Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot – artificial intelligence rethought

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Ralf Riethmuller

Ralf Riethmuller

Heads the service department at KUMAVISION. In this role, the technology expert is also responsible for Cloud, Teams and office 365

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at full throttle to fundamentally change our world and the way we work. Using them to make our day-to-day activities easier is no longer a dream of the future, but a reality that we deal with on a daily basis. An example of this is Microsoft Copilot, a virtual assistant that has what it takes to support us in many areas of our work life and make our tasks easier and more creative. He is like a helping colleague who ensures that our job becomes more efficient in many areas. Copilot symbolizes a new approach to work in which AI plays a crucial role. With machine learning and data analysis skills, the copilot can interpret requirements, identify requests, and simplify everyday tasks.


Copilot - A reliable AI assistant?

The Copilot certainly is, because it's not just any AI - it's an interactive assistant ready to assist users in many different business areas. According to Microsoft, almost 90% of workers are willing to use AI technology to reduce repetitive tasks. This is exactly where the copilot comes into play as a reliable AI-based partner.


More creativity, less typing

Who does not know the rolling eyes when entering data manually, taking notes and similar monotonous tasks? The copilot uses state-of-the-art AI technology to automate precisely these tasks. This gives more freedom for creativity and innovation.


Copilot in detail: Next level in business productivity

But what does that actually look like? When working with the usual Office365programs, Copilot definitely has great potential to relieve work and thus save time. Let's look at some examples:

  • copilot in Outlook e.g. B. helps to clean up the inbox in minutes instead of hours.
  • With copilot in Word the creative creation process is initially supported: it provides a preliminary draft that can then be revised and completed. You no longer have to start with a text on a white sheet of paper.
  • copilot in Power point makes it possible to generate attractive presentations and insert relevant content from previously created documents, for example from the last week or the previous year, with just one command.
  • By using copilot in Excel it is possible to spot trends and expertly visualize data very quickly.
  • In addition, copilot in teams Summarize key points of a discussion, considering who is saying what and where people agree or disagree.

So Copilot helps users to get better at things they already know and to master skills they still want to learn. This means that everyday productivity can be efficiently increased. This is also made clear by further examples:

  • In the area power platform users can automate recurring tasks, create chatbots and develop an idea to a finished app within minutes.
  • Im Customer service e.g. B. The copilot creates contextual responses to requests in chat and email. He also offers an interactive chat about knowledge bases and case histories. In this way, teams always have an AI-supported expert available to help them provide even better customer care.
  • Auch im Marketing can support the copilot. He helps with data scouting, audience segmentation, and content creation.
  • In Dynamics 365 Business Central the copilot can create product descriptions for online shops based on information such as color, material and size of the products. Tone, format and length can then be further adjusted. And if you use Shopify, you can quickly and easily publish your products in your shop.


KUMAVISION and Copilot: Together into the future

I'm excited about the possibilities that Dynamics 365 copilot offers. The fact is that this AI-supported technology will play an even greater role in our products in the future. The Copilot offers the potential to make our solutions and services even better for our customers. In any case, it remains exciting to see what new possibilities and improvements the further development of Copilot will bring. One thing is certain: the next era of business applications will be defined by AI. And I look forward to walking this path together with our customers.

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