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Now on demand: Impulses and insights for the healthcare market

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TOP 1: A look behind the scenes
More and more industry solutions under one roof and staff cuts: This is how the provider market for industry software is changing. What is changing and what are the resulting risks for your company? We clarify.

TOP 2: The healthcare market is changing
Telematics infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI) and what actually comes after that E-prescription? We show you what is important so that you can lead your company successfully into the future.

TOP 3: The new industry software KUMAVISION healthcare365
Why is KUMAVISION investing so much in remodeling the software? What characterizes the solution? And what are the benefits of the Microsoft technology platform and the Software-as-a-Service operator model? Find out how the completely newly developed industry software paves the way to a successful business future!

TOP 4: KUMAVISION healthcare365 - Look&Feel
Get to know the industry software and see the advantages for your business:

  • Integrated contract data updates: Reduce manual effort drastically
  • Increased productivity: Automated and time-saving processes through the integration of Microsoft Office, Teams and Co.
  • POS / cash register system: Modern work in direct customer contact
  • Sales force connection: The 360 ​​degree view of the patient
  • Key figures at the push of a button: Current evaluations and KPI without programming knowledge thanks Power BI
  • special production: The digital work file supports the work of orthopedic technology

TOP5: Software introduction rethought - by KUMAVISION and M Assist
With SmartStart, we offer you a concept that greatly simplifies the implementation phase and quickly ensures productive work with the system. Put an end to high initial investments, long project times and costly updates!

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