Modern Work with Business Central and KUMAVISION medtec365

“Modern Work” and “Microsoft Platform” are two of many buzzwords that can currently be found in many media. They are often referred to as “Public Cloud' or 'Software as a Service'. And leave questions:

  • What does all this mean in concrete terms for your own company?
  • How can my business start?
  • Or much simpler: What does the whole thing look like and how does it feel?

In this webinar recording we will offer you some answers that provide content to many terms.

The contents of this webinar recording

Accompany our speaker into the world of Microsoft's “Business Central” as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) from the user's perspective and learn some of the features of our industry solution medtec365 know using the example of a sales cycle:

  1. Introduction
  2. Microsoft “Business Central” and Microsoft “Platform”
  3. Fast: With KUMAVISION you are quickly productive
  4. Look & Feel: Business Central in a “modern work” environment
  5. Seamless: features from medtec365 integrated (example: sales)
  6. FAQs

target audience

The webinar recording is aimed at anyone interested in getting a first impression of Microsoft “Business Central” and KUMAVISION medtec365 would like to get. And who want to know how they can get started productively straight away, because endless ERP projects are a thing of the past.


Ingo Dorrie comes from East Westphalia-Lippe in his early 50s. He brings more than 25 years of experience in various roles (consultant, designer, trainer, coach and project manager) in the digitalization and automation of companies to KUMAVISION. He also knows these topics from the customer side, not least through his experience as CIO in a globally active medium-sized company.
In keeping with the topic of this webinar, its focus today is on the benefits of standards, people as users of information technology as a tool and the acquisition of high-quality data and information. > LinkedIn profile

Philip Wilde (presenter) advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation with a focus on ERP and CRM industry software. The focus is on the medical technology and health market sector. > LinkedIn profile

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