Why make it complicated when it can be easy?

SmartStart: ERP implementation easier than ever

Get productive fast

Certainly on schedule and within budget

Proven project methodology

High benefit, reduced risk

Software has to fit. To the company, to the processes, to the users. What it doesn't need: Complicated implementation projects that cost money, time and nerves. Thanks to KUMAVISION SmartStart, ERP projects are now easy.

  • future proof Cloud-Technology
  • Preconfigured ERP software – adapted to your industry
  • Future-proof technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Agile project methodology and automated processes
  • Comprehensive support from experts

Matthew Sartor


"We want to enable our customers to become more agile, more transparent and more efficient. Our industry solutions enable a very short time-to-value and thus make a decisive contribution to reliably achieving these goals."

SmartStart – your path to success

This is how SmartStart takes you further

Companies today need fast and flexible solutions to be successful in the constantly changing business environment. SmartStart is the key to getting your business on the fast track – without getting lost in a maze of complicated processes.

With SmartStart, you benefit from the latest technology and comprehensive functionality in the shortest possible time, giving you a competitive advantage. Because you get powerful ERP industry software that already comes with all the relevant business requirements as standard. When introduced, SmartStart deliberately dispensed with unnecessary frills and concentrated on the essentials: speed. Because we know: The ERP implementation often takes place parallel to the day-to-day business, unnecessary ballast only gets in the way.

More productivity

thanks to preconfigured ERP

The ERP software already offers industry-specific functions, workflows and evaluations as standard and comes ready-made with numerous templates, settings and best-practice processes.


as packages at a fixed price

A pair of clearly defined scope of services and transparent prices make the project implementation safe and calculable for you.


live instead of on paper

You'll get one early valid basis for deciding whether the range of functions is sufficient for your tasks or whether adjustments are required.

More agility

and investment security

With the innovative software Microsoft Dynamics 365 get one state-of-the-art solution that gives you access to the latest technologies – including third-party apps and applications.

These companies are already taking off

We are convinced that an ERP implementation can be simple, secure and predictable. Our customers too.

Tailored to your requirements

Our flexible service modules

So that you can fully concentrate on your core business, we support you comprehensively with the ERP implementation. We take care of providing the necessary infrastructure, setting up a test environment and carefully handling all measures before going live.

We offer you that

You can individually combine the following service modules:

*The evaluation process is the prelude to the entire SmartStart process and is therefore mandatory.

And after the live launch?

Even after the introduction, we will not leave you alone and offer you a comprehensive all-round carefree service: In addition to various services such as automatic updates or the continuous monitoring and optimization of system performance, we offer you numerous support and training offers that you can put together individually. At transparent fixed prices, of course.

Why SmartStart works

Simply without detours to the destination

As a digitization partner, we implement your business processes and support your vision with measurable results.

We at KUMAVISION have more than 12.000 person-years of experience and have already implemented over 2.500 projects as a team. So we know what we're doing.

That will get you further

  • Maximum investment security: 25 years of ERP and CRM experience, top Microsoft partner
  • Best practice: Proven processes from 2.500+ projects
  • High competence: 900 employees, specialists in every field
  • Real closeness: Numerous locations in DA-CH and IT
  • Reliable implementation: Personal attention, proven methods + tools

Good to know

SmartStart is also available for...

... companies that already use Microsoft Dynamics

We have put together a special offer for you with SmartMig. This makes it easier for us to migrate to the current version of our industry solutions, taking particular account of aspects such as data transfer.

... business intelligence solutions and CRM solutions

We have Microsoft for that Power BI expanded to include industry-specific reports and dashboards. The same applies to our CRM solutions for sales, marketing and service.

In addition to the quick introduction and transparent costs, these offers have another common advantage: They are part of the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365, which means they interact seamlessly, which consistently avoids interface problems and data silos.

... all operator models, not just for them Cloud

But those who opt for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) accelerate the start of the project even further. Because with SaaS, an Internet browser is enough to work with the ERP software.

The provision is completely taken over by KUMAVISION, whereby we enable a fast implementation through a high degree of automation. So you don't have to spend time building your own test system or worry about maintaining the ERP system and installing updates.

... your industry with preconfigured ERP software

Whether manufacturing industry, wholesale, project service provider, medical technology or health market: Every industry has its specific characteristics, which must also be reflected in the ERP software. But this does not necessarily require individual adjustments, because at KUMAVISION the ERP systems are already preconfigured to be user-friendly. The advantage: In this way, they allow rapid use in practice.

What does "preconfigured" mean? The ERP solutions bring numerous functions, workflows, key figures and evaluations for the respective industry. But how do we know what you need? The ERP industry solutions from KUMAVISION are best practice solutions. That means they are based on our experience from over 2.500 ERP projects over the last 25 years. They therefore contain precisely those functions that have proven successful in the industry and are continuously being further developed in close dialogue with our customers.

... your company – individually adapted to specific needs

But what if the quality gate shows that the industry standard is not sufficient? Then it is individually expanded, whereby we always take into account the updateability of these adjustments in order to offer you a future-proof system.

Because every company has its own project management culture, KUMAVISION also offers two methodical approaches to adapt the software: In addition to a linear approach (waterfall model), agile methods such as Scrum are available. Agile methods are becoming more and more popular because the adjustments are divided into individual sprints, with a fully functional partial solution already being available at the end of each sprint. After each sprint, you can then decide again whether further adjustments are necessary.

Do you have any questions or would you like to talk about a project?

Structure SmartStart

ERP implementation without cost risk

  • How exactly is SmartStart structured?
  • How long does the implementation take?
  • And how does KUMAVISION ensure that I can work with my new ERP software as quickly as possible?

The answers to these questions and even more information about SmartStart can be found in the blog article "SmartStart: Simple ERP implementation without cost risk".