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  • My advice to everyone is to avoid customization and try to stay as close to the standard solution as possible.
  • Thomas Mückstein
  • Head of Accounting/Human Resources & IT Manager, MT Intertex GmbH

The automotive supplier MT Intertex controls the entire production with the industry software from KUMAVISON. Batch management, which ensures complete traceability of the end product right down to the raw material, is indispensable. Production orders are displayed and processed paperless via touch screens directly at the workstations.

Company's Profile

  • Development, design and production of high-quality hydraulic cylinders
  • Location: Frankenberg (Eder)
  • Over 40 employees / approx. 25 users


  • Update to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics with industry capabilities
  • Connection to document management system EASY
  • Integration of appropriate additional modules


  • Long-standing and very good cooperation
  • Modern ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Industry know-how of KUMAVISION
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