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Decision-makers and experts agree: Hardly any other industry will undergo such radical changes as a result of digitization and globalization as the healthcare market.

High competitive and cost pressure, a severe shortage of skilled workers, increasing market concentration, new competitors from the e-commerce environment, complex regulatory requirements and changing customer and purchasing behavior pose numerous challenges for other service providers. 

That's why it's a good feeling when you don't have to master these challenges alone, but can rely on your software partner. We not only offer you technologically leading industry software, but also practice-oriented advice on the digitization and optimization of your business processes as well as comprehensive personal support.

Shape the future with us today and make your company fit for future challenges. We will be happy to advise and accompany you.

  • All market segments: Medical supply store, home care, rehabilitation specialist trade and rehabilitation technology, OT/OST and service in one modular solution.
  • Best practice included: Hundreds of industry-specific functions are already integrated in the software.
  • 360 ° view: Better corporate management and operational and strategic decisions with current key figures
  • Efficient processes: Automated workflows, mobile field service connection, paperless processes ensure more productivity throughout the company
  • Integrated solution: Purchasing, sales, field service, prescription management, logistics, service, CRM and financial accounting all in one software
  • Modern Microsoft technology platform: All business applications on one database for seamless business processes and maximum future security

Different market segments, one modular software solution, many opportunities

Every company in the healthcare market has its own focus, history and strategy. The industry software from KUMAVISION has a modular structure and thus offers you the opportunity to map different market segments with just one software solution.

In addition, the industry software offers you the opportunity to flexibly map company-specific features - in many cases even without any additional programming.
  • Prescription management and billing
  • Contract and operation manager
  • Case flat rate and permanent decree management
  • Document management (DMS) with text recognition in order entry and automated follow-up processes
  • Logistics concepts including commission and consignment warehouse, branch logistics, central warehouse, pool and flat-rate device management, chaotic warehousing, paperless warehouse and consignor connection
  • ALL data and information in ONE system with business-oriented evaluation by mouse click
  • Data exchange via EDI, XML, etc. for the connection of marketplaces, clearing houses, health insurance companies and manufacturer systems as well as for the exchange of supply orders and electronic cost estimates
  • Electronic billing according to §300 and §302 SGB V

KUMAVISION industry solutions for other service providers


The industry software for medical supply stores: From the point of sale to patient care to the full-service range, everything in one software solution


Consistently digitized processes for patient care, mobile field service connection and efficient workflows in the office.

Orthopaedic Technology

Manufacture individual OT/OST products economically, advise patients holistically, automatically bill with the industry software for orthopedic technology and orthopedic shoe technology.

Rehabilitation Technology

The industry software for the rehabilitation trade with integrated prescription and contract management for proactive customer service and economical processes in all departments.

For all areas of the company, for all requirements

Every business area has different requirements for the ERP software. The ERP industry solution from KUMAVISION brings individual functions, views and evaluations for every role in the company. The result: More agility and flexibility for all employees in the medical supply store, home care, rehabilitation technology and OT/OST.

Well positioned for the future: With the ERP software from KUMAVISION you benefit from maximum future security: Because the industry solution has a modular structure and can be flexibly expanded. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics as a technological basis offers you the best basic conditions for the strategic and technological further development of your company.

