ERP software for other service providers

KUMAVISION Next Generation sets new standards for other service providers as high-performance ERP software with innovative industry functions. Our customers confirm: The integrated ERP industry software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most powerful and functionally comprehensive system in the German-speaking market.

More efficiency

KUMAVISION for the healthcare market benefits your entire business. Cross-departmental workflows, clever automatisms and intelligent assistants take business processes to a new level. Inside sales and field service are seamlessly linked. The result: more regulations, more customer contacts, more throughput in the warehouse, more orders. In short: more efficiency for other service providers with the same number of employees.

We were able to process more recipes from one financial year to the other 100 percent - with the same number of employees.

Clifford Anlahr, Managing Director Hodey GmbH

More automation

With the integrated ERP solution KUMAVISION for the healthcare market Other service providers automate numerous business processes, opening up completely new opportunities for reducing costs. The unique recipe and process manager speeds up the processing of prescriptions immensely. Document management and automatic character recognition solutions bring other benefits to other service providers.

DMS and character recognition have brought the processes in our company to a more efficient level. The tedious search in file folders is eliminated. Instead, we can access our documents quickly and conveniently electronically. In this way we achieve a very high throughput with low staff costs.

Management H-SAS GmbH

System-based workflows automatically guide your employees through all required process steps. The seamless integration of modern technology, such as text recognition document management systems or barcode applications, creates further potential for automation with other service providers. In this way, you will be relieved of administrative tasks in the long term and can concentrate fully on your core business.

More profit

While the reimbursement per transaction is reduced by the cost units, all other service providers will increase the costs for documentation and billing. Only those who exhaust all optimization advantages, have lasting success. The KUMAVISION merchandise management for the healthcare market creates the basis for this. The industry software is being continuously developed and adapted to the current legal framework and requirements of the health insurance companies. Thanks to powerful functionalities and integrated financial accounting with a variety of controlling tools, you will be in the black even with tight margins.

»With the integrated ERP industry solution KUMAVISION for the healthcare market, the numbers from the accounting department can be broken down to the individual orders at any time and without data being exported. In our day-to-day business with discounts, discounts, returns and credits, we always receive up-to-date data and know exactly whether an order is worthwhile, and can successfully participate in invitations to tender issued by health insurances, clinics and care facilities.«

Clifford Anlahr, Managing Director Hodey GmbH

More return on investment (ROI)

Numerous reference projects with other service providers show that the introduction of KUMAVISION for the healthcare market pays off for other service providers - after only a short time. How fast companies can benefit from the introduction of the integrated ERP industry solution KUMAVISION for the healthcare market can be read in the MTD article "The money back guarantee".

Advantages for other service providers

  • Recipe management and billing
  • Contract and operation manager
  • Case flat rate and permanent decree management
  • Document management (DMS) with text recognition in order entry and automated follow-up processes
  • Logistics concepts including commission and consignment warehouse, branch logistics, central warehouse, pool and case flat rate equipment management, chaotic storage, paperless warehouse and dispatcher connection
  • ALL data and information in ONE system with business-oriented evaluation by mouse click
  • Data exchange via EDI, XML, etc. for the connection of marketplaces, clearing houses, health insurance companies and manufacturer systems as well as for the exchange of supply orders and electronic cost estimates
  • Electronic billing according to §300 and §302

All features

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Next Generation: The leading ERP industry software for healthcare market and medical technology

The completely newly developed ERP industry software KUMAVISION "Next Generation" sets new standards in operation, performance and functionality. Developed on the basis of our many years of experience and in close dialogue with our customers, the industry's most advanced ERP solution already meets the requirements of the future today.


Where else you have to deal with awkward manual processes, KUMAVISION med "Next Generation" provides you with data and information at the push of a button. Thanks to intelligent workflows and clever automatisms, you can process more processes with the same number of employees.

Ease of use

Faster, clearer, easier - and yet familiar. The user-friendly interface of the "Next Generation" in Microsoft Look and Feel enables intuitive working, saves time and reduces the error rate.

team control

The system-supported team control allows a sovereign handling of the work stocks as well as an optimal utilization of all resources. Avoid staff shortages and increase customer satisfaction.

