Apps: It's that easy to expand the functional scope of Business Central

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Ready-made solutions instead of individual programming, quick installation instead of long projects, uniform standards instead of slowing down uncontrolled growth: Apps enable companies to react more agilely to market changes, implement new business models faster and design digitization projects more easily. They expand the range of functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and fit seamlessly into the ERP software. The product range here ranges from smaller comfort functions to extensive industry solutions - more on that later.


"It only takes a few clicks to extend Business Central with an app from the AppSource."

Julia Eckhardt

AppSource Marketing Manager, KUMAVISION AG


The Microsoft AppSource forms the central marketplace. In addition to some apps from Microsoft, you will primarily find offers from Microsoft partners from all over the world.

Simple installation

Microsoft has implemented the installation of apps in Business Central in a very user-friendly way. Adding an app from the AppSource to the ERP solution only takes a few clicks. Neither extensive IT knowledge nor interventions in software or database are required.

Find out in the video how easy it is to expand your ERP software with apps.


Versatile offer

The AppSource offers an extremely diverse range of apps for all areas of the company. The range of functions can be correspondingly versatile. "Small" apps concentrate on providing the answer to exactly one task and thus improving user-friendliness in a targeted manner. For example, the "Sales Order Status" app from KUMAVISION clearly shows the current order status with a traffic light system at a glance, a function that Business Central does not come with as standard. More extensive are apps that map a complete area of ​​responsibility, such as the sanctions list check, quality management or the credit check. Last but not least, apps like project365 or trade365 from KUMAVISION the complete range of services of an ERP industry software.

Free trial period

Companies don't have to buy the proverbial pig in a poke. A free trial version is almost standard in the AppSource, the trial period is often 30 days. Thanks to the simple installation, companies can easily test or even compare apps without requiring a large IT project.


"Apps enable companies to implement digitization projects faster and more flexibly."

Ralf Riethmuller

area manager Cloud + Services, KUMAVISION AG


High quality standards

Before an app can be offered on the Microsoft AppSource, it has to go through an extensive quality check at Microsoft. In addition to the code quality, the provision of additional support documents for users is also checked. Vendors are also required to provide updates for new Business Central versions. The update takes place automatically in the background. This ensures that companies - as is usual with SaaS solutions - always work with a current version and can do without extensive update projects.

Transparent pricing model

With individually programmed extensions to the ERP software, costs often cannot be reliably quantified in advance. Apps convince with a transparent pricing model: the costs per month and per user are known from the outset. In some cases, billing is also based on consumption, for example, quotas can be purchased for the Compliance Check App to check addresses. Optional service offerings are also offered as packages with a fixed price, giving companies planning security. Another advantage: Many apps are available free of charge.

Not just for ERP

By the way: apps are not only available for Business Central. The Microsoft AppSource includes apps for the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365-Platform. The CRM solutions for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Field Service, the business intelligence solution Power BI, Office 365, Outlook and Teams as well as other applications can be easily expanded with apps.

Inform now

KUMAVISION, together with the partner EOS Solutions, is one of the most active Microsoft partners on the AppSource. We would be happy to show you in a personal meeting the potential that apps open up for your ERP solution.