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Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps: Create individual business solutions

With Microsoft PowerApps, you can easily create online mobile apps and web apps for your business processes, or customize existing apps to meet your business needs. You can choose from a wide selection of templates or develop your own apps in the PowerApps Studio using the simple point-and-click method. Via 200 various data sources such as Excel, SharePoint or Dynamics 365 available to you.

Implement innovations faster

The PowerApps platform helps companies implement custom apps instantly to accelerate business processes.

Simply create apps yourself

With Microsoft PowerApps, developing your own apps is possible for everyone: In addition to a large selection of templates, PowerApps provides an intuitive point-and-click app design process.

Develop individual solutions

PowerApps has a native integration of extension options that allows developers to extend app functions with Azure Functions or use custom connectors.

PowerApps with KUMAVISION

With the PowerApps you can easily create suitable solutions for your processes. KUMAVISION supports you from the consultation to the concrete implementation.


On the subject of Mobile Apps & PowerApps, on specific, mobile solutions as well as on questions about usability and processes.


Support in the selection and evaluation of connectors, development of individual connectors and solution-oriented apps.


Training employees to build apps with Microsoft PowerApps and customize existing solutions.

PowerApps in practice: mobile solutions for service and field service

KUMAVISION already offers ready-made solutions based on Microsoft PowerApps for various application scenarios. 

Two apps for mobile use exemplify the advantages and implementation possibilities of PowerApps. The solutions can either be used directly - without further adjustments - or are easily expandable and can thus be adapted exactly to your business processes. The connectors we provide also allow PowerApps to be easily linked to our ERP industry solutions.

Service app for the field service

The service app helps service technicians handle service orders: materials used, resources, external costs, and photos and drawings can be recorded. The collected data is automatically forwarded to the connected ERP system.

  • Mobile data collection directly on-site at the customer or on the way
  • Integration of drawings and photos
  • Automatic transmission of data in NAV
  • Solution is immediately available after installation without further customization (out-of-the-box functionality from NAV 2018)
  • Easy customization and extension of the solution
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Time tracking app

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With the time recording app, you can easily record project times on the customer's premises - the data is automatically forwarded to the connected ERP system.

  • Mobile time recording directly on-site at the customer or on the way
  • Automatic transmission of times in NAV
  • Solution is immediately available after installation without further customization (out-of-the-box functionality from NAV 2018)
  • Easy customization and extension of the solution

Comprehensive networking of data and services

Data is at the heart of every app. With PowerApps you can use 200 data sources and CloudNetwork services and easily integrate into your apps.


SQL Server






Data Gateway














Custom APIs



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Other data sources

The app designer

PowerApps provides an app designer that lets you design new apps in minutes. Users do not need any programming knowledge, but work as usual on the familiar Microsoft Office interface.

Canvas Apps

CanvasApp lets you design a custom interface fit that Behavior of your apps work on specific tasks and roles and integrate a variety of control functions such as cameras and location.

Model-driven apps

PowerApps lets you develop model-driven apps. Unlike app development using CanvasApps, When users define the layout of the app themselves, model-driven apps determine the components you add to the app the layout.

In a first step, you model data and define required business processes, then Build your app by selecting and configuring the required components using App Designer.

Microsoft PowerApps: develop business apps without previous knowledge

With Microsoft PowerApps, users with no development experience can design and manage a custom, mobile-ready business app. Numerous videos offer instructions and show application possibilities.

Exploit the full potential of Microsoft PowerApps

Combine PowerApps with other Microsoft Power Platform solutions such as Power BI and Power Automate to take the analysis of all your business data to the next level and automate business processes.

Power BI

Power BI

Leverage business analytics tools to gain visibility across all business units and generate visualized reports for enterprise-wide use across the web or on mobile devices.

Power automat

Power automat

Automate one-time and recurring tasks through workflows between apps you use and tools. Use preconfigured templates or design your own workflows using a visual development tool.