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7 reasons for moving to the Cloud

Cloud-Solutions with KUMAVISION and Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Cloud forms an integral part of the digitization strategy of many companies. Not without reason: Because doing without local installations (on-premises) opens up numerous opportunities for companies to strengthen their own agility and flexibility.

We would be happy to show you in a personal meeting how you can help Cloud-Solutions to strengthen your competitiveness and how to do it Cloud integrate optimally into your IT strategy.

  • ERP industry software
  • CRM software for sales, marketing and service
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Workflow automation and business apss
  • Modern Workplace (Teams, Office 365)
  • and numerous other Azure services

7 reasons for moving to the Cloud

1. Easy scalability

Is your business growing? Seasonal order peaks are typical for your market segment? Cloud-Solutions adapt flexibly to your current needs. You don't have to invest in hardware and software in stock, but only call up those services that you currently need. And thanks to short contract terms, you can adjust the number of your licenses every month.

By the way: Within a few hours, additional capacities can be taken from the Cloud be easily provided. So you remain flexible at all times.

2. Maximum flexibility

Quick start instead of quick shot! with Cloudsolutions, you can react quickly to changing market and company requirements at any time. Introduce new software solutions without time-consuming and costly projects.

Whether ERP, CRM or business intelligence: With the SmartStart offers from KUMAVISION, you can significantly accelerate the introduction of a new business solution. Because the solutions are already preconfigured and come with all the relevant functions for your industry.

3. Maximum security

Whether effective protection against cyber attacks by specialized security experts, whether automated data backup, whether 24-hour availability in the data center or geo-redundant data storage: Cloudsolutions provide an excellent level of security that local installations find very difficult to achieve. Your data is in the Cloud optimally protected not only against cyber attacks, but also against burglary, fire and theft.

By the way: The Cloud-Data centers as well as the KUMAVISION itself are certified according to the internationally recognized standard DIN ISO 27001.

4. Automatic updates

With Cloudsolutions always stay up to date! You need to worry about anything. Whether ERP, CRM or BI: Updates for your Dynamics 365solution are automatically imported in the background.

Of course we test updates and patches from Microsoft extensively before we roll them out to our customers

New technologies, new markets, new functions: We are constantly developing our industry solutions and providing you with exactly those functions that are really relevant for your business.

5. Transparent prices

Rent instead of buy! With the scalable Cloud-Solutions from KUMAVISION you only pay for what you actually need. Instead of using your own data center as with on-premises solutions, you rent IT resources according to your personal needs.

The costs are billed monthly, there are no high initial investments for expensive hardware and licenses. Since you can adjust the number of licenses and the scope of services to your actual needs every month, you consistently avoid unnecessary costs.

6. Worldwide Availability

Whether national companies abroad, home office, workation stays or sales and service field service on site at customers: Cloudsolutions are available to you worldwide.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365-Platform is optimally prepared for mobile use. Use your business software mobile on notebook, tablet and smartphone. All you need is internet access. By the way: You can even use many solutions offline.


7. Sustainable relief for IT

Cloud you do not need your own complex IT infrastructure. Your business software comes "out of the socket" - all you need is an Internet browser on your PC, notebook or mobile device.

Cloudsolutions enable you to provide modern business solutions quickly and easily, even at smaller locations or branches abroad, without the need for your own IT department on site.

Successful in the Cloud: Success stories of our customers

Mom laundry factory

Less complexity, more freedom

"In less than three months we went from an on-premises installation to the modern SaaS solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Changed Business Central. KUMAVISION advised and accompanied us competently. We are much more cost-efficient today and have reduced the complexity of our IT landscape over the long term. Microsoft now takes care of operation and maintenance, including backups and updates. As a result, we can now concentrate fully on our core business and at the same time lay the foundation for more automation and efficient cooperation."

Klaus Langenheldt
Momm fine linen GmbH

Mom laundry factory

Customized ERP system without individual programming

"Whether e-commerce, product information management (PIM), extended logistics functions with scanner connection or integration of payment and shipping service providers: Genesis Import adapts Business Central to company-specific requirements with apps at the push of a button. We are completely convinced of the AppSource concept, especially since the app Our offer is constantly growing Cloudsolution runs smoothly and is always up to date thanks to automatic updates. And if we ever have a question, KUMAVISION is always there for us."

Sibille Harel
Project Developer
Genesis import
Mom laundry factory

ERP implementation in less than 6 weeks

"As a start-up in the field of electromobility, we need maximum flexibility and future security, since our industry demands a high pace of innovation. We have therefore decided for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a SaaS solution. The SaaS solution covers current and future requirements and, thanks to the Microsoft ecosystem, offers us numerous expansion options. The agility of Cloud This is also reflected in the fact that we introduced our ERP solution together with KUMAVISION in less than six weeks."

Dietmar Hauptmann
Deputy Head of Purchasing
Moove GmbH

Cloud is not the same Cloud!

Every company has specific requirements, which are also reflected in the selection of the operator model. Do you find it difficult to decide which application to use? Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud or hybrid solution - we will help you to make the right choice.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Access Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that are standardized from the Cloud available for many companies. Your advantage: Fast deployment, attractive costs, easy scalability and maximum flexibility.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Use one Cloud-Environment set up and operated exclusively for your business. Your advantage: tailor-made Cloud-Services that exactly reflect your individual requirements and are provided at a location of your choice.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions

Combine one or more Public Clouds with a private Cloud or a local installation (on-premises). Your advantage: You determine the time and scope of your Cloud-Migrate and meet the strictest compliance requirements for sensitive data.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: The world's leading technology platform

Cloud-There are many solutions. But only the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundles all relevant business applications in a unique ecosystem. All applications are from the Cloud available and work with a uniform database. This means you consistently avoid data silos.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapt your IT landscape quickly and easily to your individual requirements. Respond promptly to changes and introduce new solutions thanks to the Cloud in a short time. At the same time, you benefit from Microsoft's annual development budget of 20 billion US dollars, giving you direct access to new technologies and tools.

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Control your company with key figures in real time. Recognize new opportunities as well as imminent risks in advance so that you can take action in good time.


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