How CRM, ERP and BI systems can increase the profitability of project service providers

Customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence - all of these systems primarily contain data. Data that is exchanged with each other, which is crucial for the next customer decisions and with which customer loyalty is improved many times over. But can these systems also improve the profitability of project service providers and the homogeneity of their processes? As a project service provider, you manage a large number of tasks and support a wide variety of projects. How can a CRM, ERP or BI system help?

One system – more flexibility in everyday project work

This is exactly what is possible through integration and networking. Because CRM and ERP systems as well as BI tools are no longer purely contact databases. Did you know that many of these systems also contain integrated processes that are important, for example, for service providers in the project business? They specifically help project service providers to increase their profitability and homogeneity.

Let's start with profitability

First and foremost, using a CRM system strengthens customer loyalty. In other words, if you can write to your customers in a targeted, personalized and automated manner at regular intervals based on the data you have collected about them, they will bind to you in the long term and generate new orders. This also has to do with the fact that you can automate your processes using a CRM system and thus gain in reliability.

When the system calculates

And the CRM, ERP and BI solutions from KUMAVISION can do even more: They also include a calculation tool for project service providers. This allows project costs to be calculated, but the various hourly or daily rates can also be taken into account. The system pays attention to a certain degree of profitability and gives the user advice on how the project can become even more profitable for you as a project service provider.

For example, let's say you need to quote low hourly rates in order to get a job. At first glance, the project would not be very profitable for you in this way. Here, however, other adjustments can be made, for example the project costs. The software solutions from KUMAVISION support you, they find the right calculation for more profitability. 

Standards for higher efficiency

Another step towards higher profitability is the possibility of developing standard processes via the CRM/ERP or a BI system that run the same for every customer. This standardization makes everyday work easier and uses time more efficiently. For each of your project team members, the processes are the same and above all known, since everyone can access the system. This saves you an enormous amount of time, which in turn has a positive effect on personnel costs, productivity and thus profitability for you as a project service provider.

Homogeneity for effectiveness, efficiency and quality

Now we are already at the point of homogeneity: Because through intelligent and above all networked systems, processes of project service providers can be homogenized - i.e. processes in projects are made the same in order to achieve greater work efficiency. Because if you always have to start from 0 for every customer, you need more time for a project - which means higher project costs - than if a standard process is already prepared in the background. This also improves teamwork, because you can deal with important details instead of always rethinking the same path.

In addition to reducing project costs through homogeneity and more efficient teamwork, standardizing processes is also positive for quality assurance. With the same standards, it is ensured that only the work goes to the customer that meets the standard and thus the quality requirements of you as a project service provider.

Project service providers benefit from CRM, ERP and BI systems

Streamline everyday work, make it more efficient, increase profitability, create homogeneity through standard processes, increase customer satisfaction - with the right CRM, ERP or BI solution, this is possible for you as a project service provider. In this way, you can act even better, more profitably and, above all, more customer-centrically. KUMAVISION offers here, for example, with the clever interaction of "Dynamics 365 CRM” and “Dynamics 365 Business Central" is an integrated system landscape that is functionally tailored to the needs of project service providers. So that you can fully concentrate on the next project!

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