ERP plus CRM: the key to sustainable sales success for project service providers

A shortage of skilled workers, global competition, data-driven organization - these are just some of the challenges that project service providers are currently facing. In this situation, numerous transformations are necessary in companies in order to prepare for the future. But first of all you need: A strong foundation.

This foundation for sales and marketing is formed, for example, by ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). Because both systems save, sort and provide data that can be used to optimize business processes and sales strategies. A CRM system focuses in particular on data-driven processes in sales and marketing and aims to strengthen customer loyalty. While ERP systems can map the complete business processes within a company. Both systems contribute to the effective improvement of work between employees. Processes are optimized and customer satisfaction increases. This in turn has a positive effect on sales.

Common cause: ERP and CRM systems must be integrative

As a project service provider, effective cooperation between the ERP and CRM system can make the difference as to whether the company will successfully transform itself into the future or not. Because in turbulent times, a stable, reliable and digitized foundation is necessary to stay firmly in the saddle. An integrated ERP and CRM system can provide this foundation. If both systems work together effectively, processes can be further optimized and ensure the success of the company. Why is this an advantage for project service providers in particular?

Here are six reasons that lead to sustainable sales success through an integrated ERP system:

  1. Efficient Project execution (end-to-end processes): With an integration of CRM and ERP, project planning, resource management and the final processing of customer orders can be synchronized. As a result, project service providers can shorten project times, increase customer satisfaction and increase their profitability.

  2. Better customer management: The combination of customer data from the CRM system with information about orders from the ERP system provides a comprehensive overview of the customer relationship. This enables more effective customer care along the entire customer journey. You can submit personalized offers and build up your customer base in the long term, automatically and based on data.

  3. Improved communication and collaboration: The integration of ERP and CRM facilitates the exchange of information between different departments such as sales, marketing, project planning and finance. This improves communication and collaboration and contributes to greater efficiency.

  4. Increased transparency and control: All business processes are documented in ERP and CRM. This gives companies greater transparency and control over their business processes. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies are identified more easily and you can take appropriate action quickly.

  5. Scalability and flexibility: Companies have to constantly adapt to circumstances. This requires a high degree of flexibility - also with ERP and CRM systems. An integrated ERP system is able to keep pace with the growing needs and expansion of a business. It adapts to changing business needs.

  6. Consistent and accurate data: By integrating ERP and CRM, data is synchronized between the systems in real time, resulting in consistent and accurate information. This makes it possible to make better decisions and improve business processes based on well-founded information.

ERP and CRM work hand in hand when fully integrated. Project service providers can take advantage of this interaction to position themselves flexibly, transparently, data-driven and, above all, effectively. You have the opportunity to optimize your processes and achieve sustainable sales success.

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