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Proven industry functions, recipe processing with DMS, stable platform, fast ROI: many requirements, one solution. The Sanitätshaus Luttermann introduces KUMAVISION.

Company's Profile

  • Service provider for rehabilitation, orthopedics and medical technology, care center for home care
  • More than 100 employees / approx. 50 users
  • Location: Wesel, further branches: Wesel, Bocholt


  • Replacement of existing software with an integrated ERP solution that can map all business processes
  • Covering the industry-typical processes of a modern medical supply store: rehabilitation technology, orthopedic technology, home care and retail
  • Achieving a quick return on investment (ROI)


  • ERP industry software KUMAVISION best meets the requirements of Luttermann
  • Stable software platform Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Extensive experience and industry expertise of KUMAVISION in the healthcare market
  • Proven solution
  • Integrated DMS system for recipe processing


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