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  • The cooperation worked very well. KUMAVISION not only brought a lot of process understanding and industry understanding in wholesale, it also worked well on a human level.
  • Wojciech woodpecker
  • Head of IT, Wentronic GmbH

The internationally rolled out ERP industry software accelerates and optimizes the processes of the electronics distributor Wentronic in several countries. The decisive factor for choosing the ERP partner was the extensive experience both in wholesale and with international projects in and outside of Europe.

Company's Profile

  • Wholesale of electronics and electronics accessories
  • 10.000 m² storage area with over 12.000 items
  • Over 250 employees / approx. 170 users
  • Headquarters: Brunswick
  • Branches: Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Hong Kong and China
  • task
  • International project
  • Parallel introduction of several clients
  • ERP solution that can keep up with the strong growth of the company
  • Connection of third party systems


  • Industry knowledge of KUMAVISION
  • ERP industry solution for wholesale
  • Future and investment security through the size of KUMAVISION
  • Competence of KUMAVISION in the area of ​​wholesale and international projects

Used ERP industry software

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for technical wholesale based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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