industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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