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IT strategy and digitization consulting

Digital transformation made easy

Take your company's business processes to a new level - as a digitalization partner, we support you from vision to implementation. We will work with you to develop an individual digitalization strategy and support you in all measures.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What does a sustainable IT strategy look like?
  • How can we speed up our processes across departments?
  • What can I do if IT is holding back corporate flexibility?
  • How do I get the rising costs for the IT infrastructure under control?
  • How do I develop my products into usage-based services?
  • How do I ensure that all regulatory provisions (ISO, data protection, etc.) are complied with?
  • How do I best approach a large project like digitization?
  • What advantages does the Cloud?
  • How do I keep track of our heterogeneous IT landscape?
  • Who will support me in introducing smart technologies?
  • How can I inspire my customers with innovative services over the entire product lifecycle?
  • How can I further develop the know-how of my IT department?

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Our consulting packages:
Support exactly where it is needed

Strategic digitization consulting

We work with you to develop a digitization strategy that fits your company exactly.

  • Carrying out (telephone) interviews to determine the wishes and ideas of the various stakeholders
  • Preparation and management of workshops to develop common goals
  • Development of a digitization strategy including a value map

process consulting

We will show you how you can benefit from best practice processes from your industry and develop a concept for the implementation.

  • Presentation of the best practice processes
  • Adaptation to customer-specific requirements
  • Development of an individual implementation plan

Technology consulting

Our consultants give you an overview of technological trends and present various topics such as IoT, AI & Cognitive Services, collaboration tools or the Low Code Power Platform in detail in deep dives.

  • Development and support of technology labs
  • Implementation of expert training
  • Development of technological implementation concepts
  • Coaching as part of the conception and implementation

IT architecture

We design a modern IT architecture that will keep you well positioned in the future and that will evolve with your company.

  • Development of an IT solution design
  • Elaboration of an IT development plan
  • Creation of an investment overview

Program management

As external consultants, we offer you external support in coordinating all IT projects as part of the transformation.

  • Multi project management
  • Ensuring the strategic development plan
  • Documentation of progress for the CIO / CDO

CDO / CIO as a service

Experienced consultants take on strategic and managerial tasks of a CDO / CIO and report directly to the management board.

  • Run the business - management of operational functions
  • Change the business - innovation and change management
  • Engineer the Business - IT modeling and strategic IT consulting

The Microsoft Catalyst Program: Transformation at the push of a button

Microsoft IDEA Inspire Design Empower Achieve

With the Catalyst program, Microsoft has developed a strategic and methodical approach with which companies can successfully develop, plan and carry out their digital transformation. The basic structure of the innovative approach is the IDEA model, which is based on the design thinking approach. The special feature: user-oriented solutions are developed in a creative setting. Benefit, feasibility and marketability are weighted equally. This holistic view prevents one-sided solutions and ensures that the best strategy is implemented, taking all aspects into account.

We have adapted the model to the needs of medium-sized companies and support you as a certified Microsoft Catalyst partner in the development and implementation of your digitization strategy.

More information about Microsoft Catalyst and IDEA model

Ready for digitization with KUMAVISION

Our consultants, project specialists and developers advise and support companies in digital transformation. Our employees have many years of experience in managerial positions and diverse know-how in a wide variety of areas and industries.

  • Certified Experts: Agile approach, design thinking, catalyst program, opportunity management - methods tailored to digitization
  • Comprehensive know-how: ERP, CRM, BI, DMS/ECM, IoT, AI, Azure, Power Platform, Teams and much more
  • Social and professional competence: Technology, organization, teamwork: ideally equipped for every challenge
  • SmartStart: Ob Power BI, IoT or workflow solutions – work productively quickly with templates
  • Years of experience: 25 years of technology and industry experience, best practice from over 2.500 projects

Benefit from our support for the digital transformation in your company. We advise and accompany you and, if you wish, take on various management tasks during the change process.

Flyer IT strategy and digitization consulting

All benefits at a glance

The digital transformation is not limited to the optimization of individual processes, but affects the company as a whole. In addition to the technological foundation, methods and skills also play a decisive role, because the interaction results in valuable potential for the transformation.

Find out in our flyer how you can successfully lead your company into the future with KUMAVISION.

Interview: The focus should always be on the customer

Andrea Fiedler

The digital transformation has been preoccupying German SMEs for years. The corona pandemic has also given a big boost. But how can digitization be implemented in practice?

In an interview, Andrea Fiedler shows how companies develop a future-oriented digitization strategy

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IT strategy and digitization consulting with KUMAVISION

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