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Power BI

The modern business intelligence solution from the Cloud

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Collect, structure and visualize your company data with Power BI

All data, anywhere, anytime, anywhere! The Business Intelligence solution Power BI can evaluate your data in real time as needed and generates meaningful visualizations. Thanks to the clear dashboards, you can always keep an eye on the development of your company and see immediately where action is needed. Make operational and strategic decisions based on reliable data. Identify trends early on and gain valuable competitive advantage through intelligent analysis.

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Cloud or on premise? Both!

With the Business Intelligence solution Power BI you can easily access your data: regardless of whether it is in your local ERP database (on premise) or already in the Cloud lie. So you remain flexible and agile with Power BI - and you always use up-to-date data and reliable evaluations.

Clear networking of numbers, data and facts

ERP system, CRM software, Excel worksheets, Cloud Services, streaming data or local databases: No matter where you keep your data, with Power BI you can network all your different data sources with one another and use them extensively.


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Dynamics CRM


MySQL databases

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CSV files

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Cloud Services


Online Stores



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Other data sources

Integrate hundreds of different data sources with Power BI. Every month more sources are added.

Visualize your data yourself

With Power BI, you collect, structure and visualize your data in a user-friendly interface. Create interactive dashboards with just a few clicks, simply link different data sources and choose between numerous visualization types.

Power BI data visualization
  • Focused view of your data
  • Interactive diagrams and maps
  • Easy integration of maps
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Various visualization tools
  • Dashboards and reports as self-service

Training on Power BI

Learn how Power BI empowers you with all the power of your data for your business. Step-by-step, we'll show you how to install Power BI, network data sources, and create your own reports in just a few clicks.

  • Two-day training
  • Exercises on your own device
  • No programming skills required

Share your findings with your team

Share dashboards and reports, sharing your insights with your team, other departments, and management. Present your analytics with Power BI and inform customers and colleagues with meaningful and impressive dashboards and live reports.

Simple teamwork

Access your data anywhere, anytime

Mobile Devices

The mobile Power BI apps give you mobile access to all important company information and key figures - and in real time. Monitor on-the-go developments and interact interactively with your dashboards and reports. The Power BI app is available for Windows, iOS and Android and is optimized for touchscreen operation with smartphone and tablet.

“With Power BI, we combine our company key figures with current market and customer data in real time to create an overall analysis with impressive visualizations. After building the data model, we can now create the interactive dashboards ourselves in just a few minutes. "

- Konstantin Weise, MA, commercial manager at planlicht GmbH & Co. KG

Live Demo Power BI

Live Demo

Get to know Power BI live! Learn how easy it is to visually evaluate your business data and get answers to your questions directly.

Preconfigured Power BI solutions for your industry

When you introduce Power BI, you do not have to start from scratch. KUMAVISION Power BI solutions include a variety of reports, reports and metrics tailored to your industry. This allows you to work with Power BI immediately and save valuable resources.

25 years of ERP and CRM experience guarantee a deep understanding of the market and company-specific requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Ready-to-use, pre-configured Power BI solutions
  • Industry, trade, service and health market
  • Industry-relevant dashboards, key figures and reports
  • Individually expandable, flexibly adaptable
  • Continuous development
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