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Customer magazine KUMAlive: Business software as a competitive factor

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The topic competitiveness is currently at the top of many companies’ agendas Agenda. In a current survey by DZ Bank, four out of five medium-sized companies surveyed share the view that Germany has lost considerable competitiveness as a location. In response to this, 36 percent of companies want to restructure in the short term, significantly more than a year ago (25 percent).

In the cover story of this issue of our customer magazine KUMAlive, you will learn how you can use business software from KUMAVISION to sustainably strengthen the competitiveness and thus the future security of your company.

We will show you how software and success are connected using seven selected business outcomes:

  • Sustainable process improvement
  • Easy scalability
  • Real transparency
  • Minimum risk, maximum security
  • More agility and adaptability
  • Enthusiastic employees
  • High customer satisfaction

You can read how our customers are already benefiting from these success factors in the reference reports in this issue.

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from the content

  • Cover story: KUMAVISION success factor – How you can strengthen your competitiveness with business software
  • One European Company: BeeWaTec Group is positioning itself for the future with KUMAVISION
  • Industry software growth engine: OE Germany Handels GmbH is active in 140 countries worldwide with KUMAVISION
  • From 0 to ERP in just 3 months: LGA Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern benefits from faster time-to-value and best practice processes
  • The right tool worldwide: Einhell creates transparency across locations with a DMS solution from KUMAVISION
  • Gold standard: Hoffrichter relies on KUMAVISION best practice processes for medical technology
  • High-profile solution: Kraemer Juweliergruppe modernizes processes for over 45 branches with LS Central
  • Holistic processes in marketing and Sales: Tiba Transformation Group leads Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Always at your service: reha assist relies on KUMAVISION Customer Service
  • 40.000 software tests in one day: How automated testing enables monthly ERP updates and increases product quality
  • Digitalization is a matter for the boss: Interview with business trainer Guus Krabbenborg
  • Microsoft Copilot: The world's most powerful productivity tool
  • Individuality from the Cloud: Five questions for KUMAVISION development manager Martin Schlamann

 Read the KUMAlive customer magazine now (PDF)