From silos to synergies: isolated solutions with project365 remove

In this webinar recording, you will experience how we manage projects in our ERP software using a continuous practical example365 and how you can avoid unnecessary interfaces and data silos in the future.

In the live demo, we accompany a new consulting project from planning to billing. We will also show you practical scenarios on how to integrate project365 and Microsoft Teams for your business. We want to put ourselves in different roles, such as project manager and project employee.

The contents of this webinar recording

  • What you automate when creating and planning a new project
  • How to easily create offers and orders from a project
  • How to plan your employees and resources efficiently for projects
  • How employees book times and travel expenses
  • How to bill your projects and monitor them using key figures.

target audience

The webinar recording is worthwhile for all companies that work in a project-oriented manner and want an overview of our industry solution project365 want to get.


Sabrina Dietenberger is Presales Consultant at KUMAVISON. She advises and supports medium-sized companies and start-ups in their digital transformation.

Jan Koretz is the first point of contact for all project service providers. His main focuses include the optimization and digitalization of business processes Microsoft Dynamics 365-technology platform.

Dennis Lucic (presenter) advises and supports medium-sized companies in digital transformation with a focus on ERP and CRM industry software.

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