SmartStart: Easy ERP implementation without cost risk

Transparent fixed prices, short project durations, proven best practice processes and clearly defined service packages: The new SmartStart offer from KUMAVISION makes the introduction of new ERP software easier than ever. Because SmartStart gives companies full control over the budget, schedule and range of functions when introducing ERP. The simple and convincing idea behind SmartStart: KUMAVISION offers clearly defined service packages at a fixed price for each project phase. Companies can combine these packages individually and thus receive exactly the support they really need.

Clear structure, clear costs

The SmartStart phases begin after the goals and needs of the respective project have been defined in the evaluation process. The "business activation and pre-configuration" phase includes the provision of the technical framework and the pre-setting of the required software packages according to the evaluation. Phase two "training" includes numerous granular, consecutive training packages for the different software applications, for example in the areas of financial accounting, purchasing or warehouse management. During the third phase, optional onboarding steps, such as data transfer, can be implemented according to standard specifications from KUMAVISION. Each service package is assigned to a specific phase and has a fixed price. In this way, companies can put together an individual mix of the respective packages according to their needs, whereby the costs are always transparent and plannable.

SmartStart process diagram

Get productive fast

A principle of SmartStart projects is that companies can work productively with their new ERP software as quickly as possible. Thanks to the modular structure, the implementation of a new ERP project with SmartStart ideally takes only a few weeks instead of several months. At the end of the SmartStart phases, KUMAVISION has the Quality Gate. At this point, the respective company has a valid basis for deciding whether the industry standard is sufficient to map all processes or whether an adjustment is necessary. In many cases, companies realize that they do not even need the customizations they are considering, because they work just as well or often even better with our best-practice solutions.

Industry software and best practice

Whether manufacturing industry, wholesale, project service provider or medical technology: Every industry has its specific characteristics, which inevitably have to be reflected in the ERP software. When we talk about standard at KUMAVISION, we always mean the standard of our various ERP industry solutions. The industry solutions are based on the business software used worldwide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision) and bring numerous functions, workflows, key figures and evaluations for the respective industry. The ERP systems are preconfigured to be user-friendly and thus allow rapid use in practice. The ERP industry solutions from KUMAVISION are best practice solutions. That means they are based on our experience from over 2.400 ERP projects over the last 25 years. They therefore contain precisely those functions that have proven successful in the industry and are continuously being further developed in close dialogue with our customers.

Adjustments possible at any time

But what if the quality gate shows that the industry standard is not sufficient? It is then individually expanded, whereby we always take into account the updateability of these adjustments in order to offer the customer a future-proof system. Because every company has its own project management culture, KUMAVISION also offers two methodical approaches to adapt the software: In addition to a linear approach (waterfall model), agile methods such as Scrum are available. Agile methods are becoming more and more popular because the adjustments are divided into individual sprints, with a fully functional partial solution already being available at the end of each sprint. After each sprint, the company can then decide again whether further adjustments are necessary.

Real paradigm shift

SmartStart represents a paradigm shift in the ERP world. Right from the start, companies receive a transparent investment overview thanks to clearly defined services at a fixed price. With a preconfigured ERP industry software, companies are able to work productively with their new system very quickly. Whether individual adjustments and extensions are necessary and what they look like can then be determined on a reliable basis for decision-making. The service packages at a fixed price also replace the hard-to-calculate cost-based billing.