Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sales and order processing

Customer centricity with a 360 degree view of your customers and contacts

Customer proximity begins with a 360 degree view of the customer. Whether initial enquiries, concrete sales opportunities and orders, delivery details, invoices or complaints: With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you have stored every activity centrally in the customer base.

Through integration with Microsoft 365 you can also assign every communication by mail or team chat. If necessary, all colleagues have access to all relevant information and can take optimal care of your customers. And it doesn't matter whether in the office, in the home office or directly on site.

For new customers, especially from online portals, control is better than trust - the same applies to regular customers with mixed payment practices. With the KUMAVISION Credit check app you can jump out Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central trigger a credit check. And for companies with international business partners, the KUMAVISION takes over Compliance Check the regular review of all contacts against sanctions lists.

We have also significantly simplified the processing of tenders for you: With our GAEB interface you can digitally provided tender documents at item level in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Take over Business Central and also transfer it back with the calculation done. In addition, our app offers you numerous simplifications, for example in the calculation - both during the tender and after the contract has been won.


  • Central contact and customer master data management
  • Multi-level customer-specific price and discount lists
  • Framework agreements and call/delivery intervals
  • Customer history from the inquiry to the complaint
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 including teams
  • KUMAVISION Credit check app for credit check
  • KUMAVISION Compliance check app for the sanction check
  • KUMAVISION GAEB Interface & Calculation

Get to know Business Central

  • 360 degree view of all contacts and customers
  • Integration of B2B and B2C online shops as well as portals and marketplaces
  • Automated processes from inquiry to invoicing
  • Sales development and forecast

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Always in view from anywhere: Your business development

  • Sales pipeline based on inquiries and offers
  • Forecast based on incoming orders and weighted pipeline
  • KUMAVISION POWER BI Sales Activator
    • Sales ranking of customers, products and sellers
    • Geographical sales distribution of products and services
    • Development over time and comparisons 
    • Contribution margins of products or business areas

Especially in times of crisis, a clear view of your business development is essential. with Microsoft Dynamics 365 With Business Central, your sales department no longer has to work night shifts to create forecast excellent lists: the dashboard shows you at a glance what your sales department currently has in the pipeline and in the order backlog. In addition, the integration allows you to view the details at the click of a mouse – no matter where you or your employees are at the moment. 

With the KUMAVISION POWER BI Sales Activator you can present the facts graphically and receive valuable insights for the alignment of your sales.

Multichannel all-in-one order processing

Whether B2C online shop, B2B portal or direct connection of major customers: Availability, processing speed and status information are basic requirements for customer loyalty. 

By connecting your sales channels, orders and call-offs are automatically transferred to the system, converted into sales orders, checked and processed via workflows.

This means that an online order for stock goods could arrive immediately as a picking order in your logistics, while your customers have already received the order confirmation. As soon as the goods are ready for the shipping service provider in the outgoing goods department, the invoice is issued and sent to the customer. Only when paying on account does the completion of the order take a little longer - but the integrated reminder system also supports this. 

We have tailor-made extensions for wholesalers, such as convenient framework contract management, quick entry when creating an order including discount calculation and a credit limit check.

  • Comprehensive offer and order management
  • Automated order processing
  • Integration into downstream processes (purchasing, production, logistics)
  • 100% transparency across the entire supply chain
  • Returns & Complaints
  • Dunning
  • Industry software KUMAVISION trade365 for wholesale

Put your customers in the spotlight

Customer centricity comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central made easy: Whether in the office or on the road, your salespeople have all customer data available at all times at their mobile workplace - even the current delivery delays will no longer come as a surprise.

The dream team: sales and service

Show what real customer service is - even when repairs and replacement deliveries are pending. With the centrally available customer data, sales and service orders as well as delivery information, your on-site service employees always have an overview of the current status and your sales department knows exactly about the last returns or maintenance work.
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