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The complete retail software

The retail software solution for branch and retail stores, specialty stores and franchises

Efficient handling processes, a unique customer experience and commercial transparency in all processes are prerequisites for economic success for you as a retailer. With the right software you are that decisive step ahead of the competition. Rely on the LS Central retail software from the leading manufacturer LS Retail, which is used worldwide, and gain new opportunities for your business. KUMAVISION is the only platinum partner for LS Central in Germany.

LS Central is LS Retail's all-in-one retail and retail solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The integrated complete retail software covers all areas of responsibility: from the POS to the back office to the head office - including e-commerce. The consistent networking of all business areas and sales channels, a uniform database and the modern technology platform form the basis for profitable omni-channel offers, detailed evaluations, smart store concepts and automated marketing campaigns. In short: for the trade of the future.

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LS Retail: One software for all retail tasks


Unique customer experience through individual service, quick check-out and competent advice - also on mobile devices. More sales through omni-channel (click & collect) and cross-selling. Quick training of new employees thanks to the user-friendly checkout interface.

Back office

Convenient branch management for smooth processes from cash register management and daily closing at the push of a button to flexible personnel planning and simple inventory to transparent inventory management and the implementation of marketing campaigns.

head office

Complete ERP software for efficient and transparent corporate management including branch management, merchandise management, logistics and financial accounting based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Interview: Digitalization and automation for modern retail

How can current challenges be solved with modern software? Why is digitalization much more than just an IT topic? What is already possible today? How can software strengthen the customer and shopping experience?

The KUMAVISION retail experts Yasemin Pektas and Wolfgang Ernsdörfer provide insights and perspectives.

Just everything. Everything easy.

Point of Sale (POS)
  • Fast check-out - easy operation
  • Freely configurable checkout interface
  • product presentation
  • Versatile customizable menus
  • Support for common PoS hardware
  • Article Cross-selling
  • Article search criteria
  • Bonus programs
  • Various payment options / split
  • foreign currencies
  • Customer orders available at PoS
  • Product Configurator
  • Local software - central facility
Back office (branch)
  • Branch Dashboard
  • cash management
  • Cash Management
  • Simple daily closing
  • Inventory and booking through simple worksheets
  • Branch delivery based on stocks, orders and stock transfers
  • Purchase and orders
  • Sales history
  • Simple daily closing
  • Goods acceptance and search
  • Goods issue and picking
  • Flexible architecture
  • Wish lists of customers (wedding list, birthday list)
Head office
  • Maintenance of article master data and customer data
  • Control campaign and marketing campaigns
  • Financial Accounting
  • Logistics, purchasing and production control
  • Staff management and resource planning
  • Cross-branch analytics and reports
  • Product Configurator
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Automatic delivery to the branches (replenishment)
mobile devices
  • Mobile PoS / mobile checkout
  • Mobile loyalty app
  • Loyalty portal
  • Girocard and credit card payment
  • Ecommerce for stores
  • Mobile inventory recording
  • Receipt / Goods Issue
  • Label Requirements / label printing
  • Order by code
  • Inventory posting, changes and transcripts
E-Commerce and Omni Channel
  • Web shop integration
  • Click & Collect
  • Omni-Channel Scenarios
  • online marketplaces
  • Central article maintenance
  • Central price maintenance
  • Online Marketing

More success with Omni-Channel

More and more retailers are relying on an omni-channel strategy to react to changing customer shopping behavior.

The all-in-one retail software LS Central comes with distinctive omni-channel support that seamlessly connects e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. For a consistent, personalized customer experience across all sales channels - including social media - without any interfaces.

Infographic omni-channel with LS Central from LS Retail
Central data maintenance
Product descriptions, images, videos, specifications, trim levels, color variations, manufacturer information, 3D animations, safety notices, digital signage content and, of course, pricing and availability: Merchants in particular need a variety of omni-channel solutions with e-commerce components Information in different formats. LS Central can therefore be enhanced with Content Management System (CMS) and Product Information Management (PIM) features. The advantage: all information is centrally maintained at one point and automatically output to the different channels.
Seamless integration of e-commerce platforms
The communication between the e-commerce platform and LS Central takes place in real time. Data such as articles, prices, stock or customers are maintained centrally in LS Central and transferred to the e-commerce solution. Customer-specific product ranges and prices, graduated access authorizations or individual payment conditions are easy to set up.
Cross-channel marketing campaigns
Rigid newsletters are a thing of the past with LS Central: Personalized e-mails with individual offers are automatically generated by the system on the basis of freely definable rules, customer history and AI-based product suggestions. Customer groups can be flexibly segmented according to different characteristics. Multilevel campaigns reflect the entire product lifecycle. In addition to e-mails, classic print mailings as well as in the future also messenger services as well as social media are supported. The basis for the automated campaign control is the cross-channel customer behavior. This gives traders a powerful tool for efficiently linking e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. Individually configurable dashboards provide a concise graphical evaluation with all relevant KPIs to measure the success of a marketing campaign based on robust numbers.
Smart gate
The basis of smart stores is the consistent networking of different technologies and data sources. For example, the LS Central retail software is the leading system. Not only does it transfer all prices in real time to electronic shelf labels, it also provides advanced product information to self-service pillars, and it also fills digital content signage solutions. External data such as time, weather or weekday special offers with action prices (happy hour, cyber monday, etc.) can be automatically recorded. The maintenance of all content takes place cross-branch in LS Central, so that retailers also benefit from the scaling effects, even with a small number of branches.
Mobile cash registers
In sales mobile cash registers improve the quality of advice and service. In addition to apps for smartphones and tablets, LS Retail also offers a web client. Companies are thus free in the choice of cash desk hardware. With LS Recommend, a solution is also available for inpatient and mobile health insurances that creates individual product proposals on the basis of artificial intelligence and thus increases sales through up- and cross-selling.
White Paper Digitize Integrate Automate


