The Secret World of SaaS – Get to know its benefits

Do you know Dorothy Gale from the novel "The Wizard of Oz"? She was unprepared, caught by surprise. She was thrown into another world by a hurricane!

We don't want that to happen to you. Enter with us the “mysterious world of SaaS.

Find out how you, as a manufacturer and retailer of medical technology or other service providers, can unlock the mysteries of this world.
You will benefit from this knowledge in the future!

Contents of the webinar recording

  1. We'll teach you the "secret language" of SaaS
  2. You will learn how the "magic of technology" of SaaS benefits you
  3. We show easy ways "to SaaS"

After this webinar recording, the secrets are revealed and you know where to go.

target audience

Our webinar recording is aimed at managing directors, managers and employees of companies who are interested in the future-oriented SaaS operator model. Find out how you can avoid endless ERP projects and start productive straight away. Be there and ask your questions after the presentation!


Ingo Dorrie Ingo Dörrie has more than 25 years of experience in the digitalization and automation of companies. Coming from East Westphalia, he has advised national and international companies or pushed digitalization and automation as CIO, project manager and designer. In keeping with the topic of this webinar, its focus today is on people who use information technology as a tool and use standards to automate routine processes. Obtaining high-quality data and information is the basis for data-driven decisions. > LinkedIn profile

Philip Wilde (presenter) advises and supports medium-sized companies in digital transformation with a focus on ERP and CRM industry software. The focus is on the medical technology and healthcare market industry > LinkedIn profile

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