How the digital transformation is creating the future in medical technology

Future medical technology: 4 concrete starting points for the digital transformation

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Regulatory requirements, shortage of skilled workers, telemedicine and digital business models: how to confidently master current challenges with digitized processes

citizen developer

What actually is a Citizen Developer?

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And why should companies concern themselves with this topic? Power Apps is a platform for building custom applications without the need for coding. Power Apps allows users to create applications that run on any device and easily integrates with other Microsoft services and third-party APIs.

5 questions, 5 answers: how to successfully shape digitization

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Digitization consultant Andrea Fiedler answers frequently asked questions about digitization in medium-sized companies.

Shaping the future with agility

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Which topics will determine 2023? What skills do companies need to have in order to be able to compete successfully in the future? And what contribution can business software make to this? KUMAlive spoke to the KUMAVISION board members Kay von Wilcken, Helmut Rabanser and Matthias Sartor on agility, the ability to act and new ways of starting software projects without risk.

IoT as a problem solver not only in medical technology

IoT as a problem solver - not only in medical technology

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Not every Internet of Things application is highly complex. These use cases show how medical device manufacturers can cleverly solve industry-specific problems in manageable IoT projects - for example, when they monitor the particle density in clean rooms with IoT support, document storage and transport conditions, or develop new service offerings.

Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

What companies should pay attention to in business intelligence projects

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Better decisions, more transparent corporate management, more efficient processes through automation: the introduction of a business intelligence solution is an integral part of the digitization strategy of many companies. However, in order for a business intelligence project to actually be a success, there are a few points to consider. In this article we report from practice. 

SmartStart: Easy ERP implementation without cost risk

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Fixed price instead of incalculable risk: How to quickly and easily introduce your ERP system with the SmartStart offer from KUMAVISION and benefit from the advantages of modern SaaS solutions.

CRM software as a key element of the digitization strategy in medical technology

CRM software as a key element of the digitization strategy

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Modern CRM solutions not only make it possible to digitize previously paper-based processes in sales, marketing and service, but also to strengthen customer relationships, relieve employees of time-consuming routine tasks and improve corporate management through a uniform process landscape.

Digitization is not the same as digital transformation

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Digitization is often equated with the introduction of modern technologies. Digitization expert Andrea Fiedler explains in this blog post why this way of thinking is short-sighted and what dangers it entails. Read why you cannot buy digitization and why successful transformation processes start with rethinking.

Better safe than sorry: sanctions list check

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The war against Ukraine is drawing companies' attention to the issue of sanctions list checks. Because companies are obliged to check their business contacts against national and international sanctions and anti-terrorist lists.

Apps - It's that easy to expand the range of functions of Business Central!

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Versatile, simple and uncomplicated. What the Apple AppStore and Google Play offer for the smartphone, Microsoft is now also making available for business applications with the AppSource. Apps enable companies to individually and flexibly expand their ERP solution without time-consuming and costly programming projects.

Microsoft's Universal Code Initiative

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Freedom of choice with the operator model, simpler updates, but also additional license fees if Microsoft requirements are not met: What companies now have to consider.