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Secure supply chains, maximum flexibility

The true complexity of series production takes place outside of pure manufacturing. The ERP software from KUMAVISION is therefore ideally equipped for organization and communication within the entire supply chain.

With its process-related planning and control functions (PPS), the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central-based ERP software from KUMAVISION for series production, in contrast to classic ERP and PPS systems, tailored directly to the specific requirements of series production - the core area of ​​industrial value creation.

With KUMAVISION you give the right answer to the increasing requirements for series manufacturers. Because the market demands ever faster delivery times, more individual products, smaller batch sizes with ever shorter product life cycles.

  • 360° view: With a clear customer, order and offer history, you have all the relevant information at your fingertips
  • Convenient framework order management
  • Automated data exchange via EDI
  • Integrated batch and serial number tracking
  • Versatile quality assurance
  • Complete operational data acquisition
  • Numerous best-practice processes for series manufacturers

ERP industry functions for repetitive manufacturing

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly coordinated ERP software for series production. Numerous field-tested industry-specific functions ensure well thought-out business processes and thus more competitiveness.


KUMAVISION supports electronic data exchange with customers and suppliers. Delivery schedules can be automatically exchanged via EDI. EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI X.12, ASCII and XML can optionally be used as exchange formats.

Scheduling agreement and sales planning

Scheduling agreements are taken into account as additional requirements to the standard sales plan in the planning run. This means that the standard functionality of the sales plan can be retained.

cumulative figures

Cumulative quantities serve as checksums for the own and customer-confirmed delivery quantities of delivery schedules. Deviations in quantity are easy to control, so the supply chain can be mapped in a lean and transparent manner.

Order plan management

The blanket purchase order plan and the purchase order plan are further documents in purchasing for the automatic processing of quantity and date changes for vendor orders. Preview, call-off and daily call-offs are automatically created from the preceding order proposals.

logistics and shipping

Transport and freight companies can be seamlessly integrated into the ERP industry software via an optional module. Exchange data for collection, labels and delivery notes electronically.

Product version

The article versions of the ERP software describe the product life cycle from the drawing to prototype and 0-series to series production. These revisions control BOM and routing usage in the MRP and procurement process.

Quality management (QM/QS)

The ERP enables a complete auditing of the value chain from the raw part through processes to the finished part and thus guarantees the assurance of quality requirements according to the manufacturer's specifications - including management of the test equipment.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: The world's leading technology platform

Cloud-There are many solutions. But only the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundles all relevant business applications in a unique ecosystem. All applications are from the Cloud available and work with a uniform database. This means you consistently avoid data silos.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapt your IT landscape quickly and easily to your individual requirements. Respond promptly to changes and introduce new solutions thanks to the Cloud in a short time. At the same time, you benefit from Microsoft's annual development budget of 20 billion US dollars, giving you direct access to new technologies and tools.
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Cloud is not the same Cloud!

Every company has specific requirements, which are also reflected in the selection of the operator model. Do you find it difficult to decide which application to use? Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud or hybrid solution - we will help you to make the right choice.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Access Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that are standardized from the Cloud available for many industries. Your advantage: Fast deployment, attractive costs, easy scalability and maximum flexibility.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Use one Cloud-Environment set up and operated exclusively for your business. Your advantage: tailor-made Cloud-Services that exactly reflect your individual requirements and are provided at a location of your choice.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions

Combine one or more Public Clouds with a private Cloud or a local installation (on-premises). Your advantage: You determine the time and scope of your Cloud-Migrate and meet the strictest compliance requirements for sensitive data.

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