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Hager + Elsässer benefit from a high level of functional coverage through the ERP software for the manufacturing industry and flexible adaptability to company-specific features in the international environment.

Company's Profile

  • Development and production of plants for industrial water treatment
  • About 230 employees / 100 users
  • Locations: Stuttgart, Dresden, Moscow, Romania


  • An integrated ERP software with an international focus
  • Adaptation of the ERP system to existing work processes
  • Illustration of country-specific implementation specifications
  • Possibility of simple, fast business evaluations and reports for the manufacturing industry


  • Already familiar Microsoft interface simplifies the acceptance and usability of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Easy adaptability and administration of the ERP software
  • High functional coverage of the requirement profile through the ERP industry solution KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry
  • Know-how from KUMAVISION

Used software

  • KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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