Digitize field service, relieve service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Inspire your customers with perfect customer service

Your customer service is your face to the outside world and represents your company right where the action is. In addition to reliability, competence and equipment of the customer service, the personal interaction with the customer around the organization of the customer service appointment counts today.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service, you support your employees in the field throughout the entire process so that they can literally serve the customer. Automated processes take over the interaction with the customers.  

In order for your customer service to be able to provide perfect service on site, in addition to an efficient service structure, you need a team behind the scenes to support you in word and deed. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 Family integrated, ie the field service benefits from a 360-degree view of all information and processes relating to the respective on-site assignment and is also mobile at all times via Microsoft 365 teams connected with his colleagues in the back office. Queries, information or even an offer for further customer service can be clarified directly on site with the office staff.

The best measure to increase customer satisfaction is still the provision and prevention of service cases. In combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service and modern Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be planned and handed over to the customer service team.  

  • 360 degree view of the relevant information for all customers
  • Automation of interaction with customers
  • Multi-channel communication via phone, email, service portals, chat, ...
  • Microsoft integration 365 Teams including video conference
  • Connection of Microsoft HoloLenses
  • Connection of Internet of Things (IoT) functionalities    
  • Customer loyalty through teamwork in service
  • Scheduling and route optimization
  • Stockpiling in the mobile field service
  • Service Optimization & Predictive Maintenance

Communicate in a network, solve problems in a network

Another highlight is the integration of modern communication technologies such as video conferences. For example, an expert can contribute to the successful resolution of the service case via video conference via Microsoft Teams. 

In addition, the Microsoft HoloLens has proven itself for use in complex machine or construction site scenarios: Equipped with a HoloLens, the fitter can integrate experts from all over the world into his task on site and, for example, also solve IoT service cases via remote maintenance. In this way, the capacities of rare employees are relieved of travel times and their skills are used efficiently.

Strengthen your customer loyalty as well as your employee satisfaction through optimal disposition processes

Deployment planning is the heart of well-organized customer service: It not only ensures customer satisfaction through reliability, adherence to deadlines and the right experts for the respective on-site deployment. This also depends on employee satisfaction, because the more organized a tour plan is, the more time the field staff has for customer appointments and also manages their workload within standard working hours.

The disposition and route planning of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service ensures that the most suitable service employees or external service providers are deployed for every service request, that routes are planned efficiently and that a replacement can step in in an emergency. 
Scheduling is based on an individual combination of criteria that takes into account the geography of the location as well as the competence profiles and capacities of internal and external service staff and, of course, the cost side. The route planning for the respective service employees in the field can also be optimized based on a variety of criteria. The respective field service employees receive their route planning digitally, including all information about the respective appointment, and are of course informed immediately of any changes. 

The interaction with the customer before and after the service call through appointment confirmations, tour tracking and satisfaction surveys round off the positive customer experience. 


  • Scheduling of field service appointments and service provider assignments
  • Management of competency profiles 
  • Automated customer communication including tour tracking and satisfaction survey

Increase your service efficiency with optimal mobile storage


  • Scheduling of mobile stocks per emergency vehicle
  • Replenishment control of standard materials
  • Timely procurement of order-specific spare parts
  • Cost transparency per service order and mobile storage     

We all know it from our own experience: If customer service has to cancel the appointment unprepared and come back again without the necessary materials, this has no impact on customer satisfaction or employee motivation. In addition, this makes the respective customer service more expensive and also keeps the office staff busy with rescheduling and rescheduling of routes.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can manage the vehicles of your field service as a mobile storage facility. Material planning ensures that both standard material and the order-specific spare parts are always available in sufficient quantities in the vehicle at the right time. 
Withdrawals are posted both directly to the service order and as withdrawals from mobile stock. You always have an overview of the costs for the service order and can replenish mobile stocks using replenishment control. 

Use the potential of your data for predictive maintenance

The smart use of your data gives you valuable insights: On the one hand, of course, about your service quality, but also for improving your product quality. In addition, digitization has created extensive possibilities for the prevention of service cases. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you always have an overview of what is happening in your customer service. With the help of the interactive dashboards, you always have an overview of comprehensive figures, data and facts and can also access the details if necessary. 

The extensive analysis and prognosis tools support you in recognizing improvement potentials for your customer service itself as well as for your product development. In addition, previously undiscovered connections can be determined through the combination with external sources such as weather data. 

In addition, you can help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service the platform for preventive measures through connection to IoT technologies. Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important, especially in mechanical and plant engineering or medical technology: It can prevent system or plant failures in a targeted manner, simplifies monitoring and maintenance over long distances and thus makes a significant contribution to customer loyalty. The manufacturers themselves gain valuable insights into product quality, improve their profitability and also gain internal employee satisfaction through the reduction in travel. 


  • Interactive customizable dashboards
  • Extensive standard evaluations 
  • Integration of Power BI with analyzes & forecasts for smart
  • data inspirations 
  • Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

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