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Transparent sales control with

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

With the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 you are always up to date on the development of sales. You improve your financial planning with real-time sales forecasts and pipeline reports. They track interactions, messages, quotes, and orders throughout the sales cycle. This is how you can achieve peak sales performance with every interaction.

Centralized document management

Streamline the management of quotes, proposals, and other sales documents with holistic document management capabilities in Dynamics 365.

data access

Make sure the right people have access to the sales data in Microsoft Dynamics at all times 365.

Outlook client integrated

Centrally manage e-mail, appointments, tasks, contacts, and customer information right in Microsoft Outlook for improved productivity.

Holistic customer service

Understand your customers' needs and preferences with an 360-degree customer view and easy-to-use segmentation tools.

Solid portal solutions

Work better with partners and customers through easy-to-use portal solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Mobile productivity

Use the mobile CRM solution Dynamics 365 with offline access to work on the go and manage your sales pipeline - even if the connection to the server is lost.

Personal and targeted customer support with Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Support your sales people with comprehensive information, intelligent tools and individual instructions. This is how your employees set the right priorities and build personal customer relationships.

Use artificial intelligence

  • Dynamics 365 uses Artificial Intelligence to propose the right interaction to your employees at the right time. This strengthens relationships with prospects and customers.
  • Optimize e-mail communication through the use of artificial intelligence and proactively and timely respond to your customers' actions using the CRM solution.
  • Using social intelligence, you can identify the needs of your audience and gain insight into the activities of your competitors.

Personal customer relations

  • Gain the trust of your prospects and customers through an individual approach and build a personal relationship with them. Through the integration between LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 your employees use standardized data.
  • Use social media and artificial intelligence to attract new customers and relationships with existing customers.
  • Support your employees through Office 365 tools that make it easy to create personalized sales instructions.

Increase in productivity and sales

  • Reduce the training and education time of your employees with comprehensive help features in Dynamics 365 and support your employees through intelligent, event-driven sales processes.
  • The integrated CRM solution accelerates sales and daily sales activities by eliminating the need to switch between different applications.
  • Link data to contacts and leads with news, current events, and business statistics.
  • Work anywhere, anytime - even offline, without connecting to the server.

More efficiency

  • Control the activities of your sales people directly in Dynamics 365 through optimized processes, interactive help functions and comprehensive documentation of best practice procedures.
  • Use current key figures and keep an eye on all developments. Optimize sales performance through timely feedback and coaching.
  • Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 greater visibility through real-time dashboards that respond to natural-language queries and provide information at varying levels of detail.
  • Motivate your sales staff through team-oriented competitions, which at the same time promote personal responsibility and playfully increase the performance of your employees. 

Driving innovation

  • Easily customize the CRM solution to your individual needs with code-free editors and tools.
  • Benefit from the advantages of an integrated solution and automated processes - across all Dynamics 365 Applications and third-party systems.
  • Rely on the proven Microsoft Dynamics platform and reduce the cost of a global IT infrastructure.
  • Take advantage of them in Dynamics 365 available data to create completely new types of customer interactions.

Perfect support of sales

In sales, current figures and a clear management of contacts, leads and business partners are fundamental. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the perfect support in this respect: real-time forecasts and clear analysis provide insight into the sales figures at any time and help to identify high-margin leads. In addition, the CRM solution supports sales in all administrative tasks and promotes internal cooperation through shared data sets and coordinated communication tools.

Lead-to-Cash transparency

Use Dynamics 365 to track interactions, announcements, offers and orders throughout the sales cycle - so you can continue to increase sales excellence with every interaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM



Address your customers through targeted campaigns, go one step beyond e-mail marketing in customer care and drive the networking of sales and marketing.

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Customer Service

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Field Service

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