7 secrets to an optimized sales pipeline

CRM and ERP are essential in sales for long-term success. They are the basis for the entire sales team. But what exactly does CRM and ERP actually mean? Both are systems that allow data – customer data to be precise – to be sorted, documented and made available to the sales team.

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is designed in particular for sales, marketing and customer acquisition. External contacts are managed in this system and made available to the teams. Automated communication processes such as mailings can also run via a CRM.

An ERP, short for Enterprise Resource Planning, on the other hand, is geared towards the organization and administration of the company itself and its internal business processes. It therefore concentrates primarily on the organization of internal processes and supports sales in the execution of activities.

Smooth interaction between CRM and ERP is necessary so that sales can work effectively and achieve full success. How can this work? We will tell you the 7 secrets for an ideal interaction of your CRM and ERP systems:

  1. Market knowledge: By connecting CRM and ERP, you can make informed decisions to compete in the market, develop your business and ultimately grow. Because with the construction of market segment information you have a clearer view of market structures. This allows you to better identify your market opportunities and gain market share.
  1. Optimal end-to-end processes: Improved customer care, faster response times and more efficient sales processes - this is possible with the help of end-to-end processes between CRM and ERP. Digitized and automated processes (possibly also supported by AI) are the magic word. For example, optimize the lead-to-cash process chain to improve your sales figures in the long term.
  1. Customer focus: When CRM and ERP are optimally integrated, customer information can be ideally used to get a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and expectations. This allows you to strengthen customer loyalty, develop personalized offers and communicate in a more targeted manner.
  1. Collaboration: It's so much easier when everyone works together. An integration of CRM and ERP simplifies this particularly. Sales, marketing, customer service and other departments can thus better achieve their goals together.
  1. Performance monitoring and analysis: CRM and ERP collect data that you can use to monitor and analyze your key performance indicators. In this way, you can discover weaknesses and successes directly and quickly optimize your processes in order to improve sales planning.
  1. flexibility and scalability: A rigid system is doomed to fail. Therefore, it is important that the integration of CRM and ERP is scalable and flexible. Both systems must be able to adjust themselves and each other to changing business requirements or growth. This contributes to long-term successful sales planning and improves customer relationships. From a technical point of view, one should not deviate too far from the standard here, because scalability suffers with every self-developed solution.
  1. Seamless integration and data consistency: The CRM and ERP systems should definitely be integrated. This is the only way to ensure smooth data exchange. This improves cooperation between different departments and ensures high-quality sales work. Both systems should also be up to date. This means that the data in the CRM and in the ERP should be synchronized consistently and in real time. This is the only way to have a precise and up-to-date view of all relevant information for sales planning.

The quintessence: With the help of a fully integrated CRM and ERP system, you will sustainably improve your sales and your internal sales and marketing processes and, as a result, the satisfaction of your customers.

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