KUMAVISION in action

Over 2.500 customer projects and 25 years of experience with ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics speak for themselves. Every industry, every company and every project has specific requirements. Get an idea of ​​our competence in industry, trade, services and healthcare.

Find out in our selected references how medium-sized companies and international companies benefit from KUMAVISION.

Logo Dermatologicum Hamburg

Dermatologist Hamburg

  • Microsoft Dynamics not only covers our requirements today, but also offers a lot of potential for the future.
  • Nikolas Diedrich
  • CFO, Dermatologist Hamburg

The Dermatologikum Hamburg introduced ERP with workflow control and document management.

Einhell logo


  • With the introduction of the DMS, we are significantly simplifying the handling of documents, as all documents are managed centrally in one place and are available directly in the ERP system. At the same time, we are consistently reducing data silos and improving collaboration across locations
  • Dr. Christopher Urban
  • CIO, Einhell Germany AG

Cross-location transparency with DMS solution from KUMAVISION, documents and receipts are available throughout the group along the entire process chain.

ELV logo


  • We know from our own experience that project management makes a significant contribution to success. So it had to fit above all between people. And with KUMAVISION we were immediately on the same wavelength.
  • Christina Bick
  • Head of Finance, Controlling & Legal, ELV Elektronik AG

The electronics mail order company ELV and the eQ-3 group of companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics and the know-how of KUMAVISION to optimize their own software infrastructure.

Logo Fiberglass Northwest

Fiber Northwest

  • In order to be able to work as efficiently as possible, it was clear to us that we needed a powerful ERP system. Software-as-a-Service gives us planning security and the certainty that someone who is familiar with it will take care of it.
  • Florian Peters
  • ERP project manager,Glass fiber Northwest GmbH & Co. KG

Fiber Northwest benefits from rapid project implementation thanks to numerous best-practice processes, an agile approach and the direct provision of the industry software as a scalable SaaS solution.

Logo IC Regensburg

IC Regensburg

  • It was a great advantage for us that KUMAVISION not only has industry and process knowledge but also great know-how in the areas of finance and controlling.
  • Veronica Perras
  • Head of Finance/Organization, Immobilienzentrum Regensburg GmbH

The Immobilien Zentrum Unternehmensgruppe (IZ) in Regensburg, with around 60 employees, accompanies all phases of a property's life cycle. In order to keep track of the very complex and long project phases, the IZ relies on the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION for project service providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.



Manufacturer of auditory ossicle implants establishes branches worldwide.

Logo rehab assist

Rehabilitation Assist

  • Thanks to the agile approach, we were able to fully achieve our goals. We work with lean and modern processes while retaining the flexibility that we need in our market environment.
  • Hauke ​​Neumann
  • Managing Partner, Reha Assist GmbH

The rehabilitation service provider relied on agile project methods when updating its ERP software. The result: Smooth live start, extremely high business relevance, quick reaction to market changes.

Logo silo facilities Achberg

Silo facilities in Achberg

  • We are satisfied with the progress of the project as well as with the result. Here, real professionals were used that we could rely on.
  • Gerd Maass
  • Managing Director, Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & Co. KG

With the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION, Siloanlagen Achberg covers the business areas of contract manufacturing, plant construction and series production in a single software solution. The industry software already covers almost all requirements as standard.

Logo sky frame

Sky frame

  • We won't get very far with a partner who only thinks in terms of the ERP system. KUMAVISION, on the other hand, masters the entire arsenal and uses it to put together a solution that simply fits.
  • Joel Roo
  • Head of Digital Transformation, Sky-Frame AG

Sky-Frame is a leading international manufacturer of frameless sliding window systems that are made to order. In addition to production, the ERP software for the manufacturing industry controls complex logistics processes including the management of load carriers. In addition, the business intelligence solution Power BI and the DMS ELO introduced.

Logo Stefani mechanical engineering

Stefani mechanical engineering

  • With digitization, exciting developments await us and our customers in the coming years. It was therefore crucial that the new software solution be flexible.
  • Wolfgang Vogel
  • Managing Director, Stefani Maschinenbau GmbH

With KUMAVISION, Stefani Maschinenbau covers various requirements such as special machine construction, production of prototypes and large parts as well as series production in an ERP solution. All receipts are consistently digitized with the enterprise content management solution ELO and are directly integrated in the ERP.

VitalAire logo


  • We were glad that KUMAVISION offers comprehensive support with industry-specific functions and workflows, because this way we were able to largely stick to the standard of the ERP software and often avoid individual developments.
  • Dr. Maren Seibt
  • Validation Officer, VitalAire GmbH

In order to advance the digital transformation, VitalAire relies on KUMAVISION.