3 steps to more profitability in retail

We will show you with many practical examples how you can increase your profitability in retail through the digitalization and automation of processes.

Find out in this white paper:

  • Which factors beyond price, product range and competition significantly influence profitability in branch and retail
  • Which opportunities to increase profitability often remain unused
  • Why business software plays a central role in this
  • How you can not only increase profitability, but also employee satisfaction at the same time
  • What you should consider when digitizing and automating PoS, back office, logistics, inventory management and headquarters

Current topics

Unified Commerce with Dynamicweb

Dynamicweb offers an e-commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with LS Central. The advantage: The comprehensive networking of e-commerce and stationary trade creates lean processes company-wide, enables cross-channel marketing campaigns and logistics concepts and opens up valuable insights into overall customer behavior.

Highlights of the e-commerce platform:

  • Seamless integration into the retail complete software LS Central
  • Real-time communication between e-commerce platform and LS Central
  • Central data maintenance in LS Central
  • Creation of customer-specific assortments and prices, graduated access authorizations or individual payment conditions
  • Numerous features such as self-service, personalized offers or email notifications after shopping cart cancellation already in the standard

FAQ: The most important answers to LS Central

We have collected answers for you on the most frequently asked questions and the most important facts about LS Central and compiled them clearly.

What is LS Central?
LS Central is the new generation of the all-in-one retail solution LS Nav. LS Central is based on the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and expands the range of functions of the ERP software with numerous functions for the branch and retail trade and thus further advances the networking of all company areas.
How is LS Central operated?
LS Central enablesCloud, On-premise and hybrid implementations.
What advantages does LS Central offer?
With the LS Central software solution, you benefit from all the advantages of the unified platform Dynamics 365: One system for all tasks from checkout and PoS to the back office. At the same time, you can use other Microsoft business applications such as CRM solutions for sales, marketing and service, business intelligence (Power BI), Office 365 and integrate teams seamlessly.
What about LS NAV?
LS NAV is the predecessor of LS Central. LS NAV is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The ERP software Dynamics NAV has now been developed by Dynamics 365 Business Central superseded. Therefore, the name has also changed from LS NAV to LS Central.
What are the functional differences between LS Nav and LS Central?
Besides the known LS Retail Nav functions for POS, point of sale, store management and Head Office with purchasing, logistics and financial accounting the retail complete software LS Central brings a developed Omni-channel support. Retailers are now able to comfortably operate all sales channels with just one software, without resulting in friction losses through interfaces or duplicate data maintenance.
Must all companies in the future Cloud?
No. Locally operated installations (on-premise) are still possible.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The world's leading technology platform

Cloud-There are many solutions. But only the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundles all relevant business applications in a unique ecosystem. All applications are from the Cloud available and work with a uniform database. This means you consistently avoid data silos.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapt your IT landscape quickly and easily to your individual requirements. Respond promptly to changes and introduce new solutions thanks to the Cloud in a short time. At the same time, you benefit from Microsoft's annual development budget of 20 billion US dollars, giving you direct access to new technologies and tools.
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LS Central with KUMAVISION - The retail solution for your business

Cover all processes and tasks with a single software. The complete retail software LS Central already comes with all the necessary functions for your industry and your market segment and can be easily adapted to company-specific requirements

Delicacies: confectionery, delicatessen and wine

The complete retail software LS Central supports you in all activities related to your business processes: Warehouse, finances and customer service are handled in one solution. Numerous proven best-practice processes ensure rapid implementation and efficient work processes.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Perfect customer service through information support at PoS
  • Efficient warehouse management: low capital commitment, high availability of goods
  • User-friendly interface ensures high user acceptance and low training costs
  • Automatic workflows accelerate processes and increase profitability
  • Personnel management made easy with rosters and recording of working hours
  • Make informed decisions thanks to real-time access to reliable data