  • Continuous further development of the ERP industry software in close dialogue with users and decision-makers
  • Numerous best-practice processes that you can use right from the start and thus avoid expensive individual developments
  • Powerful platform for ERP, CRM and business intelligence as well as other business applications from Microsoft with a uniform database
  • Convenient reporting, better strategic and operational decisions through up-to-date key figures
  • Direct access to modern Microsoft technology, modern workplace
  • Integration of all business processes in one software
  • No duplication of data
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Multilingual support
  • Extensive access rights system
  • Mapping of the industry-specific or legal requirements from MDR, ISO 13485, UDI, ElektroG, ISO and others
Prescription management
  • Purchase
  • Re-Use
  • duration regulations
  • subsequent regulations
  • DRGs
  • rental fee
  • Current costing for case flat rates - including depreciation
  • Co-payment determination and management
  • Co-payment calculation
  • Economic contribution
  • Quotation Management
  • Electronic quotes
  • Extension management for permanent regulations
  • recipe requirements
  • Electronic billing according to § 300 and § 302 SGB V
  • Rezepttaxierung
  • Efficient handling of standard recipes
  • Differentiated tracking of prescription periods, billing intervals and approval periods
  • resource management
  • Contract and operation manager
  • Cash-based, contract-dependent process control
  • Billing Center and Estimator Cashier Manager
  • Illustration of the cash-specific contract and billing-relevant accompanying documents
  • document archiving
  • Article, service and contract price maintenance
  • Federal Prostheses List
  • Electronic registration in cash-specific forms by the sales force
  • Recipe manager for scanning prescriptions (with text recognition) and electronic postpress in the company (optional)
  • Integration of document management system into the specific processes in the health insurance business (optional)
  • Different order types for trade orders, loan orders, view orders and much more
  • document history
  • blanket orders
  • Drop Ship
  • Practice and consultation hours
  • Complete pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts, dressing prices and much more)
  • Order entry via customer history and customer-specific reappointment lists
  • Set processing
  • consignment stock
  • Take back and exchange administration
  • delivery tracking
  • Delivery to ramp, to stations etc.
  • analysis views
  • Association management
  • rebate settlement
  • commission settlement
  • Project Management
  • package tracking
  • Flexible workflows
  • Sales Information System
  • Connection field service / sales information cockpit
  • Call center functionalities (single point of information, call recording)
  • Automatic printing of original delivery notes for invoice printing (optional)
As an integrated system, the industry solution maps the entire purchasing process and offers a high degree of automation. This saves time and money and increases efficiency.
  • Inquiries and serial inquiries
  • order processing
  • Interface for supplier catalogues
  • Purchase of assets with direct integration into asset accounting
  • Several delivery and order addresses
  • Management of supplier article numbers
  • order proposals
  • blanket orders
  • Sophisticated pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts and much more)
  • Reach planning for minimum stocks
  • Minimum order value and freight allowance monitoring
  • to Pay
  • Container management
  • Returns Management
  • Management and monitoring of supplier order confirmations
  • Mandatory field check for master data and purchase orders
  • Delivery reminders
Warehousing and Logistics
  • Efficient handling of warehouse and commission goods
  • Distinction between active article master and catalog articles
  • More storage life
  • storage zones
  • storage bins
  • Foreign and consignment warehouse
  • Party property management
  • Illustration of several storage strategies: without storage bins, free storage bin selection, article-specific storage bin selection, chaotic warehouse management
  • Different storage strategies
  • Different outsourcing strategies (eg First Expired First Out (FEFO) principle, 2-level picking (optional))
  • Quality assurance in goods receipt including test equipment management (optional)
  • Rampdriver / Commission article management
  • Connection to shipping service providers (eg DHL, TOF, UPS, TNT, DPD, GLS) (optional)
  • Parcel tracking / tracking
  • Document-less handling with barcode
  • Individual article stickers
  • Annual inventory
  • Permanent inventory
  • Inventory valuation and depreciation (manually or according to predefined rules)
  • EAN codes and UDI labels
Finance and Controlling
With the industry software, costs and income can be broken down transparently and comprehensibly down to the individual process, key figures and evaluations can be called up and visualized easily at any time.
  • General ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable completely mapped in one system
  • SKR03, SKR04 or any other individual chart of accounts possible
  • Tailored analyzes in account schemes and MS Excel - adapted to the chart of accounts used
  • Variable illustration of tax requirements
  • Complete multi-currency capability
  • Intrastat / Summary message
  • Bank Account Management
  • Domestic and foreign payments, SEPA
  • Reading of bank account statements for automated document clearing
  • Flexible analysis views - online or on paper
  • consolidation
  • XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Reminder and interest system
  • Asset Accounting
  • Functionalities for the automatic activation of current assets in asset accounting (eg for rental and flat rate equipment)
  • Automatic revenue accrual for rental and case flat-rate revenue
  • Automatic accrual-based revenue transfer for rental and lump-sum revenue
  • Running stock valuation
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Datev interface (optional)
  • Liquidity forecast (optional)
Repair and service
  • Estimates
  • internal and external repairs
  • Party property management
  • supplies management
  • Repair pricing
  • repair contracts
  • Repair BOMs (customer / process dependent)
  • Repair bridging / borrowing
  • descriptions of solutions
  • Spare parts
  • Technicians use planning
  • Connection of technicians
  • maintenance planning
  • Tour planning / tour optimization
  • automatically managed device book
  • Complaints/complaint management with action control (CAPA/FMEA)
Quality Management
  • Administration of test plans
  • Quality assurance in goods receipt
  • Intermediate and final inspection in production
  • Storage of the quality control test values
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Administration of certificates, supplier declarations, etc. in the DMS
  • Contact management
  • Profiling contacts (questionnaire)
  • Flexible segmentation of contacts
  • contact management
  • hospital departments
  • duplicate check
  • Integration to sales and purchasing processes
  • Up system
  • Integration in mail systems (MAPI capable systems)
  • Campaign and Action Management
  • Document Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales management and controlling
  • Outlook integration
  • Marketing Cockpit as a single point of information for a contact
  • Visit report recording and evaluation
  • Flexible control for own, third-party, order and warehouse production or purchasing
  • Production BOM
  • Phantom BOMs
  • BOM formulas
  • Version management / revision management of BOMs
  • Where-used list of BOMs
  • Traceability across production levels
  • Single-stage and multi-stage production orders
  • work schedules
  • External production (extended workbench)
  • Beistellungsmanagement
  • Steri-orders
  • Advance, follow-on and final costing
  • variance analysis
  • Work in progress assessment
  • sales planning
  • Net requirements planning
  • operation Calendar
  • capacity planning
  • DBR
  • Batch production (optional)
  • Audit Trail
  • Traceability
  • Quality assurance in production including test equipment management
  • Graphical control station (optional)
  • Operating data acquisition (optional)

