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SMARKETING with CRM software Dynamics 365 customer insights

Thanks to digitization, modern marketing today goes far beyond pure advertising measures: Target group-specific campaigns along the customer journey have significantly increased the accuracy of lead generation measures and can be optimized through detailed tracking of reactions. 

The CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers the ideal platform for teamwork between marketing and sales: Sales provides valuable information about existing customers, prospective customers and contacts, e.g. from LinkedIn, which marketing can segment into target groups. To ensure that the right contact person at the desired customer can be approached in the right way with powerful arguments, the information is prepared depending on the job role and linked to the appropriate customer journey for targeted campaigns.

The development of dedicated customer journeys with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enables targeted communication across all marketing channels such as landing pages, online marketing, newsletters, events, tele Sales or incoming inquiry processing from websites or social media platforms in a CRM software. This allows you to calculate your marketing budgets individually for the respective channels and track the effectiveness directly in the CRM during the campaign run.

  • Central customer and contact management across all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps
  • Extensive target group segmentation and persona descriptions
  • Development, automation and continuous maintenance of individual customer journeys
  • Cross-channel campaign management directly in Customer Insights
  • Lead management in teamwork with sales

Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer insights

  • Target group specific campaign management
  • Marketing automation along the customer journey in CRM
  • Conversion tracking of newsletters, bots & websites
  • Management of online & onsite events

Master simple and complex multi-channel campaigns through marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer insights

Even simple mail campaigns can become a challenge in post-processing, especially if the customer is to be provided with additional information at defined contact points (touchpoints). The same applies to lead magnets via gated content, where the next step must be prompt and reliable.

Through the marketing automation functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will enable you to initiate the next step directly at the relevant touchpoint: be it contact and/or double opt-in confirmations, welcome emails, download links, appointment confirmations or sending of documents. 

The integration of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Microsoft 365 Familie also allows you to make direct appointments with a live view of available appointment times or to register for webinars immediately. This allows you to turn your call-to-actions into concrete leads. Of course, in the CRM you can see the current touchpoint in the campaign for each individual campaign contact at any time.


  • Touchpoint/Event based automation of marketing campaigns 
  • Creation of extensive activities such as emails, appointment confirmations, reminders and marketing materials for enrichment (nurturing)
  • Ensuring compliance with legal regulations such as GDPR by automating opt-ins, subscribing and unsubscribing from newsletters, etc.
  • Transparent campaign tracking in CRM: Which contact is where in the campaign history

Optimize your marketing activities based on the behavior of your target groups with Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer insights


  • Tracking activities in your campaigns and channels in CRM
  • Direct implementation of findings on current and future campaigns 
  • Transparency about the actual customer journey of your target groups
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice for online surveys
  • Extensive analysis and forecasting tools      

Digital Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has an unbeatable advantage: you have the option of taking on the position of a silent observer at any time as soon as your target persons have agreed through the double opt-in process. 

This allows you to Dynamics 365 CRM solution to gain valuable insights for optimizing your campaigns or websites or landing pages. Which content on your website is particularly interesting and where do visitors bounce off particularly quickly? Which offers work well in mailings, how often are newsletters actually opened and what is the best way to create a call to action? 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to track the activities of your target groups in newsletters as well as users of bots, apps and website visits and gain new insights into your target groups using extensive analysis tools. In combination with market data and evaluations from your business areas, you learn about the wishes of your customers, prospects and contacts and can open up new target markets together with your colleagues. 

Clear the stage for your own online events

There's no question: it's still the most beautiful in person! However, live events are associated with long planning phases and high costs - regardless of whether all registered guests actually take part. 

Due to the pandemic, online events, webinars and web conferences have become much more attractive and offer space for regular smaller customer highlights as well as training series or team events. 

To make every event an experience, the CRM software offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers comprehensive event management from planning to implementation in Microsoft Teams to follow-up. This means you can respond to inquiries about training, webinars and internal meetings at short notice without having to forego professionalism.


  • Convenient participant management and tracking
  • Invitation management via campaigns
  • Comprehensive Agenda-, room allocation and speaker management
  • CRM integration in Microsoft Teams for online events
  • Budgeting and post-calculation
  • Post-processing and data maintenance in the contact and customer base

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