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Connect machines, devices, customers and ideas

Internet of Things

KUMA356 IoT Services: IoT made easy

Whether smartphone, smart metering or smart factory - without that Internet of Things (IoT) the modern digital world is hardly conceivable any more. Networking different devices opens up numerous possibilities, especially in the corporate environment: from intelligent device monitoring to optimized processes in the field. Along with the possibility that Cloud To store large amounts of data, you can use IoT to increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and implement new business models such as pay-per-use.

The KUMA365 IoT services bring everything you need for the successful implementation of your IoT projects:

  • Comprehensive support: From consulting to setting up the IoT architecture
  • Integration at the push of a button: Easy connection of sensors to your ERP and CRM system
  • Fast ROI: Inexpensive expansion of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Quick start: Preconfigured modules for quick implementation
  • Universal solution: For numerous application scenarios in industry, trade, and service

Comprehensive advice

What added value can the use of IoT offer your company and your customers? Our experienced experts are at your side and clarify these questions with you as part of an IoT sparring. On this basis, we develop specific application scenarios for your company, determine your potential for process and product innovations and develop a suitable IoT architecture.

Proven project implementation

We support you in setting up the necessary infrastructure and configuration of the KUMA365 IoT services for an optimal and secure architecture. In addition, we are implementing an IoT Central Cockpit from which you can control all applications. We take care of the trouble-free and safe operation of your IoT solution. If you have any questions, our experienced team is at your side.

What opportunities does IoT offer your company?

In IoT sparring, we work with you to identify opportunities and possible uses of the Internet of Things for your company. The aim is to develop ideas for new, innovative processes and a coordinated IoT architecture.

  • Duration: 1 day at your location
  • Implementation: KUMAVISION Principal Consultant
  • Cost: 1.500 €

Make an appointment now for your IoT sparring!

What opportunities does IoT offer your company?

In IoT sparring, we work with you to identify opportunities and possible uses of the Internet of Things for your company. The aim is to develop ideas for new, innovative processes and a coordinated IoT architecture.

  • Duration: 1 day at your location
  • Implementation: KUMAVISION Principal Consultant
  • Costs: € 1.500 (€ 750 as part of the special offer, valid until December 31.12.2020, XNUMX)

Make an appointment now for your IoT sparring!

Quick start: preconfigured modules

The KUMA365 IoT services bring various modules with them, which can be combined into a seamless solution according to your specific needs and adapted with little effort. The Microsoft platform IoT Azure Central Basis forms the basis by quickly and easily establishing a connection between your IoT devices and the Cloud manufactures. There are also industry templates for various areas of application as well as connectors that transmit machine-related data such as operating time, temperature and maintenance intervals in real time to your ERP and CRM system.

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for networking, monitoring and managing IoT resources. The connection of 10 devices and the transmission of 1.000.000 messages is included, additional devices and message packages can be booked at any time.

Your partner for digitization

IT strategy & digitization consulting

Digitization opens up many opportunities for medium-sized companies. KUMAVISION supports you in making the most of these opportunities.

  • Development of a future vision for your IT landscape
  • Advice from experienced experts with a deep understanding of processes
  • Comprehensive support in all project phases
  • Powerful solutions from the Microsoft ecosystem


The Internet of Things makes it possible:
Kraemer Baumaschinen implements IoT project with KUMAVISION

As an international construction machinery spare parts dealer and contracted construction machinery dealer for Doosan, Weycor and Kubota, Kraemer Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG offers its customers an all-round service, which includes not only sales and rental, but also maintenance and repair of the machines. With the integration of the IoT-enabled Cloud-Platform Microsoft Azure, the construction machinery specialist from Rheda-Wiedenbrück is expanding its service portfolio and developing new business models. The pilot project was implemented in close cooperation with KUMAVISION.

Marcus Kästing, Project Manager eBusiness at Kraemer Baumaschinen

"KUMAVISION is the right IoT sparring partner for us: When we had an idea, the consultants knew how and with which technology it can best be implemented."

- Marcus Kästing, eBusiness project manager at Kraemer Baumaschinen

The Internet of Things in practice

What possibilities does the networking of machines and systems open up? Typical application examples from practice show what is already possible today.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

The Internet of Things not only offers secure data exchange between devices, sensors and evaluation units, but also detects deviations. This makes it easier for you to identify problems that arise and possible failures in machines and systems before expensive repairs are necessary.

Products as a Service

Expand your portfolio and offer your customers additional services for everything to do with your products, such as a clear user portal for fleet management. Access tools and analyzes from the CloudSolution Azure IoT and support your customers in simplifying processes and optimizing resource management.

Pay per use

With pay-per-use, you can offer your customers the option of using machines and devices and only paying for what they actually use. The prerequisite for this is that you equip your machines with sensors that detect and record the use. So you always know under which operating conditions and for how long the machine has been used. In addition, data such as operating hours, units produced, materials used and processes carried out are available directly in your ERP software for usage-based and automated billing.

Networked sales force

IoT supports you in improving the processes in the field service and ensures that the right employee with the right equipment is on site within the shortest possible time. For better first-time fix rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Experience IoT live!

How are digital processes mapped? How do different Industry 4.0 applications work together? And what tasks does the ERP system take on? Play through various scenarios such as the monitoring of logistics processes in our digital model factory and find out what possibilities the Internet of Things offers your company.

Experience IoT live and discuss your requirements with our experts. Arrange your personal consultation appointment now.