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Efficient technical field service with

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service

The CRM solution Dynamics 365 for Field Service helps you to optimize your technical field service and increase the satisfaction of your customers. In addition to quick access to all relevant information, the networking of the field service with customer service and technicians is of central importance.

Comprehensive inventory management

Comprehensive tracking and control of all spare parts and inventories improves first-time fix rates and improves service quality.

Mobile connection

By automatically linking the service order with all related information in the CRM system, field staff have real-time access to all relevant documents - even offline.

Optimized tour and deployment planning

Microsoft Dynamics 365 links incoming service requests and available resources. This means that resource planning benefits from a comprehensive overview, service deployments can be perfectly coordinated and route-optimized routes can be planned.

Professional service

Dynamics 365 provides precise advance information on each service order, enabling individual customer approach and fast and targeted support.

Better cooperation

By networking field staff and technicians, problems can be detected ahead of time and identified and remedied remotely.

Customer-centered service

Services such as an online portal with self-service features, SMS / call notifications, and technician tracking complement the functionality of the field sales CRM solution.

More information for customers and employees with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Field Service helps you improve field service processes and procedures. The CRM solution provides your employees with comprehensive information on each service order and links customer service, field service and technicians.

This way, your employees always have the current processing status in view and can report potential disruptions in good time. This ensures satisfied customers and also reduces the cost of more extensive maintenance. 

Improve resource planning

  • Increase profitability by automatically scheduling technicians with the skills and best starting position they need to optimize their daily schedules.
  • Manage resource planning across multiple work orders using interactive scheduling with drag & drop functionality.
  • Synchronize and track inventory at various locations, including individual trucks, through central data storage in Dynamics 365 to increase the first-time fix rates.

Increase local efficiency

  • Improve field operations by giving technicians mobile access to information from the head office to capture and update all work order details.
  • Use state-of-the-art technology such as mixed reality headsets to increase productivity.

Integration of IoT

  • Use the CRM solution's IoT capabilities to identify disruptions and proactively inform your customers.
  • Carry out individual just-in-time maintenance as needed, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Customer-centered service

  • Provide your customers with real-time, comprehensive information using Dynamics 365 and keep them up to date on order processing.
  • Simplify service activity tracking and enable your customers to manage appointments themselves through a customer portal that seamlessly interacts with the CRM solution.

Individual adaptation

  • Adjust Dynamics 365 for Field Service to meet the needs of your business and create web applications using code-free editors and tools.
  • Use artificial intelligence to drive innovation.

Perfect CRM support for your field service

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, the field service has comprehensive capabilities to help manage operations, resources and people. Linking service orders with related information benefits both customers and employees, and improves service quality.

Work Order Management

Use Dynamics 365 to create work orders for field workers with comprehensive information about customers, maintenance, and products in use.

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