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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Strengthen your customer loyalty through perfect customer service

From many years of experience both with our customers and in our own business area as a service provider, we know only too well: In today's global and especially digital world, customer satisfaction is one of the most important competitive factors.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you not only create the framework for your employees to be 100% service-oriented, you also give them exactly the means and ways to turn a service case into a customer experience. Because in business life, too, customers expect not only user-friendly self-service options, but also fast, personalized and competent support for service requests, which at best 365 days around the clock on as many channels as possible.

  • 360 degree view of all relevant activities, communications and information about all customers
  • Multi-channel communication via phone, email, service portals, chat, ...
  • Microsoft integration 365 Teams including telephony and call center
  • Connection of service apps and portals
  • Multi-channel customer service
  • Efficient service processes & service contract management
  • Customer loyalty through competence & know-how
  • Service optimization through smart use of data

Service quality thrives on transparent and efficient processes

Service requests can only be planned to a very limited extent - at least as far as the time of the request is concerned, but a structured process for solving a service case creates security during processing. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can turn warranty claims, returns and repairs into a positive customer experience: With the digitally automated processes, you can avert the damage by acting quickly and competently and, depending on your requirements, you can arrange for an exchange, a credit note, a repair including a loaner device or an appointment with the Initiate on-site customer service. Thanks to smart technologies and integration into all communication channels, your customers are personally informed at all times, while your employees can take care of the next case.

Included for companies with service contracts Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service also offers complete service contract management, with which you can manage service contracts in all common variants. Incoming inquiries are assigned directly to the contract and processed in accordance with the service agreements. Maintenance intervals, including resources and materials, can also be planned and controlled via the service contracts. The actual expenses and costs are also assigned directly to the contract, while additional expenses are billed separately in a simple and uncomplicated manner. 

In addition, you always have an overview of the current status of all contract terms and profitability and are reminded at an early stage of negotiations through new and additional sales by your sales department, contract extensions or extensions or additional agreements. 


  • Development of process workflows for efficient customer-oriented handling of repairs, warranty claims and returns 
  • Processing of rental devices, spare parts orders and external services 
  • Service contract management including service level agreements
  • Maintenance and repair management 
  • Order processing including invoicing of additional costs
  • Extensive monitoring of terms and profitability 

Inspire service competence with digital helpers


  • Mapping of responsibilities and specialist skills through employee profiles
  • Extensive routing functionalities for prioritizing and distributing incoming service requests according to definable criteria such as specialist areas and availability of service employees
  • Development of a knowledge database as a know-how carrier for internal and external service employees as well as for the intelligent control of bots. 

There is no question: Competence and specialist knowledge of as many products and customers as possible in the company is one of the most valuable skills of service employees - which, however, is difficult to implement in reality. Customer requirements, on the other hand, are much easier to meet: When service is required, customers want a competent, fast and, of course, the best possible solution to the case. 

Thanks to digital technologies, service processes can be accelerated through automation and digital helpers such as bots. In addition, intelligent control mechanisms help ensure that exactly the right technical expertise from your service team is used or can be called up for each case. 

The basis is provided by the competency profiles that you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service can be managed for internal and external people in the service. Based on this, you can automatically control the distribution process for incoming service requests via routing, so that tickets or service requests are routed as directly as possible to the responsible or competent employee, regardless of the input channel. The routing also prioritizes service requests in queues, takes capacity and bottlenecks into account and helps to maintain transparency about the service process with extensive overviews. 

Another highlight is the knowledge database of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service that you can use to build your own business Wikipedia. The comprehensive knowledge database is used on the one hand to build up the know-how of your own employees and can also be used for external service providers such as call centers. On the other hand, it can also be used for self-service by your customers and to control chatbots for service requests.

Optimize your customer service and at the same time draw conclusions for your product quality

Even if a long-term partnership with a satisfied customer helps to overcome a service case that has not been optimally solved, customer service must also meet economic goals in addition to customer satisfaction. In other words: Service contracts must be calculated profitably and their profitability must always be checked. In addition, the service provides valuable insights into the quality of your products and services. Last but not least, your customers can also make an important contribution to improving the quality of products and services. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service you always have an overview of the current events in your customer service. Interactive dashboards help you with this, with which you can keep an eye on overarching figures, data and facts as well as get into the details. 

The extensive analysis and forecasting tools support you in recognizing potential for improvement, identifying useful information on previously undiscovered connections and thus being able to act proactively on quality defects and foreseeable developments, for example. 

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice lets your customers speak: You can use online surveys to query the satisfaction of your customers directly after service cases or at certain points in the contract period, receive suggestions for improvement and initiate measures if necessary.


  • Interactive customizable dashboards
  • Extensive standard evaluations of, among other things, service contracts, service cases, profitability and service quality 
  • Integration of Power BI with analyzes & forecasts for smart data inspiration 
  • Integration of Customer Voice for customer surveys

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