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Förch has 3.500 employees in 35 countries. The ERP software from KUMAVISION ensures uniform processes and uniform data management. KUMAVISION rolled out the ERP software in 24 countries, using the respective language versions of Microsoft Dynamics.

Company's Profile

  • Sales of workshop supplies, assembly and fastening items
  • Car, construction, industrial and factory workshops
  • Approx. 3.500 employees worldwide in 35 countries
  • Location: Neuenstadt am Kocher


  • An ERP system that is available in all national languages, rollout in 24 national companies, each with their own database
  • Extensive support and partner network
  • Integration of country versions in the Förch baseline
  • Central data management and project coordination for all countries


  • investment security
  • Experience of KUMAVISION with major international projects
  • KUMAVISION has a high level of competence Microsoft Dynamics 365

Implemented solution

  • KUMAVISION ERP industry software for wholesale based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
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