Business reports

Make operational and strategic decisions on a strong database. Make use of the clear distribution of all key figures. The ERP industry software also provides extensive tools for detailed evaluations.

Agile project introduction

Agile methods simplify the implementation of the ERP solution and ensure that you work productively with the industry software right from the start.

Best Practice

KUMAVISION has 200 proven best practice processes that are fully documented. Thanks to the simple parameterization, you can quickly adapt the ERP industry software to your company-specific characteristics.

Integrated solution

From receipt receipt to electronic billing: The ERP industry software covers all areas of the company in one ERP system. This enables cross-functional workflows and detailed evaluations.


The e-box is a virtual post office where all documents are received and managed centrally. And not only the external, such as new regulations, but also all reminders or results of automatic runs, such as the requirement of recipes.

Future security

The ERP software for the healthcare market and medical technology is based on the globally used standard software Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is continuously being further developed by Microsoft. This gives you access to the latest technologies at all times.

The completely newly developed ERP industry software KUMAVISION med "Next Generation" sets new standards in operation, performance and functionality. Based on our many years of experience and our extensive industry knowledge, we create the industry's most advanced ERP solution for all other service providers that already fully meets the requirements of the future.

More growth with the new KUMAVISION industry software for the healthcare market

In the interview: Sebastian Lins,
Managing Director Sapio Life GmbH


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Best Practice with KUMAVISION

Profit from

  • Over 200 Best Practice Processes in the ERP Software
  • Easy adjustment via parameters
  • Interactive documentation with training function
  • Tried and tested procedures from practice
  • Development in dialogue with users and decision makers
  • Fast training of new employees

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10 Benefits for Other Service Providers

  • Automated administration of permanent regulations +

    One employee can manage several thousand permanent prescription extensions alone.
    Over 100% more transactions with the same personnel costs are possible.
  • Workflow-based contract and activity manager +

    • Contract and operations manager navigates employees system-supported through all workflows
    • Central control of business processes based on the contract specifications of the health insurance funds
    • Control of the entire workflow
    • Automatic monitoring of ongoing processes
    • Greatly reduced training period for new employees
    • Error minimization in daily business
  • Document management system with text recognition +

    • Scanning incoming regulations
    • Faster detection and error prevention
    • Time savings through automatic entry of invoice-based documents
    • Active control of unprocessed recipes directly from inbox to clerk for further processing
  • Automated and on-demand ordering +

    • Disposition of the goods with maintained master data: z. For example, spend a maximum of one hour on 300 orders per day
    • Integration of fax, e-mail and electronic orders
  • Automatic residue resolution +

    More than 30% of travel times in the warehouse are eliminated
    Distribution into customer goods, customer goods that must be collected (tour, complete delivery) and goods that must be stored
  • Barcode control in warehouse and logistics +

    Packing errors are prevented
    Batch and serial numbers for complete traceability are recorded
  • Compliance support including supplier evaluation and complaint management +

    Meaningful and needs-based evaluations at the push of a button, which would otherwise require at least one person's day per month
    Compliance with legal compliance regulations (including ISO and FDA)
    Process-oriented complaint management leads to faster, conclusive handling of complaints
  • Automatic reading of account statements and numbering +

    Saving depending on volume several person days per week
    Automatic counting even with incomplete data and changed amounts (eg additional payment)
  • Automatic revenue accrual of case flat rates +

    Period-specific revenues in financial accounting
    Saving depending on volume several person days per week
    In the case of an accrual reason, automatic termination
    Automatic activation of lump-sum payments and accruals
  • Direct field service connection with KUMAVISION med mobile on tablet, smartphone and notebook +

    Cross-platform and vendor-independent deployment
    No duplicate data collection
    No unnecessary queries
    Avoidance of misuse
    Increase in delivery speed
    No more incomplete forms
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Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Box UDI label

All UDI data directly from the ERP software

  • FDA and MPG compliant product labeling
  • Master data maintenance (article and manufacturer designations, storage conditions, sterilization procedures, lot sizes, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of variable data (serial and batch number, expiry date etc.)
  • UDI-compliant product labeling
  • Label printing (NiceLabel required)
  • Data export for GUDID message

Inform now about UDI

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Siegfried Kratsch

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