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Concentrate on your core tasks. Automate everything else.

Are your employees busy with recurring routine tasks? Do you have to manually merge and link data from different systems? Are you losing track of the status of business processes? You don't have time to focus on the essential tasks?

It doesn't have to be! With Microsoft Power Automate you automate recurring tasks, develop intelligent workflows and process data from a wide variety of applications and systems - without any manual intervention.

Microsoft Power Automate is part of the Power Platform. The special feature: Thanks to the low-code approach, employees without programming knowledge can also use the tool. With the drag and drop editor and a visual user interface, even multi-stage workflows can be set up and automated intuitively.

  • Digitized processes
  • Sustainable time savings
  • Multi-level workflows
  • Improved process quality
  • Increased team efficiency
  • Happy employees 
  • low-code platform

It's that easy to automate processes with Power Automate

With the drag-and-drop editor from Microsoft Power Automate, users can easily implement a wide variety of processes and link them to multi-stage workflows.

You only have to define a trigger and assign the desired actions to it. As soon as the defined trigger is activated, the tool automatically implements the desired actions in the specified order. 

You can access hundreds of applications and data sources via connectors.

Microsoft Power Automate Editor for creating multi-step workflows

High business value

Power Automate enables the departments to develop workflow solutions and digitize business processes themselves in a short time. With Power Automate, typical business applications such as ERP, CRM, teams, Outlook and SharePoint can be easily linked without any programming knowledge.

Standardized processes

Whether applying for vacation, checking incoming invoices, releasing offers, transferring data from third-party systems or automatically creating and assigning tasks: With Microsoft Power Automate you ensure that processes run consistently and error-free and that the status remains transparent at all times.

Workflows with AI support

Use artificial intelligence to understand and process text, recognize objects in images, and predict business events. Quickly develop, train, and publish AI models without writing a single line of code. Or simply use ready-made components.

Power Automate templates

You don't have to start from scratch. Access thousands of ready-made Power Automate templates (templates) to start automating your business processes immediately.

FAQ Power Automate

What is a flow?

Flow is the name of a process that is to be automated with Power Automate in the future. 

  • Start an approval when a file is added to SharePoint
  • Create a task in Planner when a message in a Teams channel starts with TODO
  • Request approval for a purchase credit in Business Central when a certain amount is exceeded
  • Create an Azure DevOps work item when an email arrives with the word "Error" in the subject
  • Emailed weekly summary of new Salesforce.Get sales opportunities
What is a low-code platform?
Typical development environments work text-based, the developers write the code of their programs in a kind of editor. Low-code platforms take a different approach: They provide users with a visual and interactive user interface that allows them to easily assemble solutions using drag and drop. Extensive programming knowledge is not required, but knowledge of Excel forms or similar is helpful.
What does RPA mean?
RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. Robotic process automation is an approach to process automation in which repetitive, manual, time-consuming or error-prone activities are learned and automatically executed by so-called software robots such as Microsoft Power Automate
What is the Desktop and Web Recorder?
With the desktop and web recorder you record mouse clicks and keystrokes in real time. You can then transfer these recorded actions to Power Automate and have tasks executed automatically.
What are desktop flows?
With Desktop Flows you can create workflows between your cloud-based programs and the programs on your local computer system. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used here. A particularly interesting feature of Desktop Flows is the optional use of the desktop and web recorder. This allows you to record your desktop actions (e.g. mouse clicks and keystrokes) and import them into the visual designer. On the basis of the recordings, Desktop Flows can then create suitable automations that repeat the desktop actions and thus save you valuable (click) time.
What are Cloud flows?
Cloud Flows offers similar application options as desktop flows, but is for automation between (API)Cloud-based services optimized. The automation does not take place in the local system, but in the Cloud using digital process automation (DPA).
What are business process flows?
This type of flows is suitable for automating multi-stage business processes while ensuring the necessary consistency. For example, business process flows can be used to notify the right people to approve a work step or to track past decisions.
Which applications can be connected to the Power Platform?

Microsoft provides hundreds of connectors with which applications from Microsoft and other manufacturers can be easily connected to the Power Platform.

You can find an overview of the currently supported connectors here


What does the interaction of several applications look like in practice?
A typical example is the hiring of new employees. As soon as the HR department has created the new personnel file in the system, a corresponding Power Automate Flow ensures that the secretariat automatically receives an email with a request, for example, to provide a key to the office building. In addition, authorizations and access data for the required areas and software applications can be automatically emailed to the new colleague. At the same time, the new colleague is introduced in Yammer or Teams in a message created by Power Automat.
Connectors Microsoft Power Platform

One platform, limitless possibilities

Hundreds of connectors enable you to connect numerous other Microsoft applications as well as software and Cloud-Connect third-party solutions to the Power Platform and use them as a data source. This is how you easily create cross-application workflows and solutions.

Besides Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) Dynamics 365 (CRM), Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and SharePoint, for example, you can too SalesUse force, LinkedIn or Slack as a data source and trigger for workflows in the Power Platform.

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