Your advantages with KUMAVISION

Automated processes

Relieve your employees of time-consuming routine tasks. The process and prescription manager, which is unique in the industry, accelerates the processing of prescriptions, automates numerous processes and independently requests missing documents and prescriptions.

Mobile Apps

Whether care, technical service or sales - use our mobile apps to ensure efficient cooperation between field service and office staff. Get direct access to all information from any location, automatically trigger follow-up processes and work in offline mode if necessary.

Integrated DMS

Find instead of search! Process prescriptions, documents, e-mail and fax in one central location and thus avoid data silos. Use the possibilities of automatic character recognition, save valuable time and automatically store all information in an audit-proof manner.

Current key figures

Contribution margins, staff utilization, inventory, cash flow, liquidity, customer satisfaction etc: With KUMAVISION you always work with current key figures. Our business intelligence solutions give you even more insights – including ready-to-use templates, reports and evaluations for your industry.

New opportunities

Whether it's an e-prescription, automated verification of the obligation to pay directly when invoicing, a modern credit procedure instead of a cost estimate, whether apps for more customer loyalty, field service connections or new service models: KUMAVISION is continuously developing the industry software.

Best practice in series

The industry software comes with hundreds of best practice processes that you can use directly. For a fast time-to-value and for fewer individual adjustments. Rely on the experience from over 2.500 successful customer projects and the many years of industry knowledge of our consultants, developers and project managers.
Andreas Fahl medical technology logo

Success Story
Individual patient care

Find out how the aids specialist Fahl professionalizes patient care with KUMAVISION

  • Mobile app for field service
  • Standard-compliant documentation and labels
  • Relief of employees through automated processes
  • Software update in a short period of time

The e-prescription can come

It is still unclear when the e-prescription for other service providers will actually become a reality. It is clear, however, that the industry software from KUMAVISION will be prepared for this.

The continuous further development of the industry software takes place in close dialogue with our customers. Through our involvement in industry associations and our development department, we ensure that you get exactly the functions that you really need.

Management briefing 7 trends for other service providers and software

7 trends for more future security

In this trend report you will learn:

  • What challenges digitization entails for other service providers
  • Why you should deal with self-billing procedures, field service connection and MDR
  • How to proactively shape the future and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises
  • Which technological foundation will bring you safely into the future

Cloud is not the same Cloud!

Every company has specific requirements, which are also reflected in the selection of the operator model. Do you find it difficult to decide which application to use? Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud or hybrid solution - we will help you to make the right choice.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Access Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that are standardized from the Cloud available for many industries. Your advantage: Fast deployment, attractive costs, easy scalability and maximum flexibility.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Use one Cloud-Environment set up and operated exclusively for your business. Your advantage: tailor-made Cloud-Services that exactly reflect your individual requirements and are provided at a location of your choice.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions

Combine one or more Public Clouds with a private Cloud or a local installation (on-premises). Your advantage: You determine the time and scope of your Cloud-Migrate and meet the strictest compliance requirements for sensitive data.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: The world's leading technology platform

Cloud-There are many solutions. But only the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundles all relevant business applications in a unique ecosystem. All applications are from the Cloud available and work with a uniform database. This means you consistently avoid data silos.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapt your IT landscape quickly and easily to your individual requirements. Respond promptly to changes and introduce new solutions thanks to the Cloud in a short time. At the same time, you benefit from Microsoft's annual development budget of 20 billion US dollars, giving you direct access to new technologies and tools.
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