The powerful retail software makes your company fit for the future. The integrated solution networks PoS and back office as well as several branches and offers transparent sales figures at the push of a button.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Fulfill your customers' dreams with an integrated configurator
  • Manage prices and items centrally instead of for each location individually
  • Offer your customers a very special service with wish lists for wedding and birthday
  • Turn your customers into regular customers with high-quality loyalty and bonus programs
  • Integrate your online shop and increase your sales online and offline
Fashion & Sports

The complete retail software LS Central supports you in all activities related to your business processes: warehouse, finance and customer service are handled in one solution. Numerous tried and tested best practice processes ensure a quick introduction and efficient work processes.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Perfect customer service through information support at PoS
  • Efficient warehouse management: low capital commitment, high availability of goods
  • User-friendly interface ensures high user acceptance and low training costs
  • Automatic workflows accelerate processes and increase profitability
  • Personnel management made easy with rosters and recording of working hours
  • Make informed decisions thanks to real-time access to reliable data
Stationery trade, art supplies

The complete retail software LS Central is the tailor-made solution for your industry. Whether stationery trade or artist accessories: LS Central covers all tasks in one integrated solution. The complete retail software has powerful reporting as standard. In this way you can perfectly match your range to your customers and increase customer satisfaction through a high delivery capacity.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Centralized control - direct access to store prices for optimized sales
  • Inventory control - supports you with detailed information, lets you find the right product mix for your stores, meets your requirements and increases sales
  • Reduced maintenance - reduces work on the floor by up to 40%
  • Improved TCO – easily adapt LS Retail software to requirements
  • Fast data exchange - the complete retail solution synchronizes branches and headquarters for reporting
  • Optimized inventory - wireless technology and electronic shelf labels are integral parts of the solution
Household & gifts

With the complete retail software LS Central, all tasks in the household & gifts area can be covered: From product range management and preparation of offers to warehouses and cash registers, the integrated complete retail software ensures efficient processes and a perfect workflow.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Connection of various checkout systems stationary and mobile
  • Centralized control thanks to direct access to branch prices
  • Inventory control made easy with comprehensive product information and adaptation of the range to the respective branch location
  • Wishlists and gift tables (weddings, birthdays)
  • Electronic shelf labels provide additional product information and speed up inventory
  • Perfect customer loyalty through loyalty programs and individual offers

LS Central is perfectly adapted to the needs of the catering trade and supports you in your daily business. The complete solution covers all areas from reservations through warehouse management to employee planning and ensures efficient and transparent processes and satisfied guests.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Networking of mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals and kitchen printers
  • Perfect service through synchronization of kitchen and sideboard
  • Management of reservations and evening guests with table allocation for optimal room occupancy
  • Conducting promotional campaigns and social media campaigns
  • Customer loyalty through loyalty management
  • Management of different restaurants in one system
  • Joint use of the cash register periphery in the food court
event industry and amusement parks

With LS Central, event and leisure parks manage a large number of attractions, offers, shows, shops and restaurants and benefit from the advantages of the complete retail solution: consistent processes, reliable key figures and efficient processes. Even complex relationships with service providers, suppliers and tenants can be completely mapped organizationally and commercially in merchandise management.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Event management: You have all resources, costs and deadlines in view at all times
  • Networking of merchandising, online shops and social media for a perfect experience
  • Customer loyalty through loyalty management and individual offers
  • Efficient personnel administration from deployment and shift planning to billing including administration of equipment such as clothing and communication devices
Sports Clubs

The complete retail software LS Central is the tailor-made solution for your sports clubs and already covers all requirements from cash registers to shops and restaurants to complete administration including inventory management and financial accounting. With the complete retail software you can plan and organize unforgettable events in the stadium, inspire fans and sponsors and ensure club-wide controlling.

  • Merchandising including functions for cross- and upselling
  • Handling the complete logistics chain from purchasing to warehousing to pricing
  • Comprehensive member administration and contribution statement
  • Efficient deployment and shift planning of the staff and external service providers
  • Integrated financial accounting for a timely controlling of all activities
Furniture and home improvement stores, home improvement stores

With the retail complete software LS Central you remain flexible at all times and avoid long lead times. You can keep an eye on even extensive ranges at all times. The integrated article configurator allows customer-specific orders. Proven tools for marketing and sales support you in planning, implementation and evaluation of advertising measures.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Control your entire business with LS Central
  • Warehousing - controlled disposition in all areas
  • Price control - clear merchandise strategy for prices and discounts
  • Productivity improvements - fully automated workflows and sales processes
  • Sales Management - visible margins and high turnover rates
  • Assortment care - the right offer for every branch
  • New openings - fast and easy expansion with new branches

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LS Retail: The end-to-end software for branch and retail trade

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