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  • We won't get very far with a partner who only thinks in terms of the ERP system. KUMAVISION, on the other hand, masters the entire arsenal and uses it to put together a solution that simply fits.
  • Joel Roo
  • Head of Digital Transformation, Sky-Frame AG

Sky-Frame is a leading international manufacturer of frameless sliding window systems that are made to order. In addition to production, the ERP software for the manufacturing industry controls complex logistics processes including the management of load carriers. In addition, the business intelligence solution Power BI and the DMS ELO introduced.

Company's Profile

  • Internationally leading manufacturer of sliding window systems
  • Headquarters, development and production site: Frauenfeld, Switzerland


  • Specialized industry solution for mapping the complex business model
  • Connection of the product configurator
  • All relevant figures for corporate management at a glance
  • Partner with extensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics and the entire Microsoft platform


  • Depiction of multi-layered logistics processes including administration of the load carriers
  • Traffic light system for tracking orders by customers
  • Project module for managing windows for entire construction projects or individual construction phases including controlling
  • Consolidation of information from the product configurator, project module and ERP system

Used software

  • KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Business intelligence solution Microsoft Power BI
  • ELO document management system (DMS)