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Rehabilitation Assist

  • Thanks to the agile approach, we were able to fully achieve our goals. We work with lean and modern processes while retaining the flexibility that we need in our market environment.
  • Hauke ​​Neumann
  • Managing Partner, Reha Assist GmbH

The rehabilitation service provider relied on agile project methods when updating its ERP software. The result: Smooth live start, extremely high business relevance, quick reaction to market changes.

Company's Profile

  • Rehabilitation service provider - specializing in the care of the severely and severely damaged
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Location: Arnsberg

Assignment to the update project

  • Avoidance of individual adjustments, use of the standard functionalities of the KUMAVISION industry software
  • Implementation of the update project within a clearly defined time and budget
  • Future-proof solution as a basis for further company development

Reasons for deciding on agile project methodology

  • Exact mapping of the requirements through user stories that reflect the user's point of view in a practice-oriented manner 
  • The incremental procedure provides the customer with a part of the software after each completed sprint, with which he can work directly productively
  • Smooth live start, as all functional areas have already been extensively tested in advance
  • Lean yet flexible processes to be able to react quickly to market changes
  • Long-standing partnership, high level of industry understanding of KUMAVISION

Implemented solution

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for project service providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Document management system
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