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Answer and process inquiries from customers and employees automatically and quickly with chat bots

Do your employees always have to answer the same questions? Would you also like to answer customer inquiries outside of office hours? Are you looking for a way to make your knowledge available in a service-oriented manner? Then it's time to think about using chat bots.

A chat bot can take care of simple inquiries around the clock, relieving the workload on company employees and giving them time to deal with more complex concerns.

With Power Virtual Agents you can easily create your own chatbots. Thanks to the low-code principle, no programming knowledge is required for this either. The self-created bots can, for example, act as virtual customer advisors to answer routine questions, but also to intercept peak requests.

For external communication with customers and interested parties, chatbots can be integrated into the company website, among other things, to answer frequently asked questions. But they can also be useful internally, for example when employees want to know who the right contact person is for a specific issue.

  • Sustainable time savings
  • Contemporary customer service
  • Available 24/7
  • Integration into website, teams and other channels
  • low-code platform
  • Access to ERP, CRM, Office, ...
  • Real relief for employees

It's that easy to automate chat bots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents' drag-and-drop editor lets you create chat bots without any coding knowledge. In addition to simple questions and answers (FAQ), you can create multi-level dialogs with different answer options and branches in the dialog.

By accessing data from the ERP system and other data sources, you can enrich dialogs with customer and product data and thus offer tailor-made answers or assistance.

The use of artificial intelligence supports you in fully utilizing the potential of chat bots in your company.

Build chat bots without code

Power Virtual Agents is a low-code application. You can quickly create chat bots without much programming knowledge, make them available to customers and employees, and easily evaluate the activities of the chat bots.

Long-term relief for employees

Chat bots relieve your employees of the time-consuming task of answering recurring questions. At the same time, you can use chat bots to enable direct access ("self-service") to knowledge and processes in the company, e.g. B. FAQ or Helpdesk.

Retain customers with modern service

Create chat bots that answer customer inquiries around the clock and automatically trigger follow-up processes. Microsoft Virtual Agents enables a short time-to-value, so that you can implement chat bot profitably without great project effort.

How to work with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents offers you a graphical user interface with which you can easily create processes, answer options and the resulting actions. You don't have to write lines of code, you can build and test your chat bots step by step.

FAQ Power Virtual Agents

What questions can chat bots answer?

With Microsoft Power Virtual Agents you can create chat bots for all areas of the company yourself. Typical examples are:

  • A customer has questions about the opening hours of a branch
  • A customer wants to cancel an order
  • A customer is looking for more information about a product
  • A customer has a problem with a product (helpdesk)
  • An employee is looking for the right contact person in your company
  • An employee wants to submit a vacation request
  • An employee has questions about the approval of a business trip
  • An employee would like to reserve a mobile workstation in the office
  • An employee needs an overview of overtime and vacation days
Where can chat bots be used?

You can use chat bots wherever you typically have contact with customers and employees:

  • Corporate website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Social platforms like Facebook
  • messenger services
  • ...
Are chat bots limited to text?

No, chat bots can also be used on the phone via voice recognition

What if the chat bot can't help?

You can set up the chat bots in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents in such a way that in the case of complex inquiries that the chat bot cannot process, contact is automatically established with one of your employees or the inquiry is forwarded directly.

How can the use of chat bots be evaluated?

Microsoft Virtual Agents provides you with a variety of evaluation options. In this way, you will find out which questions your customers and employees frequently ask, which topics chat bots can work on independently and where you may need to add to the chat bots.

What data can the chat bot use?

With Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, you can access numerous data sources. For example, the chat bot can access the order history from the ERP system and suggest appropriate assistance.

A practical example: A customer writes in the chat "I have a problem with my printer". The chat bot asks for the email address and thus identifies the customer. The bot lists the printers purchased by the customer and asks which model is affected. The customer makes a selection and the bot can then go through the matching entries from the helpdesk step by step with the customer. 

Which applications can be connected to the Power Platform?

Microsoft provides hundreds of connectors with which applications from Microsoft and other manufacturers can be easily connected to the Power Platform.

You can find an overview of the currently supported connectors here


What is a low-code platform?
Typical development environments work text-based, the developers write the code of their programs in a kind of editor. Low-code platforms take a different approach: They provide users with a visual and interactive user interface that allows them to easily assemble solutions using drag and drop. Extensive programming knowledge is not required, but knowledge of Excel forms or similar is helpful.
How can subsequent processes be initiated?
Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is part of the Power Platform. For example, you can trigger workflows that you have defined with Power Automate directly from a chat bot. In this way, you can automatically process or forward inquiries from customers and employees.
Connectors Microsoft Power Platform

One platform, limitless possibilities

Hundreds of connectors enable you to connect numerous other Microsoft applications as well as software and Cloud-Connect third-party solutions to the Power Platform and use them as a data source. This is how you easily create cross-application workflows and solutions.

Besides Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) Dynamics 365 (CRM), Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and SharePoint, for example, you can too SalesUse force, LinkedIn or Slack as a data source and trigger for workflows in the Power Platform.

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