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High level of vertical integration & powerful functions for calculation and controlling.

Company's Profile

  • Manufacture and sale of vascular prostheses and interventional implants as well as accessories for vascular and cardiac surgery, radiology and cardiology
  • Location: Hechingen
  • International offices: Italy, Spain, Poland
  • Approximately 200 employee / 45 user


  • Replacement of an individual solution for production, inventory management and financial accounting with an integrated, industry-specific solution
  • Option to introduce in other countries
  • Illustration of the high level of vertical integration in connection with powerful functions for costing and controlling
  • Introduction of operational data acquisition (BDE)


  • Modern integrated system that can keep up with the rapid growth of companies
  • Industry software already covers the desired requirements with standard
  • Meets supplier requirements and specifications of the Medical Devices Act (MPG)
  • Proven system with many references
  • KUMAVISION as an industry experienced and competent partner


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