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Legal Notice (combined provider identification) 

The provider and therefore responsible for the commercial and business website is KUMAVISION AG. This internet presence is an information offer of

Oberfischbach 3
D-88677 Markdorf / GERMANY
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Phone: +49 7544 966-300

Headquarters of KUMAVISION AG: D-88677 Markdorf

District Court Freiburg, HRB 581134

Legal form: Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

Applicable law: Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)

Tax office Überlingen

VAT registration number: DE176050327

Authorized Directors: Kay von Wilcken (Chairman), Helmut Rabanser, Matthias Sartor

Responsible chamber

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bodensee-Oberschwaben
Lindenstraße 2, D-88250 Weingarten
Phone: +49 751 409-0
Fax: + 49 751 409-159
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Pecuniary damage liability insurance

Hiscox Europe Underwriting Limited
Branch office for the Federal Republic of Germany
Arnulfstrasse 31
D-80636 Munich / Germany

Spatial scope: unlimited (worldwide)

Information on online dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14 para. 1 ODR-VO:

The EU Commission provides an Online Dispute Resolution (OS) platform available at Find. The OS platform serves as a point of contact for out-of-court settlement of disputes regarding contractual obligations arising from online sales contracts.

We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer-enforcement agency.

Responsible for journalistic editorial contributions; 

Armin Schneider-Lenhof, Head of Marketing
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Oberfischbach 3
D-88677 Mark Village

External Data Protection Officer according to Art. 37 EU-DSGVO:

External Data Protection Officer according to Art. 37 EU-DSGVO / § 38 BDSG-new:

Maximilian Musch
German data protection law firm
Phone: + 49 7542 94 921-02
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Publication of the contact details of the data protection officer according to Art. 37 Section 7 GDPR
External data protection officer: Mr. Maximilian Musch - German Data Protection Law Office
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Technical and conceptual support of this website:

KE Communication GmbH & Co. KG
Silberburgstrasse 50
D-72764 Reutlingen
Phone: +49 7121 1666-0
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Features of the KUMAVISION AG service:

The development, production, sales, installation and maintenance of integrated application programs and software systems especially in the business areas such as financial accounting, asset accounting, order management, order management, materials management, project management, production planning and production control, payroll, sales management, marketing, personnel and time management , Cost accounting and dial-up solutions including EDIFACT solutions.

The company also focuses on the development, distribution and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics-based application solutions. Within the scope of the above limits, the area of ​​activity of the company includes above all the areas of business process organization, network conception, requirement specification, project management, individual and interface programming, data conversion and data transfer, installation, training and ongoing user support as well as documentation. The range of services also includes other services and consulting that are suitable for promoting the company's goal. Within these limits, the Company may set up, acquire or participate in other ventures, set up branches and take all other measures and undertake any legal acts necessary or helpful to the attainment and promotion of the Purpose of the Company.


KUMAVISION AG may, at its own discretion and without the assumption of liability, change this website completely or partially at any time without notice and cease its operation. By placing a link to external websites ("hyperlinks"), KUMAVISION AG does not endorse this website or its content. Furthermore, KUMAVISION AG is not responsible for the availability of these websites or their contents.

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Whistleblower portal

KUMAVISION AG is a company that demands and promotes responsible, fair and lawful action. With an online whistleblower system, all business partners and employees can anonymously report information about serious compliance violations. In this way, we meet both the legal obligations and our own expectations of transparent action. Reports can be made either with your contact details or 100% anonymously.

Whistleblower portal

Terms and Conditions (GTC):

The KUMAVISION group of companies has general terms and conditions (GTC):

AGB KUMAVISION Unternehmensgruppe (German) (PDF)
General Terms and Conditions KUMAVISION Group (English) (PDF)

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